Rabbit Vibrators at Peaches and Screams

Rabbit Vibrators at Peaches and Screams

An all time sex toy favorite just has to be the Rabbit Vibrators. They really brought vibrators overall to a whole new level and by increasing the areas that can be stimulated, thousands of women all over the world have been able to experience amazing orgasms that sometimes are not just possible with only intercourse.

The only problem with rabbit vibrators is that they have become so popular there are now way too many models and styles to choose from. So we have taken the liberty to highlight a few that we think will do you wonders so that you can just choose one and get onto the task at hand sooner! And isn’t having great sex sooner what it really is all about?

So the first one we’d like to highlight is the 10 Function Bendi Dual Teaser. This is a real beauty and guaranteed to drive your woman completely wild. It has 10 functions so that you can increase and decrease the intensity at the push of a button. Its soft jelly material will bend and curve with her body and moves. It will vibrate, pulsate and stimulate her to amazing orgasms that she is going to give you all the credit for. Of course, its waterproof and with its 9 inches of length you can hit all those good spots inside and out that she’s going to love.

The 10-Funcaiton EZ Bend – Bounding Bunny Vibe is another customer favorite. This amazingly bendable shaft allows you to change up the positioning and find all those elusive spots that are sometimes very hard to find especially in the dark. It has dual motors that bring the level of intensity up a few notches and that is not going to go unnoticed.

The 6 Steps to Heaven is a rabbit vibrator that lives up to its name. It has five speeds, two features, and three different functions that means that you will never, ever be bored in the bedroom again. There are 75 different ways to use this silly bunny and with the special lights hidden in the control panel there will be no more fumbling in the dark ever again!

The shaft is shaped specifically to look like a penis head and it has extra ridges and veins to add extra stimulation. The larger sized beads in the shaft turn right and left and even come with sexy strobe lights to really set the mood. It vibrates like crazy and the two tickling ears just add to the whole dynamite experience! And with its ten inches, wow she is going to scream like you’ve never heard before!

And if that’s not enough, the Basic Essentials Bunny Vibes is an amazing unit that also has 10 different functions and is so easy to use and play with you will wonder how you ever managed without having one before.

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