Bath bombs have become increasingly popular in recent years. Bath bombs are balls you add to your bath water to generate an explosion of nice scents, colors, and naturally occurring nutrients. Self-care is a way of relaxing and detaching from the stresses of life for many people. Nothing beats a long, hot, and fizzy soak to unwind and relax in your bathtub. CBD bath bombs can make your bath time even more relaxing and soothing. Adding CBD to your bath bombs enhances your bathing experience. Ready for a CBD bath bomb? Learn more below.

What Is CBD In Bath Bombs?

CBD (cannabidiol) is among the many cannabinoids extracted from the hemp plant. It is non-psychoactive and does not influence your mental state like THC. CBD offers potential therapeutic properties by interacting with cannabinoid receptors on the skin to keep the body’s system in a homeostasis state. Eskander, et al. (2020) suggested that many people seek CBD products for pain relief and inflammation disorders.

Due to its beneficial properties, manufacturers include CBD in bath bombs to upgrade consumers’ self-care routine and meet the escalating demand for CBD products. CBD bath bombs use cannabidiol (CBD), baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salts, essential oils, fragrances, and colors to spice up the mixture.

How Do CBD Bath Bombs Function?

CBD bath bombs function by adding them to your warm bath water. When placed in water, they start to fizz, releasing the CBD, essential oils, and scents from the ball into the bathwater. This creates a sensational experience. When you soak in the water bath, you allow the oils and the other natural ingredients to penetrate your skin through the cannabinoid receptors on the body. Users enjoy the therapeutic benefits of CBD and skin-enhancing benefits through direct contact. CBD is not psychoactive, and you don’t have to worry about mental changes due to using CBD bath bombs.

Benefits of Using CBD Bath Bombs

According to  Scuderi, et al. (2009), the CBD in bath bombs has anti-inflammatory and relaxing effects, enhancing your bathing experience and potentially improving your health and wellness. Although research on CBD products is still young, the study has  shown several benefits, such as;

  • Helps to loosen and to relax muscles
  • Epsom salts help to remove toxins from the body
  • Nourishment of the skin by essential oils and the natural ingredients
  • To reduce stress and anxiety, thus promoting mind calmness
  • Has been noted to improve sleep quality, thus reducing insomnia
  • Alleviation from pain and aching joints
  • The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD help to reduce inflammation of the skin.

How to Make CBD Bath Bombs

Although CBD bath bombs are available in online and drug stores, you can easily make your bath bombs at home for a spa-like experience. To create your CBD bath bombs, you only need a few ingredients that can easily be found in your kitchen. CBD bath bombs combine the relaxation effects of CBD with skin-soothing and hydrating effects of essential oils.


  • Several mixing bowls
  • Bath bomb mold of your choice, say muffin tin, silicon mold, ice cube tray, or a clean yogurt cup.


  • 2 cups baking soda
  • 3/4 cup citric acid
  • ½ cup Epsom salts.
  • Essential oils such as coconut oil, sweet almond oil, or lavender oil
  • 25mg CBD oil


1. Mix the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl while whisking to ensure no clumps

2. Slowly pour in oils and stir thoroughly. To ensure the oils are equally distributed, you can break up any clumps.

3. If necessary, add more coconut oil until the mixture resembles wet sand.

4. Sprinkle some Epsom salts on one side of the bath bomb mold.

5. Scoop spoonfuls of the baking soda mixture into both sides of the mold, packing it down until the mold is slightly overflowing.

6. Brush away any excess baking soda mixture from the seam by pressing the two sides together.

7. Allow your bath bombs to rest overnight (or 30 minutes in the refrigerator if you’re in a rush) before taking them from the mold.

Your personal preference for dosing determines the amount of CBD to use. There are many bath bomb recipes online, and they can easily be altered to suit your specific needs. Most CBD bath bombs online recipes comprise 25-100mg of CBD. You can start with 25mg and see how it affects you. If this amount does not yield results, you can add the dosage. Since CBD varies in strength, the exact amount depends on the brand. Fill the tub halfway with water to begin, then before or after getting in, toss a bath bomb into the water. Properly store CBD bath bombs in a cool, dry place and in airtight containers for six months.


CBD bath bombs have various benefits. This is due to their therapeutic properties when absorbed through the skin, like other CBD topicals. Although CBD bath bombs do not have negative side effects, there is insufficient research to prove their effectiveness. Consumers should use CBD with caution. CBD bath bombs and salts are available in various flavors and contain different concentrations and forms of CBD, essential oils, and scents. Consider these aspects when determining the best bath bomb or bath salts.


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