Ready to Wear a String Bikini?

Ready to Wear a String Bikini?

If less is more for many fashions, then you can definitely count string bikinis as one of them. Of course, the string bikini is an advancement from the initial bikini introduced by the French engineer Louis Reard. Obviously, it was not a lack of material that served as its inspiration but the need for as little coverage as possible for sun tanning purposes.

Just as the name implies, the string bikini consists of two pieces – the top and the bottom. Both are crafted from tiny triangles of fabric intended to cover just the bare essentials – with strings to keep everything together. It is classy, daring and sexy, no doubt about it.

You might want to wear string bikinis regularly on the beaches, the swimming pool as well as the boardwalk. Nevertheless, you’ll want to consider some points before you grab your string bikini and hit the beaches or heat things up at the upcoming swimming bash.

First, you’ll need to be very confident about your body. Sure, it might not be absolutely perfect, but if you can wear a string bikini with confidence, then go right ahead. Just be ready to expose even more flesh when compared with a standard bikini. Remember the attention you will get is in direct proportion to the amount of coverage your swimwear does not provide – the less coverage, the more attention. And you gotta love that!

Second, you want to have the almost-perfect suntan. This means almost no tan lines but without going all the way to your birthday suit. You can also unravel the strings on your bikini top simply so your shoulders won’t have tan lines.

String bikinis are for women who adore the attention and who love their tans. Now, if you possess the courage, assurance and attitude to strut your bikini figure like the beach was your stage and runway rolled into one then you are all set to go. Quit being shy and get out there and have the time of your life wearing a sexy string bikini! See ya poolside!

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