CBD oil isbeneficial in manyways, and most individuals consumeit for daily use. We have tried many CBD products, andit’s surprising how they differ in effectiveness and quality. We realized not all CBD products are equal. Each brand has its own unique thing to offer to its customers. When judging a brand, we’re extremely focused on safety, quality, and customer service. We run checks on every company until we find the right company. Recently, we discovered a brand we didn’t know before-Reakiro. We were very impressed with the brand’s ethics and its transparency in the details it openly shareson itswebsite. We were therefore very excited to test Reakiro’s CBD products and share our findings on this review.

About the company

Reakirois a CBD brand located in Poland. This company takes pride in being among the few brands that control its manufacturing process from seed to sale. The brand’s CBD products aim to improve customers’ overall health, support a healthysleeping sleep cycle, and encourage relaxation. Adding to Reakiro’s brand name, this firm alsomanages the Natural Graphene Company, Hempire, and hemp enterprise, which consultsand ventures capital firms. While exploring Reakiro, wefound that it offers many inventive items.

Its product line consists of CBD oils, sprays, topicals, raw hemp extracts, and E-liquids. Each of its products is manufactured in Europe through European-grown hemp. Reakiro is among the associates of The Cannabis Trades Association. It works hard to promote quality and safe productsand offer practical advice to customers. Also, it ensures clients can access high-quality details about cannabis.

What makes Reakiro unique from others?

Reakirois a European company, but it has recently extended its product to the UK. With its mission being to offer hemp products to improve people’s health throughout the world, they have achieved their goal by standing out. What makes this brand our favorite?

  • Their website provides clear information that is easy to navigate
  • It sells services and CBD products that are effective and have goodquality
  • It’s an associate of the European Industrial Hemp Association(EIHA)
  • Its labeling is transparent and clear, unlike other CBD brands
  • Its manufacturing process is safe and efficient
  • It provides lab reports of each product on its website
  • Its production style, right from its seeds purchasing, cultivation, harvest, extraction, refinement, and packaging, is unique
  • Its hemp is sustainably grown in Poland, and it follows organic guidelines, which includes not using any herbicides, pesticides, or any other chemicals
  • All of its CBD goods are full-spectrum, which reflects it contains other cannabis compounds and not CBD only.

Manufacturing process

Most brands we tested use either full-spectrum cannabinoid, broad-spectrum, or CBD isolate. Reakirouses a full spectrum cannabinoidmethod which differsfrom the other two types of CBD extract. To besure it uses full-spectrum, we performed our test.True to what the brandhad claimed on their website, we found their products have several natural cannabis plant extracts. Such as terpenes and other cannabinoids compounds like THC.Reakiro uses the carbon dioxideextraction methodto extract CBD from the hemp plant. It uses CO2 to obtain CBD oil from the cannabis plant. The brand likes this method because it’s safer, and it successfully produces a high concentration of CBD. After this extraction, manufacturers name the finalCBD oil as full spectrum.

ReakiroTHC concentration of a CBD productthat is hemp sourced has a concentration of 0.3%. This manufacturing process has some cons and pros which the company experiences. On the positive side, using this process has enabled the company to promote health. It offers anti-inflammatory, pain relief, antioxidant, and anti-seizure effects.A possible disadvantage of this process is that when an individual takes a large dose, it may cause unpleasant results. Also, individuals who use full-spectrum CBD products are at risk of having a positive reading on drug tests because of its compounds.

Range of products

Reakirois a successful CBD producer in Europe and UK. Its popularity is due to its high-quality products withfair prices.From their website and marketing platforms, you’ll sensetheir pride in the products they offer to the global market. As a popular CBD online seller in Europe and UK, they offer everything anyone will want. Products they offer;

  • Hand sanitizer
  • CBD gummies
  • Full-spectrum CBD oils
  • CBD Oil Sprays
  • CBD Gel Capsules
  • CBD Vegan Capsules
  • Immune capsules
  • Hemp Seed Oil Skincare
  • CBD skincare
  • Raw Hemp Extract(CBD Paste)
  • CBD sports products

ReakiroCBD oil spray

ReakiroCBD currently sellsCBD oil spray, which is truly full spectrum. Our favorite product wasoil spray peppermint flavorwhich is 1000mg CBD, and a 30ml bottle.It’s gluten-free, premium Grade, Non-GMO, and lab tested. This type of spray gives an individuala better and easier time when taking CBD. You’ll also enjoy an enhanced mint-like taste experience. You can’t miss this opportunity. Infuse yourself with thisrefreshing peppermint that’ll leave you with a spicy and cooling aftertaste and allow you to absorb all benefits of CBD at the same time. The refreshing fragrances of this flavor will wake up your tired taste buds while it provides you with the daily dosage of CBD.

ReakiroCBD skincare

Today,most individuals are embracing natural products for their beauty and wellness. Most manufacturers, including Reakiro, took advantage of the abilities of hemp plantsand turned them into a real friend for the body and skin.Goddess Sativa CBD skincare from Reakiro consists of; CBD peeling mask, CBD muscle relief cooling and warming gel, andMoisturizing and nourishingCBD creams. These products are deeply mixed with full-spectrum CBD oil, thus allowing your skin to be enriched by hemp’s natural properties.

Wewanted to know the ingredients that makethese productseffectiveonly to find out the secret behind their powerfulness is their formula. These ingredients include; shea butter, almond oil, rosemary oil, and arnica extract. These skincare items are applied to the skin. The amount you’ll need depends on theskincare you use. Each product has its own instructions on how you’ll enhance the product in your skin routine and make your skin refreshed and glowing.

ReakiroCBD Gummies

Among all the items we tried, CBD gummies from this company were our most exciting wayof consuming CBD. Geta taste of natural goodness from the flavorful gummies Reakiro sells. After interacting with the company, we got convinced that Reakiro’s gummies are the best in the market. First of all, these gummies are in resealable bottles that are easy to carry. In addition, their extreme small size makes it possible to take discreetly. You can take them anywhere, whether in the office, going to work, or anywhere you wish. They include;

  • CBD Vegan gummies, cherry flavor,750mg CBD, 30pcs, sugar-free at 49.99 EUR
  • CBDVegan gummies, orange, 300mg CBD, 30pcs, sugar-free 29.99EUR
  • CBD gummies, 1500mg CBD, 30pcs, 84.99EUR
  • CBD gummies, 300mg CBD, 30pcs, 29.99EUR
  • Sool Broad CBD Gummies, 300mg CBD, 30pcs, 29.99EUR
  • Sool Broad CBD gummies, 750mg CBD, 30pcs, 49.99EUR

Why choose gummies from Reakiro and not other companies?

Reakiro gummies are made from cannabidiol extract that has premium quality. They grow their own hemp plants and extract products in their fields across Europe. Gummies from them contain other natural compounds like cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes to give you the best results. If you want a tasty version, we recommend these options, which will give you a flavourful, fruity, andpleasant chewy experience;

  • ReakiroCBD gummies lemon and apple 300mg, 30pcs, 10mg per gummy
  • ReakiroCBD gummies lemon and apple750mg, 30pcs, 25mg per gummy

Reakiroimmune support

Opting for Reakiro’sCBD vitamin and CBD supplementswill boost your body’s immune system and help you fight off diseases. Also, it’ll boost your cellular function and generally support your body’s renewal processes. CBD immune support capsules from this brand have full-spectrum CBDdesigned to support your healthinside out. Theseimmune formula capsules are combined with Vitamins A and D and fortified with 40% CBD. We recommend the following;

  • CBD Capsules Omega 3,600mg, 60pcs, 44.99EUR
  • CBD capsules Immune support 600mg, 60pcs, 44.99EUR

Reakiro sports

Athletes and individuals participating in any sport are not left out. This brand has CBD sports products containing 0% THC, making it safe for both professionals andamateurs. Dermatologists and experts formulate these items. We can assure you that all these products are seriously researched and can help your body recover after a vigorous workout or game. We did some deep research, and we found that athletes and golfers benefit the most from these products. We highly recommend trying the followingfor pre-game and post-gamecare.

  • Muscle Relief Balm 300mg CBD,50ml
  • Foot cream 500mg CBD, 100ml
  • 0%THC Cooling Muscle Relief Gel, 500mg CBD, 100ml
  • CBD Golf Pro Formula Oil, 2500mg

What we like about the company

Thereare countless reasons why you should pick Reakiroover other CBD types. While researching this company, we found some pleasant features that we believe will attract you to shop fromthis brand.

  1. It offers a variety of CBD. This company has embraced diversification, which hashelped it remain a topproducer in the EU and UK. Its product list includes every client’s different needs.
  2. Excellent customer experience-we were amazed by their outstanding client service experience. Out of 5, we can give them 4.9
  3. Best discount deals-you can spend less by shopping from Reakiro due to their affordable discounted prices.
  4. Great quality yet affordable products-we were attracted to their itemsdue to top-qualityproducts sold at reasonable prices.

What we did not like

Despite the good qualities, the company needs to improve in certainareas. We feel that if the company improve on the following, it will become a perfect brand that everyone will want to buy from;

  • Its small bottle size
  • Low potency

Overall verdict

We were excited to try CBD products from Reakiro company, and we had high hopes for them when checking out their website. Thankfully,we were not disappointed. Althoughit’s based in Europe and UK, individuals from other parts of the world can still access their products and services conveniently and quickly. Reakirooffers quick shipping, unique packaging, quality products, and impressive customer service. More so, their products are pleasurable to use. We especially like, considering most CBD brands are claiming to offer good products, that you’ll get any product you want. The company offers a variety of products you can choose from. Generally, it was a positive experience, and it’s a thumbs up from us. We recommend it to anyone, whether you’re a new CBD user or a regular one.

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