Relationship & Sex Therapy; Is There Anything In It?

Relationship & Sex Therapy; Is There Anything In It?

After their messy breakup and reconciliation and the media furore surrounding it, it’s no wonder than Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have reportedly been attending relationship counselling. For those who have been living under a rock in recent months the Twilight stars’ relationship broke down when Kristen cheated on Rob with the married father of two Rupert Sanders who was directing a movie she was staring in at the time. The news broke of Kristen’s infidelity following the publication of photos taken on a long lens which showed Kristen passionately kissing Rupert in a parking lot in LA. Within days the paparazzo photographed large white vans leaving the house which Rob and Kristen shared, presumably containing Rob’s personal possessions.

The couple are now back together but close friends are saying that Rob is struggling to trust Kristen again, and who can blame him. Once you have been cheated on it can be extremely difficult to put all of your heart into the relationship in case you are hurt again. I read recently in the papers that Rob and Kristen are seeking professional help in the shape of relationship therapy. Whether or not these reports are true I cannot say, however it got me thinking about the whole idea of spilling your relationship issues to a stranger in an attempt to clear the air and move on. I’m a great believe in the power of talking it out, but if I was in Rob’s position I’m not sure that talking about it with the offending partner would help much.

By the sheer number of websites offering relationship and sex counselling services, this type of therapy is clearly very popular indeed. There are a myriad of reasons for seeking help, not just infidelity and trust issues in the case of these particular Hollywood stars; there’s also sexual dysfunction, busy lives, children, and confidence issues. There’s a saying which states that we could all do with a little therapy, so perhaps all of us could do with a little relationship therapy as well. I doubt very much that a single person reading this article can say that their relationship is perfect. So, is what Rob and Kristen are doing really so unusual? If the stories are true then I wish them every success with the future of their relationship and I hope that they don’t listen to the haters too much. No one is perfect and we all occasionally make the wrong decisions (I’m talking to you, Kristen!). Perhaps relationship therapy can help all of us when, inevitably, some issues arise.

Barbara is a freelance writer and a sex and relationships adviser at Dimepiece LA and Peaches and Screams. Barbara is involved in various educational initiatives aimed at making sex advice more accessible to everyone and breaking stigmas around sex across various cultural communities. In her spare time, Barbara enjoys trawling through vintage markets in Brick Lane, exploring new places, painting and reading.

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