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Restaurants that Offer Healthy Fast-Foods


Knowing restaurants that deal in healthy fast-foods helps you worry less when you have to pull down the drive way and catch a bite. This article lists some of the top restaurants that offer healthy fast foods.

Even though you are more concerned about eating fast foods today than ever, sometimes you are left with no option but to feed on the very fast foods. The concern about taking in harmful chemicals and ingredients through foods makes people develop cold chills at the very thought of eating fast foods. Still, you may be surprised to know that many modern restaurants deal in healthy foods and typically offer what you could prepare at home if you had the time. Here are such restaurants, most of which are found in different locations worldwide.

Panera Bread

These restaurants can be found in more than 1,200 locations across the world. They are among the restaurants that offer healthy foods. Although the name makes it sound like the restaurants deal in baked eateries only, they also do organic cheese, squeezable organic yogurt, and most foods you would find in the fast-food restaurants. Besides, you will find black bean bowls, half-Turkey artichokes, and other nutrient-packed combos for you to enjoy. You only need to be careful about the cheese danishes at the counter display, as they may pose risks to your health.


If you fancy burritos and tacos, then the Chipotles are definitely an option you would like to try for healthy Mexican dishes. Using the naturally-reared animals as their main source of meat, Chipotles also rely on the local and organically grown ingredients to prepare the dishes, hence why these restaurants are deemed among the safest and the healthiest. Even if you long for guacamole, veggies, and salads, you can find these and many more at Chipotles. You can make Chipotle your restaurant of choice whenever you visit France, the UK, the USA, and Germany, as the restaurants are found in all the mentioned regions.

Au Bon Pain

These restaurants will serve you best if your preference is in trying salads, soups, hot entrees, and sandwiches. Just like Chipotle, Au Bon Pain restaurants use hormone-free chicken and meat to prepare their foods. What’s more, the Au Bon Pain fast-food restaurants often solely use organic vegetables and whole grains to prepare the foods they offer. Besides, these restaurants try to empower and enlighten their customers by providing computers at the on-site kiosks where customers can find information about how much fats, proteins, sodium, and calories the food they are about to eat contains. The Jamaican black beans are an example of the healthy food you will never miss in the 280 locations of Au Bon Pain restaurants worldwide.


These restaurants are among the oldest in the USA, which is why you can trust them for healthy food supplies, besides the fact that they were the fast restaurants to deal in chicken sandwiches free of trans fat. As time goes by, Chick-fil-A restaurants have become even better, thereby bettering their menu and offering even healthier foods. For instance, the menu meant for kids is now made better, especially with milk and shakes included. If you are anywhere in the USA, you can locate a Chick-fil-A restaurant and rush in for a healthy treat.

Atlanta Bread

This is the place to be if you are a Seinfeld fan. These fast-food restaurants deal in everything that has to do with muffins, from regular-sized muffins to muffin tops to pumpkin muffins. Unlike the regular-sized muffins, which have about 320-640calories, Atlanta Bread restaurants offer muffins with less than 200 calories, which are healthy and help a person check weight. Besides, you can have paninis, fresh sandwiches, soups, and healthy salads at any of the Atlanta Bread eateries. Fire-roasted black beans, Alaskan salmon fillets, and corn salsa are just but a few of the healthy delicacies to be enjoyed at the Atlanta Bread restaurants.


Being the world’s biggest and fastest-growing fast-food restaurant dealers, you probably know McDonald’s, and you have likely pulled through the driveway into one of such restaurants. Although famous, McDonald’s restaurants have been on the frontline in producing unhealthy and highly processed fast foods. In fact, there was a time the company was flagged for being the leading producer of type 2 diabetes-causing foods. Due to the rise in critiques and getting publicity for the wrong reasons, McDonald’s restaurants have really improved. They are now offering some of the healthiest foods. If you love salads, primarily those made with fruits, chicken, and fresh veggies, then you definitely will have a catch at McDonald’s. What’s more, these restaurants are all over the world, covering about 119 counties, all of which you can find healthy foods on the menu.


Are you a fan of hamburgers? Most likely, then, you know the Burger King and the McDonald’s restaurants. Well, that’s not all. After the two dealers, there is Wendy’s. These are restaurants that also deal in burgers. Besides the burgers, you can find sandwiches, French fries, and chips at Wendy’s restaurants. As if that’s not enough, there are many healthy foods on their menus, and all you need to do is go through their menu and make one wise selection. Wendy’s restaurants can be located in North and South America, the Caribbean, and Asia. The countries of operation are thirty at the moment.


Growing up, every single teen wants to visit a KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) restaurant. This is because KFC restaurants offer some of the best deep-fried chicken servings. Although quite famous, these supplies are mainly unhealthy. However, KFC restaurants still offer several healthy menus, primarily consisting of grilled chicken. Besides the grilled chicken, you can have vegetable salads or corns, all of which are healthy.


You probably have spotted Subway restaurants on your way into most big towns. These restaurants are among the greatest dealers of submarine sandwiches that many people fancy. If you don’t like the bread and feel like opting for something healthier, you can try grilled chicken and fresh vegetables, which are also present in their menus. The good thing about Subway restaurants is that they are located in about 110 countries and run some 44,000 restaurants.


With many lifestyle diseases killing people today, humanity is more concerned about what goes to the stomach than ever. However, we cannot avoid eating from fast-food restaurants. This article shares a list of some of the restaurants that offer the best fast food options. Focusing on the healthy aspect of these restaurant menus offers you some of the best and the healthiest fast foods like what you would take while at home.

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