Riding the Crimson Wave - How To Have Sex On Your Period

Riding the Crimson Wave – How To Have Sex On Your Period

Now for those of you who don’t know what this term means, it means a woman is on her period. So really whats there to write about for an article on this? Well, before you run away screaming at this topic, its not about the period as such, more about having sex on the period. Now most people are probably thinking, eww thats just disgusting, and if you’re a narrow minded person you maybe forgiven for thinking so. However we’re very broad minded here and everything is worth a try!

First things first then, having sex on your period, so long as you have protected sex ( I stress this) is safe. Safe from the blood that is, there is nothing harmful in menstrual blood so long as you are a fit an healthy person and theres no harm done by the blood having sex on a period – but you should always be protected anyway as every woman has a different cycle.

Okay so your being safe and you decide to give it a go. To me theres two main reasons to try this. Firstly is that its just as fun as normal sex and worth trying even if it is just to say you have given it a go. The other reason is Cramps. Yes, you read right, Cramps. Having sex on your period can really help with overly painful cramps. In fact it should help with any level of cramp. What it does is cause the uterus to contract with the orgasm, which causes Prostaglandins to be uses up, which are made in the uterine lining. These are what give you cramps, so using them up is a good thing.

The other bonus of having sex on your period is that because the orgasm causes contractions of the uterus and the movement then of the uterine lining. This means that the blood shifts more quickly and you may find that actually the period it self ends a lot sooner after having sex than it would if you didn’t have intercourse.

Well, there you go then. Two good reasons to have sex on a period, stop the cramps and maybe even end the period sooner than expected. You know what this means don’t you guys? It means that a womans body will get back to being hormonally balanced a lot sooner than you think. Which means the monthly mood swings will be over sooner. So give it a go! Let us know what you think on the subject.

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