Comment On Rising in Polyamorous TV Shows

In my personal view, the rise in popularity is due to several factors, including;

More couples are factoring open relationships, especially in the US. Ethical non-monogamy marriages are common nowadays as people yearn to feed their sexual desires and are more willing and interested to support open relationships and topics on it. The TV shows are created to improve the perspective on what polyamorous relationships are all about. They portray the romantic relationship in open partnerships and help society embrace this new norm.

The positive feedback from most viewers has also made polyamorous TV shows more famous as producers seek to entertain and enhance awareness of non-monogamous relationships. It might have stemmed from the concept that limited TV shows were projecting polyamorous relationships. With constant changes in sex and relationships, more TV shows are focused on what is expected to have more popularity in the near future, hence the rise in these shows.

How to Open Relationship

Before getting into any open relationships, I advise you agree or talk with your partner on the following issues.

  • Have strict sex boundaries, including the type of activities you can engage with the other partner, such as oral or penetrative sex, safety practices, and other sex regulations.
  • Set clear emotional limits to avoid cases of jealousy.
  • Determine the type of people you should connect with, whether strangers, close friends, outside partners, etc.
  • Communicate on how you will manage any issues in the relationship, including the third party.
  • Decide when and the duration to meet up with the other partners. Ensure you set realistic boundaries to avoid breeding negative attitudes or feelings.
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