Royal jelly is a white substance young bees produce for the queen for larva making. It has many health benefits, including anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Royal jelly is a white gel-like nutritious substance produced by young bees for the queen to make larvae It has antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory substances that may be beneficial to health. For instance, doctorshave used it to fight menopausal symptoms. Moreover, itis used as an alternative medicine for venom and bee pollen. This article helps shed light on the health benefits and side effects of royal jelly. Peer into it for this and much more.

Nutritional profile

Nutritionists and health specialists appreciate plants, food, and other dietary elements based on what their nutritional profile looks like. Royal jellydoes not disappoint either; ithas several nutrients necessary for health, including:

  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates
  • Lipids
  • Mineral salts
  • Hormones
  • Sugars
  • Little amounts of vitamins  

In addition, it has various vitamins of the B complex class and polyphenols (antioxidants from plants).

How is royal jellyused?

Royal jelly has many health uses. For example,it is used to make supplements available in capsules, powder, and gel-like substances that are sometimes freeze-dried. Moreover, thecapsules are sometimes filled with other substances with health values. Royal jelly can be takenorally or apply it topically onyour skin.However, there are no rules on how muchroyal jelly a person should take. Instead,the dosages depend on the doctor’s instructions. Generally, small amounts are recommended to lower the risk of overdose. Moreover, some people are allergic to royal jelly, and if you are among them, you should discontinue its use.

Benefits of the royal jelly

Royal jelly has the following advantages when taken;

1.      Controlling Type 2 Diabetes

Royal jelly has insulin-like effects andwill help reduce blood sugar levels of diabetics after eating. One study discovered that if a person with type-2 diabetes took a gram of royal jelly before eating, he is likely to have increased insulin resistance henceforth due totheincreased insulin. Still, a person should not skip his anti-diabetic prescription to take royal jelly.

2.      Improves your reproductive health

By taking 3 grams of royal jelly supplements per day, one improveshis testosterone levels, resulting in increased sperms volume. A study on a group of women showed that those who took one gram of royal jelly daily for two months had reduced premenstrual syndrome symptoms. Besides, another study revealed thatwomen using royal jelly vaginal cream after menopause experiencedincreased sexual and urinal functioning after three months.

Moreover, studies have shown that royal jelly increases the chances of conception.When mixedwith honey and applied to the vagina, sperm motility increases, consequently boosting the chances of conception.Moreover, the mixture helps women have quality ovaries whose numbers also increase.

3.      Has anti-inflammatory anti-bacterial, and antioxidant properties

Royal jelly has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant properties. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects fight free radicals and the damaging effect of oxidative stress that increases the risk of chronic illnesses. Besides, the anti-bacterial properties means that royal jelly fights pathogenic bacteria and prevents microbial development, which is why it helps in wound healing.

Claimed health benefits with insufficient evidence

The following health benefits are only claimed and have insufficient evidence;

1.      Reduced cholesterol levels

One studyreported that people who took royal jelly regularly had reduced cholesterol levels. In addition, people who had high cholesterol levels recorded a significant reduction after taking the royal jelly supplements. Moreover, when postmenstrual women supplement with royal jelly, their LDL and HDL might reduce and increase, respectively, boosting the heart’s health. Despite the promising findings, these studies alone are not enough to confidently say that royal jelly reduces cholesterol levels.

2.      Improved mental health

In a certain study, people who took the royal jelly supplement posted high scores on the mental health assessments at the end. When mixed with other extracts like ginseng, one can improve his cognitive functioning,’ the study claimed. In addition, the study reported improved brain functioning and spatial memory learning of rats with Alzheimer’s disease and were given the supplements. The rats managed to remember all the paths despite the mental impairment.

3.      Reduces anemia

Earlier, this article mentioned that royal jelly increases testosterone levels. This effect subsequently produces red blood cells. Yet, a high amount of red blood cells treats anemic conditions. For example, a study on anemic people showed that they were likely to increase their red blood cells if they took 3 grams of the royal jelly supplement daily.

Royal jelly supplements 

The supplements are in tablet and soft-gel-like form made with freeze-dried royal jelly and storedat room temperature. Many people find it easier to take royal jelly in these forms. When buying the supplements, take precautions, including sourcing reputable brands from well-known suppliers. Besides, take time to read the ingredient list to know what makes up the supplement. Generally, organic supplements are better than their inorganic counterparts.

 Side effects of Royal Jelly

Sometimes you might experience itching or rash when you apply royal jelly on the scalp. Moreover, stomach pain,diarrhea, and bronchospasm (trouble breathing) might occur when the jelly is taken orally. If you are allergic to oral jelly, you might experience:

  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Swelling of the face, lips, and throat
  • Hives

The signs and symptoms above might be detrimental and therefore deserve a doctor’s attention.When taking royal jelly,avoid some substances such as over-counter prescriptions, herbal products, and vitamins since they might react with the supplement and affect you. Additionally, store royal jelly far from children in a cool and dry place.

Who should avoid royal jelly?

Not everyone shoulduse royal jelly due to its effect on the body. For example, pregnant women should not take it unless advised by the doctor. In addition, people with asthmatic allergies or low blood pressure should avoid it completely.The other category is children below six months and breastfeeding mothers who should only take the jelly upon consultation.


Royal jelly has numerous benefits, with some having sufficient evidence and others lacking enough proof. For example, while it is proved to help boost reproductive health, there is insufficient evidence to support its role in fighting anemia. While taking it, moderation is key and storing it in clean containers to avoid contamination and oxidation. Consult a certified medic always before taking the royal jelly and keep it away from children.


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