R&R is committed to ensuring its customers are satisfied with the products they get and the customer services rendered to them by their support. They have employed a very supportive support staff that is well-conversant with CBD matters. However, about 90% of their staff have adequate qualifications and experience in the food and safety industry or health and wellness. Besides, despite the company stating that its minority and veteran-owned, its ownership has a lot of uncertainties that made it difficult for us to give accurate results. Consequently, the company offers exclusive information about its operations and buying from them is pretty straightforward. Under each product, the company has provided adequate information to help the customer understand what the product is made of and its purpose before buying it. Before the company opened its doors for operations, it had ensured all legal documentations were in place. To keep learning about the company’s information, its manufacturing process, range of products, and other significant details, kindly keep reading our review.

About the Company

R+R was established in 2017 within Colorado farms by minorities, veterans, and families who take pride in their farming practices of the hemp plant done within Colorado. Colorado is widely known for its fertile soil, which sustains the organic growth of hemp without any plant boosters such as chemical fertilizers. Besides the company carrying their farming within Colorado, all its manufacturing process is also conducted within the same region. Since its establishment, the company has committed to ensuring that all the products they release to the market are fit enough for consumption and that premium qualities have been attained during crafting. Additionally, the company has employed a team of specialists such as researchers and chemists who help them design one of the best products within the CBD market. R&R was not established on a profit basis but rather to offer people health solutions that have been distorted.

Furthermore, the company has given detailed information about its manufacturing process and CBD in totality. For quality purposes, they have a close eye right from the seed levels of their primary raw material (hemp) until the products get to their consumers’ hands. It monitors their farming practices so closely to avoid contaminating the hemp. Besides, the company has addressed various concerns about CBD, its raw material, and its function in human life.

To customers who have shared concerns that have not been reviewed under detailed descriptions offered by the company about CBD and its own trademark, we recommend they locate its FAQ page. Its FAQ page is comprehensive and addresses common concerns uniquely and straight to the point. Some of the issues addressed about the R&R trademark are their shipping and return policies and terms and conditions, such as shipping. Consequently, general concerns about CBD, such as its primary raw material and functions, have been well articulated on the same page.

If you couldn’t find your issue addressed under the pages outlined above, we recommend you reach their support team, which has proved to be very supportive. To reach their support team, they have offered various contact details on the “Contact Us” page located on its website. Essential contact details provided include its email address, message box, phone number and physical address. Besides, the company has a chatbox right at the bottom left of their website.

To bring their customers together and keep track of its reputation, the company allows customers to leave their honest review under each product and have social media platforms where customers shares concerns. Notably, under their product review page, we noticed that the company’s efforts indeed were not in vain. About 90% of the reviews are positive. However, their Facebook and Instagram accounts are active and have brought most customers together to share different experiences and interact exclusively. Notably, they also use the two social media platforms to address their customers’ need for clarification; all you need to do is leave them a message on either.

Like other companies we have been reviewing, we decided to check on their buying experience by ordering a few products from its online shop. Our buying experience was fascinating since the website guided us on many things. We could quickly locate the products of our choice and had adequate product descriptions to help other customers and us what was effective for our needs. We could add and remove products from our shopping cart without experiencing any technicalities or encountering suspicious activities from the company. After getting contented with what was on our cart, we cross-checked and proceeded for payments. Our order was approved and was delivered on the second day of order confirmation. The products were well packed and attained discreetly of the highest levels.

Manufacturing Process

As mentioned earlier, R+R provides an extensive manufacturing process of its products under its website. Besides, it has also displayed various certifications for operations that upholds manufacturing protocols set by the bodies. USDA and FDA have approved its manufacturing facility and processes. Besides using hemp plants as their primary raw material, they have also incorporated other essential ingredients to attain maximum effectiveness. To ensure all the products are clean, they use three-step filtration to ensure that the smallest particles that might infiltrate the products are done away.

After harvesting their hemp, it’s taken to their manufacturing facility for further processing on the same day. Since the company was established in 2017, it has relied on C02 as its primary extraction method on all its products. CO2 has been proved to be effective and eco-friendly, unlike other extraction methods.

Upon crafting its products, they are taken to their third-party lab for potency and purity confirmation. The lab has to ensure all the products THC levels don’t exceed 0.3% and the stated amount of CBD on their labels and online shop under each product matches the one in the products. Lastly, purity tests are carried out to ensure the products are void of contaminants such as heavy metals and residual pesticides.

Range of Products

Each product manufactured by the brand is designed to meet various health issues and have different ingredients blended in them. The company has an extensive line of products compared to other brands. Additionally, nearly all its products have been integrated with MCT oil to allow easy digestion and absorption for oral products as well as topicals. Its line of products include;

R+R Medicinal Tinctures

R+R Medicinal Tinctures

R&R tinctures are uniquely designed by other companies to attract more customer care to buy from the trademark. First, they utilize CO2 as their primary extraction method to obtain valuable ingredients from the hemp plant, which they use to craft tinctures. Consequently, each serving comes with a dropper that is accurately labeled to allow customers to administer the correct dosage. It recommends that customers start with a 1ml dosage equivalent to one full dropper as they keep advancing depending on body reaction. Lastly, they are provided in 500 mg, 2500 mg and 1000 mg. Lastly, their price range is from $29.99 to $99.99.

R+R Medicinal Soft Gels

R+R Medicinal Soft Gels

Soft gels and capsules have become famous and reliable to most customers. Unlike other products, soft gels could be easily administered with the aid of water or your favourite non-alcoholic drink. Additionally, travelling with capsules would be much easier and could be stored even at your desk at the workplace. Unlike tinctures, their soft gels contain 510 mg and 1020 mg, sold from $29.99 to $49.99.

R+R Medicinal Gummies

R+R Medicinal Gummies

Like soft gels, gummies have also been considered effective to administer or travel with. Obtaining secrecy while consuming your daily dosage using gummies could be much easier, and no one will even notice. However, their gummies are manufactured using the CO2 extraction method from the hemp plant. Currently, the company only offers one type of gummy, which contains 750 mg and are sold at $46.99.

R+R Medicinal Pet Edibles

R+R Medicinal Pet Edibles

Pet products from R&R are manufactured with the same magnitude and attention given to human products. Pet owners have been having a problem with solving pet health and wellness issues until CBD companies such as R+R joined hands with others to come up with pet solutions. Additionally, its ingredients are obtained using the CO2 extraction method and are available in a potency of 1000 mg sold at $42.99. Currently, they only offer one pet product.

R+R Medicinal Topicals

R+R Medicinal Topicals

Skin issues have become very sensitive to many people, and are now looking for a natural solution. R+R has joined hands with other CBD companies o offer skin solutions with products crafted with hemp extracts. Like in other products, the company utilizes the C02 extraction method to obtain only beneficial ingredients of the hemp plant, which are later crafted in their products. Also, the company has only one topical product, which is being sold at $42.99.

What we like about the company

R+R has numerous advantages that have been fulfilled to make it better and attract more clients than other CBD companies. First, the company has an exclusive customer support team compared to other companies we have been reviewing. They are competent enough and accommodating to customers. In addition, the brand has a conducive return policy. R+R has upheld transparency levels by putting adequate information on their manufacturing protocols on their website. As we went through its website, each step in its product processing has been stipulated. To keep customers coming to their side and maintaining the ones available, they offer time to time discounts which makes the customers enjoy saving benefits while buying from them. Lastly, compared to the competitors offering the same quality, their prices are a bit favourable, unlike the competitors.

What we don’t like about the company

Since the company has put so much stress on quality and purity, they have very few issues that ought to be addressed. We have only outlined significant areas that we think need adjustments in our review. First, they should offer more information about the company’s ownership to help interested parties. Consequently, although they claim to have been certified by USDA, they have not provided evidence.


All said than done, we recommend the company’s products to anyone who would wish to start using brands as well as CBD users. The company has focused on quality and customer safety, which gives them a plus. Besides, any customer who might have concerns is addressed quickly using their support team.

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