Savage CBD is among CBD trademarks striving to get the lion’s share of the competitive market. Unlike before, the CBD market has become very competitive, and every brand wants to get at the top of the market and get the highest number of consumers buying their products. Savage trademark has always been committed to offering the best products to its customers and good services. Right from their official website, one could quickly note excellent levels of transparency. They have offered helpful information to help its customers understand more about their trademark and CBD as a whole and assume the role of giving people good health. On their website, you will get information on the companies background, its operations and the people behind it, plus its photos and bios. Besides, the brand also upholds transparency levels by giving accurate third-party lab results done by an independent lab; which is a plus. Please keep reading to get more helpful information about the company, its operations and range of products; we have captured every helpful information in our insight.

About the company

The company was founded by two friends who shared a common CBD agenda; offering a healthy lifestyle using natural solutions (CBD). The Savage trademark originated from Irvine, California, since 2014 as a company committed to helping people include naturally occurring products in their daily diet to improve their body’s health. Unlike other CBD brands competing with, Savage doesn’t prioritize CBD. Instead, it focuses on offering quality products approved by an independent third-party lab to be naturally existing and at affordable rates that most customers could afford.

Savage seems to have some in-house challenges that hinder their swift operations; business seems not to be good on their side. Although the brand had multiple enterprises, including Savage CBD, they shook over time. Sales Corp has recently (June 2022) signed a letter of intent of taking full ownership of Savage CBD plus other Savage enterprises. Savage also owned Vape 100, Zen Panda, and Delta Effex, which makes the deal go up to about $44 million.

Among CBD companies that prioritize prevention, then you cant exclude Savage. It has some measures in place that ensures it only obtain quality products. First, the brand uses organically grown hemp to manufacture its products. It insists on quality hemp that is void of contaminants such as pesticides or chemicals brought by artificial fertilizers. In addition, they mainly obtain their hemp from Colorado, Oregon and Washington. After harvest, the brand ensures the hemp gets to their manufacturing facility within 24 hours for obtaining effectiveness. Consequently, the brand uses the CO2 extraction method to bring beneficial ingredients from the hemp plant.

After extracting essential ingredients from the hemp plant, they bring in some naturally existing herbs which have been proved to be effective to help them render the finest and most effective products in the market. Their manufacturing facility has FDA approval and strictly follows its regulations for the safety of the consumers. However, before any of their products gets to the market, they have to ensure it is safe and contains the needed amount of CBD and THC. For Savage CBD to achieve this, it has hired an independent third-party lab to test its products purity levels. SC labs, which has been proved to be one of the best independent labs, has been mandated by the brand to carry all tests on the products to be taken to the consumers. The key responsibility of the lab is to confirm the amount of THC (below 0.3%), CBD and ensure the products don’t have any contaminant that might affect their effectiveness or bring harm to the consumers. As soon as the results are obtained, they are posted on their website to verify before purchasing them. To increase confidence and trust levels, their labels have QR codes that could be easily scanned to confirm the results right from the lab.

Furthermore, the brand also offers a contact page for customers or interested parties who wish to seek more details about the company or need clarification. They offer both their phone number and email respectively; 1-844-532-7089 and [email protected]. Besides providing their contact details, they also provide their website channels for those customers who wish to interact and share their personal experience with the products; Instagram, Facebook, and their YouTube page. The mentioned social media platforms are always active and update information from time to time to keep their customers informed.

Manufacturing process

Savage CBD is one of the widely known CBD brands that is recognized for its packaging. It’s unique and well-packed. Besides, the brand is committed to offering its customers the best products at affordable prices, allowing everyone to get access to the products from their trademark. However, they offer bundle discounts to help their customers save on some money and appreciate them choosing their trademark when other options are available. To meet safety standards, the brand manufacturing facility has been approved by FDA, and all their manufacturing practices adhere to their regulations.

Consequently, the brand uses only organic hemp to manufacture its products. Its hemp plant is the primary raw material from Washington, Oregon, and Colorado. Although the company blends in other ingredients from product to product, they ensure they are effective and safe for human health, and proper research is done on them before using them. Like most CBD companies, Savage CBD also uses the CO2 extraction method to obtain ingredients from the hemp plant and, at the same time, avoid environmental pollution. The CO2 extraction method is commonly used, unlike any other within the CBD brand.

After their products are carefully manufactured with FDA protocols adhered to, they are taken to the third-party lab (independent) for quality confirmation. To check on quality, the brand tests for THC ( should not exceed 0.3%) and CBD. Apart from checking on quality, the brand also confirms the products’ purity levels and ensures they are not contaminated with heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, or any other contaminant. Lastly, their products are packaged ready to be taken to the market for consumption.

Range of products

The brand offers a considerable line of products to help its consumers get variety and meet various needs of their customers. Their lines of products include;

Savage CBD Tincture Review

Savage CBD Tincture Review

Before the brand chose to bring in other flavours, their tincture products only existed in natural flavour. Currently, they are crafted in the following flavours; peach pear, lemon-lime, pink grapefruit, and cucumber mint; available in 1000 mg,1500 mg, and 2000 mg. Unlike before, the brand ultimately decided to slash their prices to help customers enjoy their products, notably, their 1000mg products were being sold at $99.99 compared to now, where their 2000 mg products go at below $40. It recommends anyone who is newly introduced to the product to use it once a day as he upgrades the dosage to 3 – 4 times a day depending on products reaction to the body.

Savage CBD Juice

Savage CBD Juice

Their black-flowered packaging makes the products look more colourful and unique. Although most CBD companies focus on vape products, Savage CBD has taken it to other levels by offering a wide range of strong cartridges and vape juice. Under all the products offered by the company, this contains the longest flavour options; hustle, serene, tranquil, kiwi dragon berry, vape shot, Fiji melons, passion and driven. Additionally, they exist in the following concentrations; 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg. Checking under their product review page, customers are impressed with these products and have left positive reviews to show they are impressed.

Savage Gummies

Savage Gummies

For people facing body pain, then Savage CBD offers you a solution to help you address your pain issues. Their gummies are well crafted using other essential ingredients to suit pain relief. Each packet of their gummies has 6 of them having 50mg of active ingredients. Gummies have become famous and are now the easiest way of incorporating CBD into your diet without getting affected in any manner. Although the price for their gummies seems not to be fair, most people still prefer them because of their effectiveness.

What we like about the company

Unlike most CBD brands that are revolved around a lot of uncertainties, Savage has established itself and decided to offer quality at considerable prices. Their customer review page is the best way of confirming their efforts since nearly everyone who uses their products leaves a positive review of the effectiveness of their products and their entire brand. In addition, the brand also offers free shipping, which is rare in most CBD companies that prioritize profits to the health of their customers. Besides, the brand uses a CO2 extraction method which is effective and environmentally friendly compared to other methods such as ethanol. Lastly, to address the various needs of customers, the brand offers a wide range of products to address the unique needs of its customers, which is a plus. We would recommend the brand continue following up on things that would make their brand better to beat the competitive CBD market.

What we don’t like about the company

It was unfortunate that such an established brand failed to offer a refund policy to customers who don’t find their products effective. Offering a refund or return policy increases the confidence the customer has in the brand since they are guaranteed to get their money back if the product doesn’t work for them. Consequently, the brand also offers its gummies with a lot of artificial flavours, which might interfere with the purity of the product, which is a significant concern of CBD. Lastly, most CBD companies have expanded their market to several states to cover a broader CBD market and try to get more CBD users; Savage doesn’t offer international shipping.


All said than done; Savage CBD has tried to put in place enough measures to ensure customer satisfaction is well attained and at all stages; from manufacturing till the brand is in the hands of the consumers. Being a CBD trademark that has been in the play for over five years, it clearly understands market trends and the role quality plays as competition continues to grow stiff both from new and long-existing companies. Although their performance is quite remarkable, we still call it to attend to some weaknesses to improve it. First, the brand should consider offering free shipping as well as exporting its products out of the USA. Additionally, it should avoid using a lot of artificial flavours such as the ones used in the gummies to prevent product contamination which interferes with the purity.

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