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Save every moment – with LET IT CLICK is a booking platform for photographers that allows customers to book professional and hobby photographers for various occasions. The platform is represented in several German cities and offers a large selection of photographers with different styles and prices. LET IT CLICK is aimed at individuals, companies, and agencies looking for high-quality photos.

What makes LET IT CLICK so special?

When searching for a suitable photographer on the internet, there are many difficulties that customers encounter. An overly large selection of photographers can cost customers many evenings reading technical details and comparing prices. The more options, the more difficult it is to make the “perfect” decision. This can either take a lot of time, or you have to live with the doubt afterwards whether you have actually made the best possible choice. Neither of which is great. Decisions take time, they take attention and energy. All of these are important, limited resources in life.

A long wait for cost estimates prolongs the decision-making process. Since most photographers have to tailor their prices to the customer’s wishes and offer them individual prices, the response to an inquiry from several photographers can take up to a week. This can spoil the customer’s joy in photography before they even get started.

Photographer websites are rarely up to date. Each website is individually designed, so it takes the customer time and again to find the necessary information. It is a challenge to find a consistent and transparent overview of photographers’ offerings.

But don’t worry, LET IT CLICK has a solution to all these problems. By taking the choice of photographer away from the customer, they can save time and nerves. By verifying all contract photographers and maintaining their availability on the website, the photo shoot can be booked immediately. The booking process is simple and fast, requiring only a few steps: First, the customer selects the city where the photo shoot is to take place, and then the desired category of the photographer (hobby or professional photographer). For example, a photo shoot in Hamburg –> . Then the customer specifies the meeting point with the photographer, selects the duration of the shoot, and the date and time of the appointment. The photo shoot is already booked!

Through this simple booking process, the customer saves time and money. LET IT CLICK offers transparent and fixed hourly rates for photographers, which are in the lower range of the average price for photographers. This makes LET IT CLICK’s service particularly budget-friendly and offers a great opportunity for customers to get their desired pictures from a professional photographer without spending a fortune.

What business strategy does LET IT CLICK pursue?

LET IT CLICK pursues an online platform strategy where they act as a mediator between customers and photographers. Their goal is to offer customers a simple and stress-free booking process while giving photographers the opportunity to expand their business and showcase their work to a larger audience.

By working with verified and professional photographers in different cities in Germany, LET IT CLICK offers a wide range of photography services, ranging from hobby photography to professional event photography. By focusing on the mediation of photography services, they can offer their customers a specialized platform that helps them find the best photographers in their area.

LET IT CLICK also focuses on strong customer retention by offering their customers a variety of services and offers tailored to their specific needs. For example, they offer a free cancellation option to give customers flexibility in planning their photoshoots. Additionally, they also offer a satisfaction guarantee to ensure that their customers are happy with the service.

Another important business strategy of LET IT CLICK is their focus on a simple and user-friendly platform. By utilizing technology to automate and simplify the booking process, they can lower their operating costs while providing a seamless customer experience. This also allows them to offer their services at competitive prices, which plays an important role in positioning themselves in the market.

Overall, LET IT CLICK pursues a strategy of differentiation and customer service by specializing in the mediation of photography services and offering their customers a simple and user-friendly platform.

Founder Story & Motivation for LET IT CLICK

Angela Herr (CEO) shares her motivation as one of the founders of LET IT CLICK:

“It was a sunny day a few years ago when I was out with my family and friends, as I often do, taking photos of our shared moments. Despite my love for photography, I found that once again, I was not in any of the pictures. I realized that I was often the one behind the camera, capturing the special moments, but rarely appeared in the photos myself. It was a moment of disappointment that made me think.

At the same time, I became more aware of how precious and rare our shared moments as a group had become. It’s no longer as easy as it used to be to gather all friends or family members in one place and take a photo. Even when it does work out, it’s difficult to organize a group photo where everyone is in the picture and the quality is good.

From this disappointment and the desire to capture these moments and be seen in the photos, the idea of LET IT CLICK was born. I was convinced that with this platform, I could help other people solve the same problem and create beautiful shared memories. And I was lucky that Thomas was enthusiastic about the idea from the beginning and embarked on the LET IT CLICK journey with me.

It was a challenge to bring our concept to life and turn LET IT CLICK from an idea into a company. But it was also an incredible journey, marked by collaboration with talented photographers and art students. Every day, we experience the joy of our customers and the feeling of satisfaction when they receive our beautiful photos. It’s an indescribable feeling to see how our platform contributes to creating memories and capturing moments that people will treasure forever.”

Thomas (CEO) adds his founder story:

“When I first heard about Angela’s idea for LET IT CLICK, I wasn’t particularly excited, to be honest. I never had a special interest in photography or the need to take photos myself. But Angela was so passionate about the idea, and she really conveyed to me how much this project meant to her. We had worked together in the past, and I knew she had really smart and innovative ideas.

But the more she told me about her vision, the more I realized the potential of LET IT CLICK. I could see how great the demand was for good photographers for private events, and I knew there was a market for a platform that met this need. I also found the idea appealing that it didn’t always have to be a professional, but hobby photographers who have a passion for photography could also be used.

When Angela asked me to come on board and help found LET IT CLICK, I couldn’t resist. I was fascinated by the idea of building a company from the ground up and helping to create a platform that helps people capture beautiful memories. It was an opportunity to embark on something completely new and exciting.

And so, we began our journey and worked hard to turn LET IT CLICK from an idea into a real platform. We encountered many challenges and obstacles, but we were determined to achieve our goal. It was an exciting and sometimes tiring time, but in the end, it was worth it.

Now that LET IT CLICK has been online for some time, I’m so proud of what we have achieved as a team. We have helped hundreds of people capture unforgettable moments and have also established many talented photographers on the platform. It’s amazing to see how our idea has developed, and I’m grateful to have been part of this adventure.”

What challenges could LET IT CLICK face for its business?

As an online platform for photography services, LET IT CLICK is faced with a number of challenges that can affect the business. One of the biggest issues is the strong competition in the market. There are many other companies offering similar services, making it difficult to stand out and build a loyal customer base. However, LET IT CLICK relies on a unique strategy to differentiate its services from other companies and gain a competitive advantage.

Another obstacle for LET IT CLICK is ensuring the quality of its services. As a platform, the company relies on the work of contract photographers to ensure high quality and customer satisfaction. However, it is difficult to ensure that all photographers work at the same level of quality and meet the company’s standards. LET IT CLICK is working hard to improve the quality standards of its photographers and use customer feedback to continually optimize its services.

Another challenge is the constantly evolving technology and the need to stay up-to-date. LET IT CLICK is continuously investing in the development of its own technology and platform to ensure that it can offer its customers the best possible services, with a focus on security and protection of customer and photographer data.

Ultimately, the biggest challenge for LET IT CLICK is gaining and retaining the trust and loyalty of its customers. The company is working hard to expand its customer base by offering a personalized customer experience and focusing on the needs and desires of its customers. Through continuous optimization of its platform and services, as well as transparent and effective communication, LET IT CLICK strives to satisfy its customers and build long-term relationships.

What opportunities does LET IT CLICK see in the future?

LET IT CLICK GmbH could benefit from various opportunities in the future to further expand and grow the business. One opportunity is expanding to other cities and regions to increase the range of photoshoots and attract more customers. In doing so, the company will recruit new contract photographers in various cities and regions to increase capacity.

In addition, digitization offers new opportunities for LET IT CLICK to further improve and optimize its services. One possible option is the integration of artificial intelligence to better understand customer desires and needs and create personalized offers.

Finally, collaboration with other companies and partners offers new opportunities to expand the business. For example, a partnership with tourism associations or travel companies could help attract more tourists and increase the visibility of the company’s services. Collaboration with influencers or other photography-related companies could also help advance the business.

Tips & Learnings for Other Founders

One tip for other companies would be to always focus on customer needs and offer them a user-friendly service. Clear communication and transparency about services and prices are also important to gain customer trust and build long-term relationships. It is also helpful to continuously gather feedback from customers and adjust services accordingly to better meet their needs. Ultimately, it is about constantly evolving and staying innovative to stand out from the competition and be successful in the long term.

In the first six months, LET IT CLICK learned a lot and gained valuable experience. They realized that it is important to have a clear strategy and business model to be able to compete. Understanding customer needs and expectations was also of great importance.

Another important learning was that it is essential to pay attention to the quality of photographers and ensure that they meet LET IT CLICK’s standards. This is the only way to ensure high customer satisfaction. Learn more about LET IT CLICK photographers:

Furthermore, LET IT CLICK quickly realized the importance of focusing on specific target groups and conducting targeted marketing. This can effectively reach customers and establish the brand more strongly.

Finally, LET IT CLICK also learned how important it is to listen to customer feedback and learn from it. This is the only way to make improvements and adapt the offer to the needs of customers.

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