Although Seabedee is a well-established brand trying to climb the competitive CBD market, it still needs to adjust to a few areas to improve it. Upon visiting its website, you will realize there is a lot of information concerning it and the manufacturing activities that help them develop quality products. The Company carries out all the processes within the USA right from the hemp plant till the product is fully manufactured and tested for both purity and potency levels by an independent third-party lab. Notably, its manufacturing facility is located in San Diego. Besides, the Company has a wide range of products crafted in full-spectrum in a potency range of 10 mg to 300 mg of CBD. Currently, the Company uses the following products to its advantage; capsules, pet treats, topicals, bath bombs, tinctures and hand sanitizers. Each product is manufactured using an organically grown hemp plant free from any chemical particles that might interfere with its purity levels. Kindly keep reading our review since we have captured important details about it.

About the Company

The Company was established by two childhood friends called Paul Clotar and Pete Stadniuk in 2018. According to the Company, the two friends took advantage of rising CBD trends to develop Seabedee to improve people’s general body and mental wellness. Their biggest inspiration was how various companies were using CBD products to change people’s lives, which they took advantage of and continued spreading the positivity of CBD. Since 2018, when they established the brand, they have been committed to offering unique products which will promote health and wellness for both the mind and the body. Although they have been primarily using hemp plants, some ingredients such as MCT oil have been recently blended into its new batch of products to maximize rapid effectiveness and quality. Notably, the Company has been featured in Forbes, Thrillist, High Times, The San Diego and Healthline due to its effective products.

As a result of the Company’s commitment to offering the best products and being good ambassadors of CBD trademark, they have generally provided exclusive information about its operations and CBD. Unlike other discreet companies, reducing customers’ confidence, it has offered information regarding its Farm Bill compliant, advanced formulations, manufacturing facility location, money-back guarantee, and third-party lab tests activities. This information made us give it an excellent score on its transparency levels.

Furthermore, if you need certain information and can’t find it on the Company’s home page, don’t worry. It has a comprehensive FAQ page addressing common demands arising from most customers and interested parties such as our team. Unlike other trademarks that only address issues concerning its trademark, it primarily focuses on general CBD questions that keep disturbing most CBD customers. Some of the questions responded to include; what is CBD oil? The meaning of cannabinoids, how CBD works, whether Seabedee is legal in the USA, its manufacturing protocols, among many more. As we went through the feedback given, each concern was well-responded to, and we were content with how they handled the questions.

For customers whose needs have not been attended to, we recommend reaching out to its support team for guidance or clarification. Besides offering contact details on the lower left of its website, they also have a link “CONTACT” bearing more contact details. Notably, they have shown an email address ([email protected]), phone number (866-304-5974), physical address (1416A Garnet AVE San Diego CA, 92109) and message box (needs your name, email, phone number and intended message). Its support team is accommodating and effective in its response. Notably, since we had raised questions about its sustainable practices, they responded to our email within 24 hours with a satisfactory answer.

Besides, to help its customers choose the right products depending on their needs, they offer product descriptions under each product. Precisely, product information includes the form in which the products are offered (full-spectrum for all its products), CBD potency range, ingredients, third-party lab results, recommended dosage, its function, and the prices. Its product catalogue is well-defined, making it easier for customers to locate all the products they need. To assess most buyers experience, we decided to order a few products. The process was straightforward since we easily added and removed products from our shopping cart without encountering any suspicious activities. Upon ordering the products, they were delivered on the fourth day, well-packed to attain high secrecy levels.

Consequently, the Company keeps track of its reputation by allowing customers to leave reviews depending on their interaction with products, ordering experience and customer support team. They also have social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account, allowing their customers to interact and share different opinions regarding the trademark and CBD generally. Also, they use the platforms to keep its customers informed and educate them on current matters concerning CBD and any in-house changes.

Manufacturing Process

Apart from Seabedee being legal manufacturers of CBD products, they are also authorized and legal growers of the high-quality hemp plant in Colorado. Based on most reviews, Colorado produces the best hemp plant with excellent standards. According to the Company, they closely monitor farming practices conducted on their farm to ensure no artificial chemical fertilizers or pesticides boost hemp growth. After confirming it is fully matured, it is harvested and taken to its manufacturing facility within 24 hours (to maintain freshness).

The Company safely removes useful cannabinoids and terpenes using CO2 extraction methods. The method has been considered effective and has been widely used by most brands since it is eco-friendly and prevents contaminants from penetrating the products. However, other unique ingredients have been considered being blended into its CO2 hemp plant extracts to develop quality products. MCT oil cuts across all the products to increase rapid effectiveness.

After manufacturing, the Company has an independent third-party lab responsible for contacting purity and potency test on every batch. The first responsibility given to the independent third-party lab is to ensure all the products contain the stated levels of CBD. Additionally, since it is to conduct purity tests and ensure all products are free from any harmful contaminant tests which might interfere with the primary aim of CBD, which is to offer natural products. Lastly, the lab ensures all products have containable THC levels below 0.3%.

Range of Products

Despite the Company having been recently established, it has a considerable line of products that it has been maximizing to expound its line of products. Currently, the Company offers eight lines of full-spectrum products manufactured using CO2 hemp plant extracts, MCT oil, and other ingredients depending on the purpose of the product.

Seabedee CBD Tinctures

Currently, the Company offers four types of tinctures; Calming Anxiety Blend. Sleep Blend, Recover Inflammation Blend, and Extra Strength Blend. All the products have been manufactured with great care using CO2 hemp plant extracts, MCT oil, and other useful ingredients. Additionally, the Company offers accurately market droppers to help its customers administer the correct dosage in each serving. According to the Company, it recommends its users administer 1ml daily either directly orally or include it in the foods or beverages. To customers who are administering it directly, they should wait for about one minute before swallowing it. Lastly, they are sold from $57.95 to $138.95, depending on potency levels.

Seabedee CBD Capsules

For customers who prefer administering their daily CBD at one go, the Company offers quality capsules made of CO2 hemp plant extracts. Notably, the Company uses MCT oil for easy absorption in the body stream and recommends its users to administer it orally with the aid of their favourite drink or water. According to the Company, each capsule contains 25mg of CBD and recommends a maximum of 4 daily. Currently, the Company only offers one type of capsule, going at $65.

Seabedee CBD Gummies

Besides capsules, gummies are the second most preferable method of administering your daily CBD dosage. Gummies are easy to move around with since they can be pocked and administered anytime you wish. Currently, the Company only offers one kind of gummy manufactured using CO2 hemp plant extracts, MCT oil, nuts, MSG, fat, gluten, and dairy. They are designed to improve mood regulation, reduce pain and anxiety, and provide energy. Lastly, they sold at $35.95 and recommended a maximum of 3 gummies a day.

Seabedee CBD Topicals

If you have a problem with joints or experienced a long day, you can find quick relief by using topical products from the Company after taking a shower. The Company uses ingredients such as avocado and shea butter for easy application and MCT oil to allow rapid absorption, enhancing rapid effectiveness. Notably, all topical products undergo purity and potency tests before being released  to the market. Also, they are being sold from $12.95 to $64.95.

Other products offered by the brand include Beauty products, pet products, and hand sanitizers.

What we like about the Company

The Company offers lifetime discounts to veterans, which are a big advantage since it’s a way of showing its commitment to giving back to society. Additionally, the Company closely monitors its hemp farming practices and ensure only sustainable agricultural practices are used while growing their hemp. Also, the Company offers donations to Dogs without Borders, cancer research, COVID-19 relief, and American Legions, which shows it’s interested in helping the society, unlike other companies who are only after profits.

What we don’t like about the Company

Although the Company has significant areas of strength, which other companies seem to have neglected,  it still has room for changes in certain areas. First, it needs to extend its potency line and offer more strong products, unlike what it currently provides. Additionally, the Company does not adequately conduct purity tests, unlike it does for potency. Lastly, it should consider removing the $30 cutoff line for free shipping and offer free shipping despite the amount.


Rating Seabedee was quite difficult since its pros are strong as well as its weaknesses. However, we still recommend the Company’s products to anyone looking for quality and good customer attention. Its products are manufactured with great care, and third-party tests are conducted to ensure they are safe for consumption. However, they recommend that they adjust to the few weaknesses to obtain a better position in the competitive market. By doing so, they will also attract more customers hence make more profits which will help them increase its range of donations.

Barbara is a freelance writer and a sex and relationships adviser at Dimepiece LA and Peaches and Screams. Barbara is involved in various educational initiatives aimed at making sex advice more accessible to everyone and breaking stigmas around sex across various cultural communities. In her spare time, Barbara enjoys trawling through vintage markets in Brick Lane, exploring new places, painting and reading.

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