Self-Care Startup The Beam by Nimbleback is all about a Happy Healthy You!

Self-Care Startup, The Beam by Nimbleback is all about a Happy, Healthy You!

Get ready to release, relax and restore your core!

2 Canadian women had a dream; to live life without back pain. After years of experiencing the unpleasantness of back tension, Becky Goulet and Christa Geddes found an at-home solution to back, neck, and shoulder tension. They founded Nimbleback Inc. and created The Beam, a yoga-style tool designed to release, relax and restore the core. 

Becky and Christa met on the 1st day of elementary school and have been suffering from back pain since their early 20s. The two 40-year-old women have learned firsthand that they need The Beam to release muscle tension from injuries, stress, bad habits, and aging. For years, they tried different tools, but it wasn’t until they discovered stretching with a piece of foam that supported their spine during a yoga class that they found relief. Building their business from concept to demonstrating their product on national television has been an exciting ride. Bringing a new fitness product to the market is no small task, but one that Christa and Becky met head-on, with the end goal being to get The Beam into the hands of other back pain sufferers who would benefit from its use. 

“People just don’t know what it is or how to use it,” says Nimbleback Inc.’s President/Co-Founder, Becky Goulet. “Then after they try it, they are impressed with the immediate results that it has for their mind & body.”  

Releasing back tension is simple with The Beam by Nimbleback.

Nimbleback took their business to the next level after their 60-second pitch on The Marilyn Denis Show on CTV. The judges were looking for a product that speaks to the consumer, has longevity, and is on-trend to what the market is today. “I love this product.,” says Kelley Keehn. Judges Debbie Travis, Amber MacArthur, and Kelley Keehn chose The Beam as the winner of the Mompreneur segment. Immediately after airing, Beam sales hit record high numbers, thanks to the exposure by the show.  This was when the two women knew that the demonstration of using The Beam was a key component to their future success.

Becky pitches The Beam by Nimbleback on The Marilyn Denis Show.

Rosalie Brown, one of the most influential personal trainers, was introduced to The Beam while on Today’s Shopping Choice. Rosalie fell in love with the product.  “I was introduced to The Beam at TSC, and it’s been an easy and fun tool to implement and introduce to friends and family while relaxing at the cottage.” As a trainer, Rosalie has helped many women feel their best. She is an expert in the field of home fitness. She has been a long-time presenter for the Total Gym and Simply Fit board and has developed and starred in training videos for these products.  

Simple workout by Rosalie Brown with The Beam to help keep you in alignment with active movement.

The Beam has been featured on Happy, Healthy You on Today’s Shopping Choice with ten television appearances. This device has also been sold on Amazon, Walmart, Lumino Health | Sun Life, PC Health, and League. Having The Beam featured with other great products to enhance your health has been rewarding for Becky & Christa, and the two hope to continue building awareness of the many benefits of using The Beam.

As Becky and Christa look to the next five years of their business, they reflect on their Go To Market strategy. They will prepare for their next challenge of navigating the current supply chain issues worldwide to serve their future customers. The two women entrepreneurs are seeking a partner to help them grow their business.  To date, they have sold 7,000 beams, but they know their sales will increase by partnering with an investor who can help them with marketing, distribution, and retail opportunities. 

The Beam by Nimbleback has received top-rated reviews and is a product that customers want to help them live healthier lifestyles. 

Top Rated Testimonials 

Lumino Health employees have incorporated The Beam into their daily wellness routine.

  1. After suffering injuries from two motor vehicle accidents, I’ve dealt with back and neck pain for most of my adult life.  Being active in Yoga and Pilates and regular treatments from various practitioners have helped manage the pain.  I began using the beam in June 2015, which has dramatically impacted my everyday life and compliments my treatments as a bonus.  I use the beam daily, and I find the mornings the most valuable after being static for several hours. As a bonus, you can take the beam anywhere you go. It fits great in a carry-on! Devon M
  2. I used The Beam last night for only ten minutes. After getting up, I felt like I had just had an hour massage! I suffer from chronic pain due to reoccurring injuries/shoulder dislocations, which I’ve had a couple of operations to correct. I’ve never had an at-home product that works this well and makes me feel so great, with minimal effort!!! Today I am using it to support my back at my desk, at the office, and it is remarkable the difference it has made, and it is only noon!!!! I’m so in love with my Beam and haven’t even had it for 24 hours. Thank you so much! This is seriously going to change my life.   Sarah K
  3. As a busy mom and fitness trainer, I often neglect to stretch and get the regular massage treatments my body requires. When I start to feel tight, I break out The Beam and allow my body to ease into the floor and release unwanted tension gently. It has been a great tool, and I highly recommend it to others who need an at-home treatment.  Veronica C.
  4. As a dental hygienist who has been practicing for over 16 years, I accept that having a bad back was “part of the job.”  Well, not anymore!  Since I started using The Beam, I’ve noticed a significant difference in how I feel throughout the day!  Using it daily for 5-10 minutes allows me to feel stretched and relaxed. The best part of The Beam is that it can be used anywhere, anytime and the exercises they provide are easy, yet very effective.  I would recommend The Beam to my fellow dental professionals because we can all benefit from backs that do not ache during the day. You owe it to yourself to take care of your back, and this product makes it effortless.  Cathy C

Chiropractor Approved

The Beam is one of the most ingenious back supports I have ever seen.  It is affordable, portable & easy to use.  My patients, young and old love The Beam!”  Dr. Amber Gardiner, D.C., B.Sc. Gardiner Family Chiropractic Centre

Massage Therapist Approved

“I see a lot of people with back and neck tension and it often stems from their posture at a desk and computer.  The relaxed, resting position of The Beam softens the tension in the chest, neck and shoulders.”   Pam Kats,  RMT

Physiotherapist Approved

“I have been using The Beam with many of my motor vehicle accident for postural retraining types of exercises. We have found it is a comfortable option when a full foam roller is too much.”   Kristen Hunter MScPT, BKin, Physiotherapist

About Nimbleback Inc. and The Beam™ 

Simple & Effective Way to Improve Posture & Alignment in Just Minutes a Day!

The Beam is a long rectangular yoga style tool that users place along their spine while they do stretching and breathing techniques in order to release back neck and shoulder tension. The Beam is Chiropractor, Massage Therapist & Physiotherapists recommended and comes with an easy-to-follow instruction sheet, free online videos, 30-minute yoga class + 10-minute meditation. 

Using The Beam is simple, and it can be used on the floor, chair, or against a wall. Users may have a better sleep and improved postural alignment. The Beam also helps calm the mind and body, relieves tight chest, neck, spine, and hips, and loosens tight muscles while helping to build strength with core exercises. Results may be felt after just 10 minutes.   It is available in two foam densities and 2 sizes, suitable for anyone who has ever felt the unpleasantness of muscle tension. It is designed for all skill levels, including office workers, athletes, fitness experts, massage therapists, physical workers, and yoga lovers, from ages ten and up.  

Product Features & Benefits 

  • Targets back, neck & shoulders 
  • Tones core with exercise & yoga 
  • Lightweight, flexible and portable  
  • Stores easily!

All Beams are made from a soft/rubber foam that is comfortable & bendable.  The Beam is latex-free, waterproof, and sweat resistant.  

Each beam includes a User Guide + Free Online Videos:  Yoga Classes, Meditation, Exercise routines, and more!  

Watch this 30-second video to learn about everything you can do with your beam.

Gentle Beam

It is great as a starter product for people new to stretching or core training. Perfect for users who prefer a softer touch or who have less muscle/tissue on their back.   Specifications: Dimensions: 39 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches, Weight – 1 pound, Colour:  Blue,  UPC code 628250216028

Firm Beam 

Releases tension with stronger intensity. Perfect for users who like a deep tissue massage. The Firm Beam can also be used for balance exercises and releasing tension in the feet.  

Specifications: Dimensions: 39 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches, Weight – 1 pound, Colour:  Green 


Travel Beam

This beam has all the same benefits as the full-size beam with the bonus of using it while seated and on the go.  It is available in Firm Foam Density to counteract the give of the chair. 

Specifications: Dimensions: 28 x 3 x 1.5 inches , Colour:  Green , UPC 628250216059

Features & Benefits specific to travel beam 

  • Acts as the perfect cushion while keeping you aware of your posture while you are sitting but can still be used on the floor
  • The shorter length makes it more portable. 

To learn more about The Beam, visit us at www.nimbleback.  


Christa Geddes

Co-Founder & Chief Relationship Officer 

P: 403-542-2281 | E: [email protected]

Becky Goulet

Co-Founder & President 

P. 905-741-4101| E:

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