Sex Toy Review - The IRide

Sex Toy Review – The IRide

No it’s not a motorbike! If you have ever wanted more from your assortment of sex toys, then the IRide by Doc Johnson may be just the item to calm your insatiable appetite! This is a unique and unisex toy with multiple uses, as it features a c-shaped body that can rock back and forth even while providing strong vibration. The toy has two motors that power up a penis-shaped protrusion, as well as a circular knob below it. Double your pleasure we say!

Sex Toy Review - The IRide

IRide Specifications: The Nitty and Gritty

This pink-coloured sex toy is thirteen inches long in total length (about 33 Centimetres), though it has a rather easy going insertable length of 9 centimetres. The circumference is about 13 centimetres and the width is approximately 15 centimetres. There are actually three degrees of vibrating power, the last one being ultra-intense and somewhat louder than the first two levels. (Don’t wake the neighbours!)

The vibrating power is most intense at the tip of the toy, though the waves of pleasure can be felt throughout the unit. The fact that the toy rocks and vibrates throughout its parts helps to stimulate not only the genitals, but that whole special region including the thighs. In order to start the vibrations, you simply click on the buttons on the underside of the toy and get to work! Each button has three levels of intensity, thanks to four AA batteries.

Hands-Free and Powerful

The material of the IRide is food-grade safe and smooth, free of latex and phthalates. The protruding piece is designed to please, and though it isn’t specifically designed to stimulate the G-spot or P-spot area, it can reach these areas, and more importantly, arouse the user through the ultra-sensitive nerve endings near those special areas. The nearly 10 Centimetre dildo piece is flexible and can be customized for hitting specific internal areas. The bump is designed for clitoral stimulation and is about the size of the “egg” vibrator giving you the best of both worlds.

This is a hands-free adult toy as well as a multispeed toy that can also be controlled with ease thanks to the pad. The hands-free design of this toy, and the unisex operation, makes it very open to possibilities. It can be used by a woman for vaginal and clitoral stimulation (with the famous rocking motion), for solo orgasms, or for couple’s play. One popular way to use the toy is for the woman to sit on the IRide and feel the vibration while performing oral sex on a partner.

Everyone Can Enjoy the IRide!

Men can also use the IRide toy. Users can enjoy stimulation of the prostate through the anus, or subtle stimulation to the perineum and testes. The rocking motion is the toy’s unique feature and allows for semi-thrusting or grinding while also providing intensive vibration!

The IRide sex toy should be used with lubricants to avoid chafing. Similar to the Sybian to, but a lot cheaper, the IRide is one rocking little rocket!

The IRide is an excellent toy for beginners and for intermediate users that want to experiment with multiple forms of arousal besides just vibration. It is a non-threatening toy that will appeal to couples just as easily as it will work for a single person. We’ve seen a lot of “I’s” in the last decade (the iPhone, the iPod) but the IRide is sure to be the biggest technological breakthrough as far as your orgasms are concerned!

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