Sexy Lingerie - The Reality

Sexy Lingerie – The Reality

Males. Picture this.
You walk into your house, with your gorgeous lady in tow. You lead her upstairs, and shut the door behind you. You kiss and run your hands up and down her body, and start to unbutton her top, when all of a sudden you are distracted by her underwear.

Females. Picture this.
You walk into your house, being led by your sexy man, who then proceeds to lead you upstairs. He shuts the door behind you, and leans you up against it. You kiss, and he runs his hands up and down your body, and starts to unbutton your top, when all of a sudden you are distracted by your underwear.

This for many people has happened. However, to whether a good or bad thing depends. Watch.

Flash thought through males head, What the hell is she is wearing?!

Flash thought through females head, What the hell am I wearing?!

Before coming to this site for sexy lingerie the answer would have been silence, for both parties, whilst both thinking, damn!

It is fact that sexy lingerie makes both parties feel good. The female feels sexy knowing what she has on under her clothes, and the male will feel sexy with how confident the female comes across. Then, as the above scenario repeats, both parties’ hearts will skip a beat as he unbuttons the top to find her wearing a sexy black balcony bra with a seductive red lace trimming, firmly cupping her perfect 34D breasts. The adrenaline will surge through the body – the male feeling completely turned on at the underwear, and the female feeling completely turned on at the attention and knowing the affect she has had on him. Whilst she is thinking of this, his brain has moved on to thinking about what else she has left him to find, which, as he slowly slides her skirt down her silky legs he finds her in a matching thong and suspender set and well, the rest is left to the imagination.

Sexy lingerie is incredible for spicing up any sex life. It is gratifying for males buying it, and females receiving it, and even more satisfying when you either wear it, or know she is wearing it, or even when you stumble across it!

Sexy lingerie doesn’t have to just be bra and knickers. Thongs, basques, bustiers, corsets, stockings, baby dolls are also all part of a lingerie range, so there are plenty of options for making sure you have sexy lingerie for every possible occasion, just so you don’t end up thinking, DAMN!

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