Should I Lie About the Amount of Lovers I've Had?

Should I Lie About the Amount of Lovers I’ve Had?

Dear Martina,

In my college days I went through a very promiscuous phase were I collected so many notches on the bedposts that it made the frame unsteady. These flings meant absolutely nothing and weren’t even enjoyable as I need clitoral stimulation to orgasm and the majority weren’t around long enough to figure this out. My fiancee has asked me how many people I’ve slept with. I’ve always lied when I’ve been asked this question before but we get married soon and I don’t want to start it off with a huge lie but if I tell him he may think of me as a slag, what do I do?

Dear Bed knobs and Broomsticks

I’ve always liked to tell a half-truth here. Would a man call it full sex if he didn’t ejaculate? Probably not, so I always only mention the number of men that have given me big raging O’s. This number is small and makes me look very innocent so sometimes I’ll add on a couple for good measure.

You can try this trick or you can tell the truth. If he loves you it won’t bother him at all but you may need to go into a bit more detail than simply blurting out 6782491507 as he’ll need to feel reassured that sex between you means a lot more than another notch on your new marital bed. He’ll also worry about the amount of penises you’ve seen and will no longer believe his is the biggest; you need to tell him it’s perfect!

It is a shame that women are still labelled as sluts when they’ve had a lot of sex with different men, but it’s a fact, women get a label, and men get a badge!

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