Should It Be Illegal For Women To Go Topless? US Says Yes

Should It Be Illegal For Women To Go Topless? US Says Yes

It is illegal for women in the US to go topless in the states of Indiana, Utah and Tennessee. In other states, you could risk getting a fine or worse – going to jail. We’re not talking about the 1950s, or countries like Iran where it is not permitted to show skin. We’re talking about the good old US of A here.

And there’s more.

Phoenix Feely was fined for going topless on a New Jersey beach five years ago. She refused to pay the fine – she was surrounded by hundreds of topless men! – and the fines escalated to the point where she was sentenced to a short term in jail for failing to pay the $816. Feely had to do 16 days of hard time for sunbathing topless… but after a hunger strike and a bout in the infirmary, she was released to the cheers of her supporters and a fireworks display in her honour.

It all seems a bit mad.

New Jersey has ambiguous laws on female toplessness, as do many states. New York is the one state where it is legal for women to go topless for non-commercial activity. The rest, however, aren’t quite sure where they sit on the fence

Breasts have been sexualised in public society, so perhaps it’s not that bizarre that people feel uncomfortable when you get your top off in public and then don’t say a word when men do it – but there’s something distinctly unfair about that discrimination.

It seems silly that there can be a law banning toplessness in some states, but no law governing the amount of butt allowed to show through a bikini bottom or thong, and no regulations dictating the transparency of swimsuit fabric or even the size (some bikini tops might as well not be there, for all the coverage they offer). Good heavens, if we’re talking about laws then perhaps the governing bodies ought to introduce a law about men in speedos. Some things you can’t unsee.

It isn’t a case about women wanting to go topless at work or in other situations – after all, we allow men to go around topless and they don’t do it all the time, thank goodness – but it seems rather deluded that there are restrictions on showing your breasts when double standards dictate that there are no regulations that apply similarly for men. It’s just about equality, rights and living in a free society.

It’s time for some states to catch up.

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