Are you a red bull drink lover? Well, please be informed that regular red bull consumption may cost your health. Getting it absorbed into your blood stream leads to various negative effects that you might regret.

Red bull is among the most used energy drinks worldwide. Many perceive it as a healthy, energy-boosting product. However, this drink has some side effects.There are two types of red bull drinks -the sugar-free red bull and the sweetened one. Both drinks improve physical and mental energy. They’re made of different ingredients, such as energy-boosting products, carbonated water, vitamins, caffeine, and other additives, includingsugar, citric acid, colors, and flavors. A 500 ml can of red bull provides the body with 225 calories, 2.4 g of protein, 54 g of carbs, 150 mg of caffeine, and 54 g of sugar. The sugar-free red bull does not contain natural sugar, but it’s artificially sweetened. Please keep reading to understand more information.

Side effects of sweetened red bull

Sweetened red bull has adverse side effects compared to sugar-free brands. The added sugar in the regular red bull is the root cause of these effects.

It may lead to the destruction of teeth.

Most energy drinks are sugary. Physiologically, eating foods with sugars causes tooth decay, which is resulted from bacteria attracted by the sweetness. Additionally, red bull is an acidic beverage. The acid acts on the hard outer part of the teeth called enamel.Those who regularly take this drink are at high risk of losing their teeth due to the high content of sugar and acid found in the drink.

May harm your kidneys.

Excess consumption of red bull is linked to kidney disease. It’s due to the kidneys overworking in an attempt to clear the sugar from the body.Eventually, kidney function declines and later malfunctions.

It can cause a rise in blood pressure

Red bull contains large amounts of caffeine that can cause an increase in heart rate and blood pressure. Blood pressure can increase temporarily and later become normal. However, its rise may lead to hypertension. Therefore, moderation is key to prevent this condition. Those with pre-existing hypertension should avoid this drink.

Cause difficulties in sleeping

Excess consumption of energy drinks may deny you sleep. Such drinks mostly have a stimulant; caffeine that increases alertness and brain activity, hence difficulties in falling asleep staying asleep. Consequently, one feels weak and thirsts for another energy drink.

It might cause fertility issues in men

When childlessness and other infertility issues strike a couple, more blame is on the female’s ability to conceive. However, men have equal responsibility for conception. Unhealthy diet in men can contribute to chances of infertility or difficulty in conceiving. Studies have linked excess consumption of red bull and other energy drinks to infertility  in men. Therefore, moderation is needed.

May lead to weight increase

Res bull contains added sugars. A large intake of sugary drinks means high caloric intake that risks weight and development of lifestyle disease, for example, blood pressure and obesity.That’s why you should exercise regularly, especially with regular consumption.

It may cause a rise in blood sugar

This energy drink is high in sugar. Taking it in excess may increase the blood sugar in the body, which can later develop into diabetes, a serious condition in which the body cannot regulate blood sugars. Diabetes patients should avoid this drink as it may worsen their condition.

It may lead to gastrointestinal problems

High caffeine found in this drink may cause mild to serious stomach discomfort. Some people experience heartburns and prolonged bloating. Patients with other underlying stomach conditions, such as ulcers may experience a burning sensation after taking energy drinks. Such people should avoid red bull.

It may lead to engagement in risky behavior

Energy drinks are mostly taken along with other unhealthy substances, such as alcohol and bhang.  Studies have shown that if red bull is combined with alcohol, its high caffeine might cover the effects of alcohol, making one feel sobber, but remain intoxicated with alcohol. This false feeling may make one engage in their normal activities, such as driving and later could cause accidents.

Sugar-free red bull

Sugar-free red bull has fewer calories compared to the sweetened one. Manufacturers use artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame in place of natural sugar. This sweetener is not safe too. It may cause some health risks, just like other sugars. Moreover, sugar-free red bull caffeine level does not differ from the regular red bull.

Side effects of sugar-free red bull.

Like the regular red bull, the sugar-free type is associated with health risks due to its high levels of caffeine and artificial sugars. These sugars increase the chances of getting diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, increase in weight, sleeplessness, harm your teeth, increased risk of kidney disease, and rise in blood pressure.


Excessive intake of red bull, especially in young people, has been reported to cause heart attack and death. The cases are rare but possible. High intake of caffeine has been linked to these deaths. For instance, taking 5 grams of caffeine in a day can cause death. The daily caffeine intake should not exceed 400 mg.  Pregnant women, children, diabetic patients, and those with heart problems should avoid these drinks.


Red bull energy drink is high in sugar and caffeine. The two types of red bull-regular and sugar-free red bull, are not healthy. They cause more harm than benefits. They are associated with diseases, includingheart diseases, diabetes, blood pressure, and kidney problems. Since it is primarily designed to increase energy, you should seek healthier energy drinks.    

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