1. Why drink ACV? How much should you be drinking daily for max benefits and minimum side effects?

AVC is good for its medicinal value and contains various health benefits, including indigestion relief, weight loss, and reduced risk of heart disease. I recommend taking 1 or two tablespoons per day.

2. Please list at least 2-3 potential effects (both positive and negative) of drinking ACV. Make sure at least 1 refers to what might happen when you drink too much of it. For each effect, explain why ACV causes this.

Tooth damage

Most acidic drinks are known for eroding tooth enamel, including acetic vinegar. It also results in tooth decay and minerals loss from the teeth. Additionally, research suggests that using vinegar in big amounts can cause dental erosion.

Kills harmful bacteria

Apple cider vinegar was traditionally used for treating infections, lice, and nail fungus. People also preferred it for disinfection of surfaces and cleaning. It can also preserve food through inhibiting bacterial growth. Furthermore, anecdotal reports say that when diluted, apple cider can relieve skin acne.

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