Social CBD comes to the rescue of customers looking for honest, genuine and noteworthy experiences from CBD. Since the brand opened its doors for operations, it has always been committed to offering standard products, including gummies and CBD drops. Like most CBD companies yarning to give their best to their customers, Social CBD gets its hemp from Oregon. Oregon is ranked second for producing the best organic hemp plant after Colorado. Consequently, most CBD products from Social CBD aim to reduce stress symptoms, mitigate pains and aches, improve sleeping partner, balance, and encourage a relaxed mood. Despite the brand having been recently established, it has gained fame within a short period. According to our assessment, we realized that their products we in over 10,000 retail stores and it had targeted 20,000 stores before the end of 2019. To continue learning about Social CBD, its manufacturing activities, and its products, keep reading our insight; we have every important detail on our page.

About the company

Social CBD was established and launched in 2019 with a new motive of bringing back quality products that were rare due to high competition by companies after profits. The brand was founded by Angelo Lombardi, a shareholder in Cura Partners Inc. She had a big ambition and understands how to conduct good business. During the brand establishment, they experienced a lot of challenges that made them lay off about 20% of their staff. From time to time, the federal government was on their neck because of uncertainties over health regulations set for CBD companies. To ensure all proper technology and operations were running, the brand used a total of $91 million, including a facility in Portland of 175,000 square feet. Due to the brand’s challenges, it attempted to cancel the lease in Pearl District, which the owner declined and sued them. It was also not long enough before an Italian Chocolate company initiated legal actions accusing Social CBD for rebuking a manufacturing equipment agreement settled.

Due to such challenges, the brand decided to sell its trademark and facilities to Kadenwood (a private organization that operates off-Southern California) in June 2022. However, we will keep a close eye to see whether the company will change the game and help them increase Social CBD sales going forward; or decrease the sales.

Social CBD has decided to operate on transparency and uphold truth in its operations. Notably, the brand states on its website to obtain its hemp from Oregon farms. Although the brand doesn’t have a certification for verification that they grow organic hemp, they have insisted on practising natural farming that is void of artificial chemical fertilizers or pesticides to promote their hemp’s general growth.

Social CBD offers a FAQ page that addresses minor common concerns of its customers. Their FAQ page is comprehensive and captures relevant common questions such as how to take CBD drops, how much each CBD serving contains, and why drops might be in different colors among various questions. Customers who can’t find any of their concerns addressed under frequently asked questions have to contact the Social CBD support team. It is quite unfortunate for the company not to have provided essential contact details such as official email and email to help customers reach out for their support easily.

Furthermore, we were able to note a “CONTACT US” page from the company’s website. We hoped to get their contact information, but we couldn’t. However, to reach their support team, you have to give the following data; your first name, last name, email, subject and comment/question, respectively. From our analysis, we noted some negative reviews from customers both on the company’s website and Trustpilot claiming the company took more time than expected to deliver their products and respond to their needs. To try and calm the situation, the brand seems to be responding to these negative reviews one after the other, offering them a solution.

Furthermore, the brand has a well-articulated return policy for its customers. Notably, it offers a return policy within 30 days of receiving products (their return policy is swift). Before any customer thinks or decides on returning their products, they must be unopened in their original packaging. Although the company doesn’t state the products, it claims under their return policy that some of the products are no-refundable, calling upon customers to be sure before order confirmation.

Manufacturing process

Since the brand understands that for quality and effectiveness to be obtained in their products, their raw materials also have to be of high quality. This has made them support organic farming and conduct civic education on how to carry out sustainable organic farming across Oregon. Since the brand was established, they have been using organic hemp for manufacturing their products.

Unlike most CBD companies, the brand uses ethanol to obtain beneficial ingredients to manufacture its isolates. Besides, for the trademark to successfully design broad-spectrum products, they incorporate distillation as an extraction mode. Despite most CBD companies going for more than FDA certification by obtaining other quality certifications such as CGMP, Social CBD doesn’t seem to input a lot of effort. Currently, they only adhere to FDA’s manufacturing regulations.

Lastly, after product manufacturing, they are taken to an independent third-party lab for tests before being released to the market. In most cases, CBD companies often share the lab results obtained on their social media platforms for pre-purchase verification. However, this is not the case for social CBD, for one to access their third party lab results, they have to have a lot or batch number from the company. Giving such information to customers increases trust and confidence levels gotten from the customers, making them refer other people to a particular trademark. This seems to be a significant failure that Social CBD has failed to address up to date.

Range of products

Although the brand doesn’t offer a comprehensive line of products, their line is comprehensive, and each product is manufactured with a lot of care. Some of the products include;

Social CBD Gel Capsules

Unlike other products manufactured by the brand, its capsules occur naturally, void of any artificial test. The brand decided to offer capsules after finding that most CBD users prefer them for their convenience. Capsules are not only easy to administer but also convenient to travel with. The brand recommends its capsule customers take one to two capsules a day, depending on their body reaction. However, they are administered orally with the aid of your favourite drink or water. Notably, the brand offers capsules in five options; Rest, Boost, Balance, Recovery, and Extended-Release. Just like most of them are named, they serve a similar purpose; Rest capsules are designed to help you relax or enhance sleep for those who have poor sleeping patterns. Unlike the four, Extended releases are offered differently. They are available in either a pack of five or 30, unlike the others, which are only available in 30-pack. For each capsule of Extended Release, it contains 50 mg of broad-spectrum CBD.

Social CBD Vape products (A note)

Since vaping has gained fame over time, the brand saw the need to offer CBD users who engage in vaping a solution of offering CBD vaping products. Notably, the brands’ vape pen has gained fame and has given the brand a better position in the CBD competitive market. Most of their vape customers have found this product to be effective compared to any other product manufactured by Social CBD. Before new laws were implemented (preventing delivery companies from delivering vape products to homes), the brand had tremendously increased its sales. The new law prevents people under the age of 18 from engaging in vaping.

Social CBD Drops

Besides Social CBD offering their drops in isolate form, they also provide them in broad-spectrum. The brand offers broad-spectrum drops in concentrations of 1500 mg, 750 mg, and 375 mg, respectively. Additionally, they are also offered in different flavours; acai berry, blood orange, pomegranate tea, vanilla mint, cinnamon leaf, Meyer lemon and unflavored. For blood orange and acai berry, the brand doesn’t offer 375 mg concentration for only the two. On the other hand, its isolate products are available in 2000 mg, 1000 mg and 500 mg concentrations; available in peppermint, lemon ginger, lavender and unflavored form.

Lastly, the brand also offers another line of products, such as gummies and body lotions.

What we like about the company

Despite other companies having a challenge of containing the right amount of THC levels, ist fascinating how the brand has been able to keep a good record of THC levels; all its products are void of THC. Additionally, we were also impressed by the brands’ ability to provide all its lab results online for customers to view before ordering the needed products. Lastly, we were also impressed by the company’s ability to offer time to time discounts and promotions to obtain a broader market.

What we don’t like about the company

Although the brand has strived to stand out despite the multiple challenges it has been facing and addressing, they have to address some major weaknesses. First, we are not certain about its future since it has acquired new ownership that might have a different opinion from the one who established it. Furthermore, it needs to address their extraction method and use CO2, which is eco-friendly and considered effective compared to the use of ethanol and distillation. Lastly, the brand should reconsider delivering its products in time and offer a convenient customer care service. We would highly recommend the new management provide more information about their contact details (phone number and email) for customers to reach them faster and respond quickly to concerns raised by its customers.


With the new owner brought to play, we are eager to see the impact that is going to be placed on Social CBD, especially now that the market has become more competitive. Most CBD companies brought to play with new exciting products that would entice customers, which we didn’t find in social CBD. However, it has a comprehensive line of well-designed products, and they undergo third-party tests before being released to the market. Ultimately, we recommend the new owner conduct market analysis and address its customers’ negative reviews to give them new hope. This will make the trademark better and become competitive with other companies performing well in the CBD market.

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