Sofa spooning sex position is excellent if you relax and let your man take control. It is a perfect sex position for mornings if you utilize the few minutes before getting up. There is much you need to do other than lie there like a dead body. Spooning sex position. To make things greater, you can slowly press yourself back onto your man and allow him to stroke it from side-by-side. The angle of most spooning sex positions allows easy access to the G-spot from other acrobatic positions.

Sofa spooning gives a woman a better position to slowly start masturbating by lowering her hand to the clitoris and rubbing it. The breast will also be free for some nipple play. This position involves less weight-bearing and less effort to hold the position for a long period since spooning often leads to forking. If you wish to try this position with your partner, here are some vital things to know.

Tips for Great Spooning

Use Your Hands

Don’t always shy from using your hand in this game. There is no red card involved in this game. Spooning sex position allows access to the little spoons partner’s erogenous zones like nipples, clitoris, and neck.

Use Toys

Whether you are a big spoon or a small spoon, you have your hands free during the game. Keep your sex toys within reach so that you can spice up the game for more pleasure.

Get Leverage

All you need to do is angle your body to a close, firm surface for those with the little spoon. A wall might do better in this case. As your partner pushes forward, you will be pressing your feet and arms against the surface to increase pr decrease intensity.

Try Something New

If you need to start the game by experimenting with a new strap-on or anal sex for the first time, this is the perfect position for you. It is super intimate and allows easy access for rear entry sex. It is also easy to communicate and monitor discomfort. 

Use Lube

Even though this is the best advice for every sex position, big spoons find it hard to penetrate with the spooning position. On the other hand, those with small spoons find spooning unsatisfying as it can be difficult to stay inside.  

Below are things to consider before performing the sofa spooning position since it is not as popular as other sex positions.

  • Always make sure you have a good sofa that can accommodate you and your partner. Ensure it is long enough and deep to avoid falling off.
  • In case you are a squirter, try putting some clothing underneath the sofa to leave it as clean as it was.

Couch spooning has another advantage to men because the entryway to the vagina is narrower due to the positioning of the legs. This makes it a bit tighter hence increased pleasure.

Best Positions for Sofa Spooning

Sofa-Style Oral Sex

Have you ever tried moving oral sex from the bed to the couch? Well, you are missing a lot if you haven’t. There will be no more neck or back pain. All you need to do is sit on the end of the couch with your back against the armrest and your feet on the cushion. Your partner should lie perpendicularly with their mouth ending up in your lap strategically. This position will give your partner perfect access without having to kneel.

Couch Cow-Girl

Have your partner sit upright.  Straddle them while bending your knees at their side. Alternatively, you can wrap them around their bodies. Under this position, a rough game may be a bit uncomfortable. It is a position for intimate kisses, breast touching, and caressing.

Over the Armrest

If your bed is too low for doggy style, then the armrest might be a better option for you. For those who need a bend for a libido-killing pose, then you will have the right height for you to bend and spread your body comfortably. Couch doggy will give you variation to lean over the armrest as your partner will be standing him in a better position to enter from the back. The soft cushion will give you a nice place for hand support.

Couch Cushion Standing Sex

A couch can be the best prop for a partly done movie on the floor. All you need to do is stand on the cushions while your legs are spread apart to make this position more pleasurable. At this moment, you will have your partner stand on the floor while facing your side. The couch will offer you the exact height you need for the alignment of your pelvis. Apart from that, the coach will also provide you with a slightly studier surface compared to the mattress.  You may need to adjust how wide your legs can spread depending on the height difference between you and your partner. By doing so, it will help you get into a receptive position. You can grip your partner’s shoulder or butt once you find the right alignment.

The Pretzel Dip

The pretzel dip achieves the same penetration as doggy style, although here, there is added level of intimacy since you’re facing each other. All you need to do is lie on your right side as your partner kneels over your height. Curl your left leg around his left leg while straddling. For a smaller couch, you can modify it by bending your right leg instead of having it extended fully.

The Seated Wheelbarrow

It is one of the greatest positions as it uses the couch’s height, giving you a perfect angle to target the G-spot. To make it more pleasurable, you need to scoot the coffee table to the side while your partner sits on the edge of the couch. You can position yourself and make sure your butt is in his lap as you face down with your hands planted on the floor. Bend your knees on either side of his legs as your partner holds your thigh for maximum penetration.

The Bottom Line

Sofa spooning sex position is great if you allow your man to take control. Ensure you have a comfortable couch enough to accommodate both of you. For maximum pleasure, you can use your hand, lube, or sex toys to spice up the game. Sofa spooning is the best sex position and advantageous to a man as it gives him easy access to the G-spot.

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