SolCBD Product Review

SolCBD Product Review


Among CBD companies founded by advocates for natural health, Sol CBD can not only be exempted but also placed at the top. The founders were inspired by spreading the awareness and educating people on the importance of the SOL CBD brand and CBD as a whole, especially to people who still want to learn about CBD. The company offers good customer’s service to ensure its brand is well represented in the market. However, through their various reviews on their website, we realized mixed reactions from different customers both on customer service rendered and on the company’s products sold. Despite having several negative reviews, the positive reviews have taken the best part of it. The company is based in the USA and carries out all its operations there, right from hemp farming. In addition, its largest market is within the USA. In our analysis, we will give you detailed information about the company’s operations and its products.

About The Company

SOL CBD Company was founded in 2015 by Larry and Oksana Ostrovsky, who were husband and wife. The two were all along driven by the desire to provide a natural health solution to most people, not only within USA borders but across the globe for over eight years. According to their website, this is always at the back of their minds whenever they are manufacturing their products; a natural solution to the health of the people is at the back of their minds. To ensure they take both CBD and their company to another level, they have partnered with nonprofit companies such as Marijuana Policy Project NORMAL (NORML). However, both companies aim to improve cannabis and CBD policies and regulate the effects that affect its market. Also, on their website, they have stated how they are committed to giving back to society on a large scale. Their efforts in accepting a partnership with 1% For The Planet clearly indicate their community in giving back to the community and helping sustainable projects.

The brand also offers a money-back guarantee policy as one way of assuring their clients of quality. If you are using the products for the first time and things don’t work well, you can return the extra products you had purchased. This also applies to people who have been using the brand but have certainly found it ineffective in one way or another. However, the company recommends you return products that have not been used and have their original packaging. SOL CBD offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, unlike most brands that offer 30 days. This is a clear indication ofthe confidence level the company has in their products.

Likely, the company also offers excellent customer support to both customers and non-customers. Although most people prefer email, the company allows you to speak directly to their agent under the chat box, which is non-robotic. This will help you gather the needed information adequately. In our own experience, our email was replied to within some three hours with a very knowledgeable customer attendant. The reply was detailed and polite. Consequently, the company has direct phone contact, which is active from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. PST, Monday to Friday. Apart from that, all their social media accounts are active, and one could easily get help from them.

According to their website, the company ensures all their products undergo third-party testing for the transparency and safety of their customers. Unfortunately, all their results couldn’t be traced on either their product or website. When we tried to find out more information, the customer service personnel attending to us assured us that all their products have the company’s close eye when it comes to third-party tests. We requested a proof, but we could not get on the products that lacked CBD and THC levels, respectively.

Manufacturing Process

Although the company has not offered a lot of information about its manufacturing process, we managed to get some helpful information. Bloom hemp locally sources its hemp from Colorado farms. Additionally, for the company to obtain full-spectrum CBD, it used the CO2 extraction method, which is done critically to ensure all rich nutrients are retained and used to manufacture various products. The brand ensures organic farming methods and maximizes contaminants resulting from chemical fertilizers and pesticides for this to happen.

For quality purposes, the brand uses an independent laboratory to ensure it comes up with accurate third-party tests carried on its products. Besides ensuring quality is attained, the lab also works with the company to ensure safety measures are attained by confirming the labelled levels of THC and CBD, respectively. Apart from that, the company also carries separate purity and potency tests for all their products and publish the results on their official website.

Notably, the company has often conducted education on the supercritical extraction methods as the best compared to others. The technique is considered effective as it maintains purity levels of CBD as it is eliminated from the hemp plant. However, up to this point, we could not tell whether the company applies this method despite the fact that most of their journal talks about the “supercritical”process. Focusing on quality, despite the fact that the company might be using CO2 as per our investigation, they still come up with the finest products in the market.

Range of products

SOL CBD does not offer a wide range of products compared to other established CBD brands in the market today. The company takes pride in manufacturing the following range of products;

SOL CBD Tincture Oil

SOL CBD Tincture Oil

The brand offers its tinctures in a range of two; 300 mg bottle and 3600, for starts and people who are already used to the product, respectively. The bottle, for starters, contains less strength, unlike the one for 3600 mg. For 300 mg, it has two flavours-natural and cinnamon. In addition, the cinnamon flavour oil comes in a combination of mint and cinnamon. According to the company’s website, the product is highly recommended to people having problems with having asleep. It is capable of improving your sleeping patterns. As per our research, the product also helps people suffering from anxiety and positively impacts people suffering from insomnia.

SOL CBD Capsules

SOL CBD Capsules

The brand produces its capsules not only asthe best brand within the company, but their capsules have competed favourably even with other existing products. For the company to attain the high levels, it gets unique, organic hemp from Colorado in the United States. After that, the hemp is carefully extracted without delays using the CO2 method, ensuring all essential nutrients are retained to manufacture the finest capsules. However, the pure CBD oil is vegan friendly and composes of full-spectrum cannabinoids. We also went further and confirmed that the brand delivers the same high-quality and full-spectrum effect that other Sol oil produces. According to our findings, each bottle contains 30 capsules which are cost-effective compared to other brands. For anyone who is still introducing CBD products in the body, it is advisable to use one a day as he upgrades depending on body response. As you keep taking your CBD products, it is advisable to maintain the given prescription. Stick to the time prescribed to administer your capsule each day.

SOL CBD Liposomal CBD

SOL CBD Liposomal CBD

Among various CBD brands we conducted analysis on, SOL CBD is among the first company to offer this brand in the market. The product is dissolved in water before it is administered through drinking; for those who don’t like the test of hemp, then this would be preferable. The product will easily bypass the liver and respond to our body system as quickly as possible due to its ability to easily dissolve and get absorbed by the body. However, the effectiveness of the product is widely known for dogs and cats.

SOL CBDFor Skincare

SOL CBD contains healthy herbal substances like natural turmeric essential oil, which easily softens and nourishes skin pores and reduces irritation. Using the product could enhance your skin to glow from time to time magically. In addition, the product comes in two; Extra Care and Nourish. The two products have been proved to come in small batches of very high quality and could be purchased individually. To maintain quality consistency, the brand uses good quality natural ingredients and places a unique emphasis during manufacturing. Finally, the product uses 23 distinct effective ingredients which have been certified by USDA.

SOL CBDInfused Herbal Balm

SOL CBDInfused Herbal Balm

SOL CBD offers a suitable alternative to make our skin feel better and relaxed at all times. CBD Herbal Balm contains 13 active and effective ingredients that easily penetrate human joints and muscles to achieve the desired effect. For proper usage, the company advises its customers to wash their hands thoroughly and dry them before applying the product. It could be applied as often as recommended, and it’s only for external use; avoid the balm coming in contact with broken skin parts or eye contact. The brand uses natural extracts to enhance its effectiveness and help remove scars, acne, and antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects.

Why Do We Like the Company?

The fascinating thing about the company is its ability in coming up with a quality product for its consumers. After deep research, the company was established to ensure the products they produce are effective and have no harm to the human body. However, they ensure they get high-quality hemp which will effectively work to their advantage. Also, the company’s products have no harsh chemicals and solvents that could harm human or pet tissues. To attain quality, the company uses the CO2 extraction method.

What We Don’t Like About the Company

The company seems to have taken pretty much attention in ensuring they have attained the required standards of their products. However, they would use two of the following to their advantage. SOL CBD has no edibles and doesn’t have a variety of flavours. The company should produce edibles for customers who would wish to use a variety of edibles such as gummies. Apart from that, the company should also develop various flavours for people who are selective in the flavours they would likely prefer to use. As a result, the brand will gain much market attention.


Very few companies would prefer giving back to society. SOL CBD has proved o be committed to ensuring the world finds a permanent solution in natural body treatment solutions. It has taken the responsibility of educating people and creating awareness about the advantage of using natural products in our daily lives. However, the company needs to prove a broader range of products that will avail options to its customers and those willing to join CBD in ensuring their body consumes non-chemical products.

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