Nothing is as well matched as spankers and ticklers in bondage. A spanking and tickling session makes bondage play mysteriously sweet. Buy and use bdsm paddles, spankers, feather ticklers, bondage whips and canes from Peaches & Screams for elevated sensation play. Select from the wide variety of spankers and ticklers and set in motion hours of pain and ticklish pleasure. Bondage spankers set the mood for intense stimulation and awaken sleepy sensory nerves. Peaches & Screams have spankers to warm your bottom. They can be used in combination with anal beads, kegel balls or butt plugs to great effect. When used together they throw sensory nerves into a whirlwind of intermingling waves of teasing, pain and pleasure. They can also be used in combination with nipple and clitoral clamps for heightened arousal. Ticklers will give you goose bumps and when the sting of a spanker is added the ground is set for an intense orgasm. Choose from the spanking paddles made from wood, glass, satin and leather and the many feather ticklers and add to your drawer of bondage essentials. Introduce spanking and tickling into your sexual life and improve the quality of your foreplay and extended play. With increased use players enjoy more confidence in exploring. They add a new dimension to stimulation and sexual gratification. Bondage helps build and cement trust between couples and also creates a stronger bond between them. Always respect each other’s hard limits and keep your bondage play safe. Spanking should have a tolerable sting and should not be brutal. Play should be discontinued if the submissive experiences any discomfort or anxiety. Make your bondage play more pleasurable discuss your explicit needs in the use of spanking in bondage. For a healthy sex life keep your sex toys clean and store them in a clean secure place.

Delight your twitchy palm with the numerous spanking paddles available at Peaches & Screams. Lighten the sting with the saucy feather ticklers and settle in for a lengthy session of unlocking hidden sensory nerves. Let your submissive experience the arousal born out of the impact of a well-timed spanking. Invite romance and heavy seduction back into your bedroom with saucy spanking and tickling. Spice things up buy and use these bondage toys from Peaches & Screams. Enjoy the rewards of coordinated sexual exploration. Employ them to suss out fever pitch anal and vaginal stimulation. Tease, tickle and build up to explosive unadulterated intense pleasure. Speak the language of bondage with authoritative pain and pleasure delivery. Walk your submissive through an uncharted territory of curious sexual exploration and gratification. Infuse in your bondage repertoire textured and perfectly layered vibrations of pain and pleasure. Stimulate and awaken pliant sensory nerves and let throbbing sensations course through your lover’s body. Buy tickling and spanking sex toys and treat your lover to blissful carnality. Install yourself right at the top of bondage authority. Exert your bondage proficiency with your expertise. Confirm your status as a master and connoisseur of classy bondage. Buy and use these toys and gently guide your submissive through the hard limits zone. Use them in combination with other bondage toys to reap maximum benefits. Make tickling and spanking a regular and vital part of your bondage play and earn the respect you deserve. Compare the different spankers and ticklers on offer and sample the difference in material used. Retain high erotic expectations and excitement in your relationship, buy and use these toys.

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Nutrition plays an important role in human life. Eating habits are one of the factors that affect our health. There is often a misconception among people that nutritionists force a very restrictive diet, but that is not true. In fact, I don't ban any products, but I point out dietary mistakes and help change them by giving tips and new recipes that I've tried myself. I advise my patients not to resist change and to be purposeful. Only with willpower and determination can a good result be achieved in any area of life, including changing eating habits. When I don't work, I love to go climbing. On a Friday evening, you are most likely to find me on my couch, cuddling with my dog and watching some Netflix.

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