Steve’s Goods CBD trademark is one of the good ambassadors of CBD who commit themselves to offer quality products that will adhere to customers’ needs. The trademark was named after the co-founder Steve Good, who had a passion for providing high-quality natural solutions to people facing various health and wellness issues in the US. The trademark has been operating uniquely compared to other brands to maintain a reputation in the CBD market by prioritizing quality. Notably, some of the company’s products have made them win various awards, which is a clear indication that it’s devoted to offering quality and renowned for its excellence within the CBD industry. Although the CBD market is currently flooded, very few companies have been awarded for their excellent products, which is a plus to Steve’s goods CBD company. To keep finding out how Steve Goods has been working towards its success and its general brand information, keep reading our insight, unveiling essential details.

About the company

Steve’s Goods CBD, founded by Steve Goods, has its main headquarters located in Colorado, where they rely on its hemp. The brand was established in 2016 due to the struggle to get quality CBD products. Steve Goods saw the opportunity to thrive if he offered quality CBD products rare on the east coast. With that at the back of his mind, he placed adequate measures to ensure that its company provides high-quality products which will meet premium levels. Consequently, the trademark values fair pricing despite its quality products and offers educative programs, blogs, a news post on its website to help people understand more about CBD. It has come clearly and explained what CBD is, its origin, how products are manufactured, and its importance in the health and wellness of our bodies. Although the company has a responsible and committed team in offering quality products, it has failed to provide their information, and we could only find Steve’s Goods bio.

Consequently, the brand has maintained a good reputation due to its commitment to offering quality products in the market. Apart from winning an award from Roosters THC Classic 2022, which made its trademark known as the best CBD and cannabis CBD manufactures in Colorado, they are also members of BBB. The brand manufacturing facility has been approved by BBB and adheres to manufacturing protocols stipulated by the body. However, they have also joined hands with Hemp Industry Association to ensure they provide the best products as a trademark and as a team. Notably, the brand currently doesn’t have an FDA certification; FDA is one of the best quality checkers.

To keep its customers informed, the brand provides adequate information about its operations and CBD on its website. It has a comprehensive FAQ page that addresses various common questions its customers keep addressing. This page responds to questions such as how the company manufactures products, grows its hemp, and uses certain products, among other significant concerns. If your needs are not addressed in their blogs or under the FAQ page, we recommend you reach out to their support team. Besides the brand offering a direct chat box on their website, they have also provided two phone numbers and email addresses; (720) 727-9195, (720) 239-1490 and [email protected], respectively. Lastly, you could also reach out to their main offices at Longmont, Colorado 80502.

To keep their reputation on track and how their products and support team are performing on the market, the brand has several social media platforms. They have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube pages that allow customers to share their experience with the company and its products. Besides, they also have a review page where customers leave their comments after purchasing and using each product.

Furthermore, we were impressed by how the trademark addresses its products in its online shop. They have provided every important detail on their website that they think can be helpful to their customers. Upon selecting each product, you will note the product’s price, its purpose, ingredients and the recommended dosage of the product. Besides, Steve’s Goods has time to time offers such as festive discounts and free shipping on products purchased over $75.95.

Manufacturing process

Steve’s Goods understands that to render high-quality products to its market, everything is determined by the quality of its raw materials. Since the brand owns a farm in Fort Collins, Colorado, it has been monitoring its farming activities closely to ensure hemp quality is maintained. The company uses regenerative organic farming and avoids using chemical fertilizers and pesticides to prevent contaminating their hemp with chemicals. After ensuring its hemp has fully developed, it prefers using hand-picking as a harvesting method to maintain the excellent state of the hemp plant. Consequently, since its manufacturing facility is also located within Colorado, they ensure the hemp gets to the factory within 24 hours and is processed on the same day; these are some of the measures they have been using to obtain quality.

The trademark uses the CO2 extraction method to obtain valuable cannabinoids from the hemp plant. However, we also noted that despite the brand primarily preferring CO2 extraction, they also use ethanol in some of their products. Consequently, their products are availed in various ranges; CBD isolate, full-spectrum CBD, delta 8, and other forms. The brand uniquely intergrades each process, from farming, harvesting, extraction, and manufacturing process to come up with quality; this helps in quality and safety control.

Before releasing its products to the market, all its products are tested for their potency levels and contaminants for safety and quality reinforcement. They have assigned an independent centralized third-party lab to ensure all products contain less than 0.3% THC levels and the correct amount of CBD (labelled). Additionally, the lab must ensure the products have not been contaminated during the manufacturing process. Lastly, to maintain quality, they have reduced the use of chemicals during manufacturing.

Range of products

The brand manufactures a considerable line of products that helps it win over the market. Each of these products is being manufactured with a lot of care to meet the unique demands of its customers.

Steve’s Goods Tinctures

As mentioned earlier, the brand relies on the ethanol extraction method to manufacture some of its products and tinctures are one of them. To enhance their effectiveness, the brand incorporates some of the most effective ingredients such as MCT oil, raw honey, natural terpenes, among others. Consequently, they are available in flavoured silver mint and unflavored form; other options include watermelon, blue raspberry, and maui pineapple. Lastly, they are availed in a bottle of 30ml or 15ml, coming in either 2000 mg, 1000 mg, or 500 mg at a price range of $19.99 -$124.99.

Steve’s Goods Capsules

Although the brand doesn’t specify on which extraction method they use while crafting their capsules, they have 30 soft gels in each bottle, and each capsule contains 25 mg of CBD. Consequently, they are not vegan friendly since they are made with gelatin. Lastly, the company designs them in full-spectrum form and sell them at $39.99, which is a bit considerable but not fair compared to the competitor’s prices.

Steve’s Goods Edibles

Edibles have been the preferable way of administering and including daily dosage of CBD in the body system. The brand manufactures lollipops, honey sticks, coffee, gummies, and honey jars, among the edibles. Consequently, the gummies are available 30 mg or 10 mg in full-spectrum and vegan-friendly, unlike the capsules. Lastly, each gummy has 5mg of CBD and the rates of the edibles go from $4.99 for the lollipops to $59.99 slices which contain 600 mg.

Steve’s Goods Topicals

The topicals have been uniquely designed for skin use only, unlike other products. They rely on the CO2 extraction method to obtain beneficial ingredients, which they use to manufacture their topicals in full-spectrum. Some of the products include relief balm and bath bombs. It also offers extensive skincare product such as lotion, eye cream, face cleanser, scrub and mask. They are sold from $22.99 to $34.99.

Steve’s Goods pet products

Since pet products are taking the better part of the CBD market, the trademark also decided to sell its brand name. They are cautious when designing their pet products and ensure they meet human standards to meet effectiveness. However, they use ethanol to extract usefull ingredients from the hemp plant and other herbs, which they use to design pet products in full-spectrum form. They are designed in various flavours, such as bacon and cheddar, which are sold at $19.99 to $34.99.

What we like about the company

The brand has proven to be outstanding in two major things. One, out of all the profits it gets from its products, it gives back 5% of it to its workers. This is one way of motivating the workers and giving them reasons to continue working hard and ensuring quality is maintained. As they continue maintaining quality, the sales go up, which means they will continue enjoying more from the 5% offer. Consequently, its manufacturing facility and processes adhere to protocols set by BBB and have scored highly from the last assessment conducted in March 2022 (A+). Lastly, they practice organic farming practices within the USA, Colorado.

What we don’t like about the company

Although the brand has proper guidelines in position to ensure they uphold their reputation by manufacturing quality products, they still have a few areas of weaknesses. One, they have a chaotic website that seems hard to navigate within and locate the information you want. Additionally, they have not provided information about other team members, rather, they have only addressed the founders information. As we went through some of their products, we realized that some lucked lab report testing and nearly all its products lacked information on contaminant testing.


Although the company is performing fairly within the CBD market, it still has multiple areas to put in more effort to become better CBD sellers. Due to the high competition, we would recommend that they start by finding their areas of weakness and addressing them. They should continue upholding transparency levels by providing lab reports on all their products and providing the contaminant testing results. However, we recommend its products since they have been crafted with a lot of care to adhere to safety and quality measures. Since the CBD market has become competitive, it requires a lot of unique techniques that are rare to become outstanding and outshine potential competitors.

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