– Are food intolerances more common than we think? Why or why not?

Statistics show that food intolerances are more common than thought probably due to increased dietary changes, pollution, and lack of exposure to microbes.

 – What do you wish all men knew about having a food intolerance?

They should understand that there is no treatment to food intolerance. However, I recommend avoiding foods that could cause digestion problems or eat them in reduced amounts. I also advise my clients to instead use supplements for easier digestion.

– What are some subtle signs that you may have a food intolerance that are easy to overlook?

Weight gain

People with food intolerance can continuously gain weight even with diet control and exercise. It is because after eating, the body triggers insulin resistance, which causes obesity.

Skin issues

If you experience skin breakouts including acne or dullness, especially after eating dairy products, food intolerance could be the main culprit. Find out what you ate and keep a record to confirm the speculation.

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