About the Company

Mike Sill and Beau Schmitt founded Sunday Scaries after a long time of research and decision-making. Mike and Beau were typical bar possessors who stressed reopening another establishment. They battled with verifying contractors, highlighting a strong business plan, and getting the required capital to operate another business. Several sleepless nights and long days were used on the project leading them to encountermedium to extreme fear attacks. To manage their chaos, they began to investigate CBD products, their benefits, risk factors, and how they are manufactured. A reliable friend called Garett became the first person to welcome them to CBD. The personassisted the duo to feel calmer andrelaxed with no risksand laterintroducedthemto the aids of CBD. 

Quality and Transparency

Sunday Scaries company is clear on how it manufacturesCBD products. It reveals thatthe hemp is sourcedfrom fields in Greeley, Colorado. They still claim that the founders of this brand have traveled to Colorado to encounter the farmers individually. Sunday Scaries requests the fields to confirm that the hemp does not contain pesticides or metals forsafety and quality. The hemp is manufactured in a laboratory approved by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Farm Products Dealer Program. The structure is good manufacturing practice (GMP)-verified, Kosher certified, and lies withinISO 9001 standards.

Additionally, they provide a certificate of analysis (COA) for every product, which stipulates its cannabinoid potency and profile. You can quickly meet a COA by calling on the product’s page. However, multiple COAs nowadays lack residuary solvent analysis, terpene profile, microbiological contaminants, heavy metals, and chemical residues screening. As such, the company examines its raw CBD for impurities and then its end products for potency and cannabinoids only. The COAs on the customers’ locationis the end products, while the raw CBD is accessible from the company through email request.

Company’s Reputation

Although Sunday Scaries is a relatively recent company, it isa reputable CBD brand, with positive reviews on personal products as displayed on the website. Several users have given their items five-star ratings. Sunday Scaries has not yet received lawsuits or warning letters from the FDA, whichcommunicates to its respectable reputation.

Customer Service

Sunday Scariesalso provides ideal customer service based on an agreement with client reviews. Most users suggest that the company offers easy and effectivetransportation. Sunday Scaries is not attributed to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Their BBB page highlights one issue that has not been functioningduring the last year, and further, no client reviews are available. It becomes the second greatest evaluation on the BBB’s grading scale. The company has not also demanded its Trustpilot page, meaning no reviewsareprovided on this platform. It also offers a 100% money-back assurance if you are not contented with its products.

Manufacturing Process

Sunday Scaries utilizes exclusively organically cultivated (in harmony with the company) Colorado hemp,not certified by USDA. Every bit of hemp is cultivated on family-possessed fields, making the company not the owner of the fields. After buying, they apply the CO2 extractionmethodto remove cannabinoids contained in the hemp plant’s fibers. This extraction is calledthe gold level of processes and is environmentally friendlywith fewer solvents. They make only a wide range of oils, attaining 100%THC-free. Vitamin D3 and B12 are instilled into every product, and coconut oil is further utilizedas a conveyor among their commodities. Every ingredient contained in this productis organic; hence nomanufactured additives are used. The Yolo energy beverages provided by this product contain Vitamin 12, caffeine, CBD, and vitamin D3. For you to view lab results, open the link to download or view the certificate of analysis (COA).

We checked the laboratoryoutcomes thoroughly for Sunday Scaries CBD oil containing vitamins and realized it comprises 516mg of CBD. The content is notexactly the500mg put on the label but lies within the acceptable 10% variance limit,notbringing anxiety. We alsoexplored laboratory results belonging to vegan CBD Gummies containing vitamins and realized theycontained 97.94mg of CBD for ten gummies. Nevertheless, they don’t provide a ten gummy batch but only twenty gummy packages.

The CBD quotienton the category is not listed, but it should be twenty gummies at a quotient of 10mg of CBD per gummy from their website. This indication shows that it should have 200mg of CBD. For ten gummies, 100mg CBD is an allowed variance. When these laboratory results were compared, we could not identify the exact group number. The heavy metal check-up lies within the accepted range.  Therefore, this product does not contain the wide spectrum of contaminantsthat many CBD brandsprovide.

Product Range

CBD Oil Tincture

CBD Oil Tincture

Sunday Scaries CBD Oil with vitaminsconsists of 500mg of CBD, with 10mg per serving. Additionally, the oil tincture has Vitamin D3 and B12, and the broad-spectrum oil is 100% THC-free. The tinctureis combined with coconut oil and consists of stevia as a sweetener. The product is also gluten-free andcosts $64 per bottle, which equals $0.12 per milligram.

Sunday Scaries Energy Shots

Sunday Scaries Energy Shots

Marketed in 12 packs, the CBD Energy Shots have 50mg of CBD per shot with caffeine. The energy shots are formulatedto increase energy without feeling jitteriness because of the relaxing qualities of the CBD. Every shot contains Ginseng, vitaminsB6 andB12, Taurine, 5-HTP, and organic green coffee beans.They do not have THC. The shots are available in three flavors: tropical pineapple, coconut lime, and fruit punch. They cost $64 for 12 drinks whichequates to $0.32 per mg.

Sunday Scaries Gummies

Sunday Scaries Gummies

You may choose between vegan or standard gummies. Every bottle has 20 tasty candy treats andis packed with 10mg of CBD per gummy. Every bite-size hasa fruity taste. Their vegan AF CBD gummies are castellated with a broad range of vitamin D3, CBD, and vitamin B12 and do not containanyanimal product or gelatin. The gummies are sweetened, similar toa sour gumdrop that is both mouths puckeringly sour and sweet. Their excellent gummies look like small bears. Thoughthey do not attain the vegan criteria, the bears are asugary taste when eaten. Pure cane sugar sweetens both vegan and standard gummies, so if you have diabetes; hence diabetic individuals should know this fact. The gummies cost between $31and $34per bottle, about$0.16- $0.17 per milligram.

Sunday Scaries Sleep Line (Big Spoon-Vanilla Cream CBD Oil for Sleep)

Sunday Scaries Sleep Line (Big Spoon-Vanilla Cream CBD Oil for Sleep)

The Sleep Liner is a flavored oilinstilled with lemon balm, 5-HTP, valerian root, and a mixtureof Sunday ScariesCBN oil and top-tier CBD that will make you sleep. Big spoon is referred to as a wide rangeof products that offer fundamentally zero THC. It also has optimal vitamin B12 and D3 to anchor normal immune system operation and boostsleepquality. Big spoon CBD oil is excellent for people who opt for aconvenient-to-use dropper. This product has advertised itself by using the aids of potent CBN and CBD oils while still taking advantage of L-Theanine and GABA to assist you in falling asleep easily. The subtle clue of vanilla cream provides a sweet explosion of flavor and taste within each drop.  Sunday Scaries explains that the best serving size might range basedon everyone’s needs. Begin with the prescribed dose of 0.5ml (half a dropper) before sleeping for outstanding outcomes. We also recommendchoosing the subscription and safeguard payment option to get 20%cash savings.

What We Like About the Company

  • Sunday Scaries collaborated with its nearest brand, Vegan AF, to synthesize its CBD gummies vegan counterpart. This vegan blend of broad-spectrum CBD, high-quality vitamins B12 and D3 does not have any animal products and is gelatin-free.
  • The brand’s assorted flavors make it desirable for first-time CBD users. The added flavors lower the earthy, natural, and grassy taste of hemp.
  • Clients may benefit from the 20% discount on the monthly subscription of the SundayScaries products.
  • Sunday Scaries CBD gummies are instilled with vitamin C to boost the immune system.
  • There is a vast number of 5-star ratings from genuine clients.
  • The products have undergone third-party lab testing and screening protocols.
  • Sourced from established and identifiable KND labs.
  • The brandis associated with the Hemp Industries Association.
  • The company offers free shipping for all subscription purchases.
  • Resources on CBD aids are provided to customers on their website.

What We Dislike About the Company

  • The brand declares that it uses a clean strategy for extracting its CBD oil. However, it did not specify which extraction technique was used.
  • Sunday Scaries is restricted to broad-spectrum CBD products that may limit the options of clients who want to encounter a full-spectrum CBD product.
  • The company does notoffer shipping outsidethe US.
  • The regular Sunday Scaries CBD gummies have pure cane sugar that might not suitdiabetic people.
  • It is hard to identify the total CBD amount within every product.
  • Has a small selection of products and no variation in potency?
  • It has higher prices than other CBD brands.
  • Not all testing information is available on the brand website.

Overall Verdict

Sunday Scaries CBD brand has maintained its simple and eloquent mission. This quality CBD company offers the best products and has extracted much honor for its clean and transparentfoundation. The brand genuinely understands that most millennials, Gen-Z’s, and average-aged adults encountermanymental health challengesfrom societal pressure. Therefore, it has pointed out this problem and established a remedy by using the power of CBD and important vitamins to combat this global issue.

Customers alsohighly honor Sunday Scariesdue toits efficientCBD commodities and their effects on mental health consciousness.It goesahead bypartneringwith non-profit organizations to handle these mental health complications globally. If you needa pure CBD company with an ambition you can resonate with and give products that offer the best results, then Sunday Scariesshould be your first stop.Their CBD oils are different from others on the market because of their high quality.

Sunday Scariesalso hasone of the best clear and associable marketing strategies, making it easier to buy from. However, before settling for any product price, it is always advisable to research whether Sunday Scaries is the perfect CBD company for your choice. The company providescomplete transparency and disclosure by making itsself-standing laboratoryexamination panels available for each CBD product. If you have any general or health challenges, always seek your professional doctor’s advice before using any supplement.

Monika Wassermann is a doctor and a freelance writer based in the UK who lives with her cat Buddy. She writes across several verticals, including life, health, sex and love, relationships and fitness. Her three great loves are Victorian novels, Lebanese cuisine, and vintage markets. When she’s not writing, you can find her trying to meditate more, weightlifting, or wandering around in town.

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