How to Avoid Sunstroke and Heatstroke During Summer Months

I highly recommend you implement these simple, effective tips to prevent cases of sunstroke or heatstroke this summer;

  • Always wear light, loose clothes to allow the body to cool naturally. Avoid wearing tight-fitting or too many clothes, especially during hotter days.
  • Be hydrated to keep the body temperatures low and make it easy to secrete sweat.
  • Get acclimated by restricting the amount of time you get exposed to the sun when doing your tasks.
  • When doing strenuous activities in the sun, drink more water and get to a cool shade frequently.
  • Protect your skin against sunburn.
  • Exercise early om the morning or evening.
  • Take frequent cool showers.
  • Monitor your intake of certain medications that are likely to induce heat conditions.
  • Put on the air conditioner or open up your home to allow free air circulation.

How to Avoid Sunburn

I recommend you wear protective clothing, like long sleeves, sunscreen with an S.P.F. of 15, and replace it after 3-4 hours in the sun. Try to limit your exposure to the sun from 11. Am to 3. P.m and put on sunglasses that can prevent harmful U.V. light.

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