CBD or cannabidiol is a naturally occurring cannabis plant compound. Unlike THC, another compound in cannabis, it lacks psychoactive properties. That means there’s no ‘high’ feeling after its consumption. It’s obtained from stalk, flowers, and seeds of cannabis hemp. CBD takes a larger percentage of the plant’s constituents out of more than 100 compounds.

Clinical trials and research show the potential benefits of CBD on people’s health. For instance, it’s been said to treat diabetes, chronic pain, and arthritis. Other conditions include anxiety, depression, and generally mental disorders. Let’s discuss the need for CBD for bodybuilders and people with the love of exercising.

Benefits of CBD on bodybuilders

Increases muscle recovery

Among the most critical hindrances to muscle recovery is inflammation. It can possibly damage your gains. But CBD has proved to maintain after-workout inflammation, hence faster muscle recovery from the previous workout. Another research in 2017 suggested that too many anti-inflammatory drugs can cause muscle growth reduction. However, CBD possibly reduces inflammation without interfering with the body’s gains.

Relief from stress and anxiety

Several studies show how CBD can reduce stress and anxiety symptoms. For example, in 2014, a study suggested that CBD oil had antidepressant and antianxiety impacts. You’re probably wondering how this is helpful to bodybuilders. Yes, anxiety and stress are harmful since they can increase blood pressure, heart, and cortisol hormone. When the body is anxious, it’s mostly conflicting with itself. As a result, be sure of delayed recovery after your usual workouts. High cortisol levels could also lead to muscle breakdown, which is a liability to your bodybuilding goal.

Boosts metabolism and fat burning

CBD compound in the body increases the cellular mitochondria number, thus enhancing their activities. Consequently, one’s body burns more calories at a particular time. If your body intakes CBD, the above-said effects lead to a low appetite. That implies consuming fewer calories. Therefore, having a higher metabolism rate more loss in calories.

Increased energy levels

Do you ever feel lazy when working out? Well, opt for CBD to help regulate your sugar levels. As a result, your insulin production is maintained too. With a reduced insulin amount, glucose converts into energy and not fat, thus making one active and energized.

Reduced DOMS

DOMS is a short form for delayed onset muscle soreness. Maybe you’ve ever worked out and stayed for a few days before feeling sore, which means you experienced DOMS. It comes between 12 and 24 hours. For some, it could group to 48 hours. It’s a hindrance because someone feels too painful to go back to the gym. Fortunately, using CBD can potentially soreness after tough workout sessions. This can be confirmed from a 2008 review that revealed CBD’s impacts on easing chronic pain. Even most bodybuilders have reported how CBD helps alleviate their DOMS quicker, hence going back for the next workout with ease.

Reduces appetite

CBD compound contains characteristics for decreasing appetite. One, therefore, eats less food and feels satisfied. Remember, CBD also increases the body’s metabolic rate, meaning you’ll burn more fat than what was consumed. That’s why CBD compound is a great supplement for individuals wishing to compete in bodybuilding contests.

Lowers blood pressure

Research data shows that acute CBD administration can potentially decrease blood pressure. Not only is this wonderful to bodybuilders but also to individuals interesting in lowering their blood pressure naturally. Some hormones and supplements can negatively affect a consumer’s blood pressure, however, supplementing with CBD may counter these risks.

Better sleep

We mentioned earlier that CBD helps reduce anxiety, which can make sleeping a problem. Therefore, CBD intake helps improve sleep quality and sort insomnia, as reported by recent studies. Even in people suffering chronic pain, CBD has been shown to reduce insomnia. Concerning bodybuilding, sleep is essential for muscle building. Most people say that the body is made in the gym or kitchen, but no, because such is extra. The body is actually built when sleeping. During sleep, it gets enough time to recover and repair itself. You’re likely to lose gains because of losing sleep.

Reduces arthritis

The immune system greatly responds to CBD, thus necessary autoimmune diseases, including arthritis. According to a research published in a Rheumatology journal, arthritis patients have higher CB2 receptors in their joints. For this reason, CBD is useful as it fights inflammation by regulating these receptors’ pathways. Clearly, doing cardio and heavy lifting requires strong joints. You only require a supplement or product infused with CBD like cannabinoid oil that can potentially reduce inflammation and pain in the joints for more lifting convenience.

CBD use in bodybuilding

How can you use CBD in bodybuilding?

Findings in a 2018 study said that humans can tolerate higher CBD amounts of up to 1500mg in a day. But, there’s no need to consume bigger amounts. CBD is also expensive. A novice in the cannabidiol world can intake between one and six milligrams daily per ten pounds of body weight. An expert will mostly advise you to start with 10mg and check progress. More about the timing, several bodybuilders intake a CBD supplement immediately after a session. You can use CBD oil or edibles. Again, you can choose to vape because of its faster impact. For sored areas, simply apply a CBD cream to the affected part and monitor the outcome.

The bottom line

Using the CBD compound is an amazing way of enhancing humans due to its numerous practical applications. Although research is ongoing and more still needs to be done, we’ve got approved information promising to the people in need of this natural remedy to improve lives. Unfortunately, the Food and Drugs Administration body doesn’t recognize CBD. It could be the main reason why researchers are reluctant to do that work. The good news is that the compound is largely accepted. For this reason, please don’t stress so much about locating it. Numerous brands and companies offer this supplement. Maybe, what’s more, is getting more advice from a professional or coach who’s in contact with a medical practitioner to give a line of how best to use the substance.

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