As a therapist, I’ve encountered several complaints from my clients concerning tech issues in their relationships. Here are some common technology trends affecting couples

Smart Camera Abuse

Couples reported an increase in exploitation by their partners using internet-connected and regulated surveillance cameras. The cameras are usually connected to their devices. They can easily monitor what happens in their home when at work. Rather than playing its main role of enhancing security, more men use the cameras to stalk their partners or use them against them by inflicting harsh rules to be followed as they monitor.

Wi-Fi Controlled Doors

This tech trend is installed in homes to tighten security. However, some people use it to regulate or limit their partner’s movements at home. For instance, one of my lady clients reported how her husband altered the Wi-Fi password without her knowledge to limit her outdoor movements.

Ring Door Bell

Most homes have ring doorbells for security and to notify each other when one’s home. Misuse of ring doorbells is among the common tech issues in couples. Partners use these smart home appliances to question each other’s whereabouts, monitor when they arrive or any visitor who enters their houses. This habit kills privacy and trust in lovers as they feel control over when to arrive back home or when someone needs to see them.

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