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The following are yoga’s anti-aging effects;

Improves osteoporosis condition in aging adults

Older adults are susceptible to fractures due to reduced bone density. However, yoga gives better balance and muscle building. Poses like the lunge, warriors I, II, and side angle are great for leg strength and hip building. This reduces falls that could cause fractures. You may also avoid poses that cause spine rotation or twisting.

Reduces arthritis cases

Arthritis is a common condition as people age, but yoga can increase your range of motion and improve joint flexibility. Practicing regularly also decreases pain and inflammation. But I recommend you avoid putting weight or pressure on wrists, hands, and knees- a common arthritis location.

Reduces back pain

Suppose you have suffered back pain before, I advise you to consider core strengthening. Yoga helps build muscle in the back, abdomen, trunk, and legs, supporting the spine and reducing pain.

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