Knowing the best low-carb meal delivery services helps you shop conveniently and have everything delivered at your doorstep while sticking to your low-carb diet. Green Chef, Trifecta, Factor, Sun Basket, and The Good Kitchen are some of the best low-carb meal delivery services you can explore.

Using meal delivery services allows you to shop conveniently for your culinary purposes and have the recipes or foods delivered to your doorstep. Unfortunately, there are not as many companies that deal in low-carb recipes, but at the very least, you won’t fail to find at least one. The best low-carb meal delivery services keep carb content in recipes and meals low, deliver at affordable cost, use fresh supplies as their ingredients, and give you a wide variety to choose from while allowing you to cook or eat conveniently and healthily from home. Here are the best low-carb meal delivery services you would like to explore.

i.    Trifecta Organic Meal Delivery

Trifecta Organic Meal Delivery’s keto plan provides a convenient way for you to eat healthy low-carb foods. Most of the foods in this plan feature humanely prepared proteins and are so well combined that you can easily play around with them to find your best fit. What’s more, you can customize orders to meet your breakfast, lunch, and dinner needs. There are about 60 recipes in the plan and 5 diets, meaning that you can always find something new in the week. The lowest serving costs $12.99.

ii.                  Factor

Enjoy a low-carb diet using Factor meal delivery services. This company delivers expert-prepared low-carb meals and recipes right to your doorstep, and all you have to do is oven cook the ready-to-eat foods. It offers 4 diets and 11 recipes, allowing you to experiment with something new every time you order low-carb meals. What’s more, all the culinary supplies are fresh, which is why Factor gives you nothing but the best. Besides, Factor is one of the few low-carb meal delivery plans that helps you save money while still taking care of your health. It offers a $120 off as you buy your first five boxes, and its cheapest servings cost $11.

iii.               Home Chef Carb Conscious Plan

You can also sign up with Home Chef’s Carb Conscious plan to enjoy low-carb meals delivered right to your doorstep. The brand has a limited number of diets (5) and recipes (20), but you are sure to get the best recipes and foods from them, all of which feature fresh supplies. What’s more, it is among the cheapest meal delivery plans, with some of its low-carb recipes costing $7.99. Besides, as they deliver your orders, they also avail the recipe online and give you a recipe card.

iv.               Green Chef

Enjoy delicious low-carb recipes while saving the environment by ordering your meals with Green Chef’s Keto + Paleo meal plans. The brand offers convenient low-carb meal delivery services and packs its meals and recipes in recyclable packages, showing its great concern for the environment. Although there are only three diets to choose from, Green Chef provides you with 31 recipes, showing that you always have a wide range of options from which to choose. What’s more, the company is certified organic, meaning that they observe eco-friendly practices and standards while preparing meals and recipes, which is quite healthy. Its prices are also well within the market range since the cheapest low-carb option costs $10.99.

v.                  Sun Basket

Sun Basket is your ideal low-carb meal delivery service if you want to benefit from fresh supplies. The brand uses at least 99% fresh supplies in preparing its meals and recipes; hence it provides some of the most delicious meals. It has several low-carb meal plans, including the Carb Conscious, Paleo, Keto, and Diabetes-Friendly Meal options. What’s more, all the plans observe good organic practices, giving you more reasons to sign up for it. Sun Basket has some of the highest diets and recipes, both of which are at 43, allowing you to choose something new every time you order meals with the company. Lastly, all these do not compromise pricing, which is fairly set at $8.99 for the cheapest low-carb option.

vi.               Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem’s low-carb meal delivery system is ideal for anyone trying to lose weight fast by following a low-carb diet. It is quite flexible, meaning that you won’t have to struggle with the meal delivery. It offers more than 150 pre-packaged meal options from which you can choose. What’s more, its prices are also fair since its lowest meal option costs $8.93.

vii.             The Good Kitchen

The Good Kitchen’s Keto and Low-Carb menus allow you to enjoy healthy meals while sticking on your low-carb watch. It offers multiple meals for lunch, breakfast, and dinner, and all are prepared with cuisine experts. With every serving having less than 15 g of carbs, The Good Kitchen services offer you convenient means to lose weight and keep it just where you want it. Pricings are fair and fixed at $11 for the cheapest meal plans. You can order weekly, biweekly, monthly, or as frequently as you want. Additionally, you will have all your orders shipped freely to your doorstep as long as they are within the United States.

viii.           Hello Fresh

Prepare your delicious five-star meals using Hello Fresh’s organic ingredients. The brand uses fresh supplies to prepare all its recipes, which you can enjoy regardless of your preferred plan. It offers plant-based and low-carb paleo options, which you can readily explore if you are trying to limit your carb intake. What’s more, Hello Fresh offers the best but not at the expense of pricings, which are fairly placed at $7.49 per meal.

ix.                Blue Apron

Enjoy Blue Apron’s unique two-menu extensive low-carb meal options and stick to your low-carb eating plan without a struggle. There are 5 diets and 25 recipes that are rotated weekly, giving you a wide range of options from which to choose. What’s more, Blue Apron is affordable, offering its cheapest low-carb meal at $7.49. As long as you know how to play around with recipes and form great combos, Blue Apron should be a good pick for you, whether you need low-carb meals for breakfast, dinner, or lunch.


Low-carb meal delivery services help you prepare healthy meals an recipes at home conveniently to meet your body’s special requirements. Blue Apron, Green Chef, Home Chef, The Good Kitchen, Nutrisystem, Factor, and Trifecta are some of the best low-carb meal delivery services you would like to explore in 2022 and beyond. They offer affordable meals and recipes, most of which are prepared from fresh supplies.

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