The Couple Who Met On Instagram

The Couple Who Met On Instagram

We’ve all heard about the couple who met on, or another online dating system. We’ve heard about the couple who met after their friends set them up on Facebook. But, have you heard about the couple who met on Instagram?!

Instagram is a social photo-sharing application for smartphones. It started off slowly, but boomed almost overnight into a massive multi-user platform for sharing photographs and interacting with other social users. It currently has over 100 million registered users.

Back when Instagram started in 2010, it was completely new technology. Users with great content were frequently featured on the popular page – like the profiles of @santiagopgm and @thisgirl_, Santiago Perez Grovas from Mexico City and Taylor Dee from Colorado. It just happened that Taylor Dee stumped across Santiago’s profile while browsing the app… and the rest is going down in love history.

Taylor loved Santiago’s photos. Many of them feature scantily-clad women, but that didn’t put her off. She loved his style, his skill and his professionalism. In fact, she originally thought he was a she – until she later saw a photo he posted of himself.

When Santiago reached 50,000 followers, he invited the Instagram community to “cheers” with him by submitting their own photographs. Taylor entered his competition, and he was hooked. He asked her if he could photograph her, and a month later he had visited her in Denver.

The couple have now been dating for eight months, and Taylor is applying to flight attendant school to help save money and make more time for their long-distance relationship.

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