The flat iron is a great sex position that almost anyone can do. To get into position the partner that is going to be penetrated needs to lay down face first on the floor or bed. They then raise their hips slightly in the air and their partner can enter them from behind.

This position makes entry feel tighter and allows for deeper thrust. Another plus is that the flat iron is a great position for the person on top to burn some calories. The position specially targets your arm, hip and chest muscles.  

If you want to the person on the bottom can turn their head to face their partner for added intimacy. The partner on the bottom can control the level of penetration by lifting their legs closer to their body and stomach or straightening them out. The flat iron is also great for anal sex if you’re into that. An alternative to flat iron is to both lie on your sides inside of on your front almost in a spooning position.

Julia Davis

Mental health expert
MS, University of Latvia

I am deeply convinced that each patient needs a unique, individual approach. Therefore, I use different psychotherapy methods in my work. During my studies, I discovered an in-depth interest in people as a whole and the belief in the inseparability of mind and body, and the importance of emotional health in physical health. In my spare time, I enjoy reading (a big fan of thrillers) and going on hikes.

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