The French Get Eco-Conscious about Sex Accessories

The French Get Eco-Conscious about Sex Accessories

Love them or hate them, the French are forever being touted as the lovers, as having a sensuous and amorous flair that is more romantic than any of their European neighbours. Whether or not this stereotype has any truth to it, one can’t deny that sex sells in France – every third French-language movie seems to feature a ménage a trois, and the sexual exploits of French presidents have often garnered more international media attention than their political achievements. The country has recently been making headlines for a nationwide turn towards eco-friendliness and organics in the sex product market.

Pundits say that various companies are marketing edible massage oils and other sex aids made of organic ingredients, but this is nothing new. Flavoured condoms often contain edible lubricant, and a number of brands carry condom lines which use natural fruit flavourings.

According to this news article, many sex supplement manufacturers are striving to attain certification from the country’s national organic regulation body. The interest in living au naturel isn’t restricted to sex products – devotees of the BBC’s The Graham Norton Show may remember Gordon Ramsay’s trifling argument with veteran French film actress, Juliette Binoche, who attempted to persuade Ramsay of the superiority of organic ingredients.

One French business has begun marketing a supplement for erectile dysfunction, which has been touted as an all-natural alternative to Viagra. This is old news though – alternatives from Chinese medicine, such as ‘horny goat weed’, have long been used, and are similarly natural. France is not the only country where an eco-friendly focus has taken hold of the sex toy trade – one San Francisco -based store is said to have an ‘Ecorotic’ system for informing customers how ‘green’ sex aids are compared to other options.

Even if the French would like to be thought of as the inventors of sex as we know it, the latest buzz about eco-friendly sex products and toys is a little late, given that there have been widely-available green products for some time. Meanwhile, tourists who flock to the phallic Eiffel Tower will be keeping their eyes peeled for French edible underwear and naughty take-home trinkets in Parisian likeness.

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