Leading a healthy lifestyle is a goal you should set and fulfill with the right diet routine. While several fruits can provide necessities for growth, figsare enriched with multiple nutrients that can add a little spark to your health.

Figs contain varioushealth benefitsa fruit lover should not miss.These tiny fruits are availablein different forms, including fresh or processed figsresembling cookies and bars. Alternatively, you can purchase them as jellies, jam, frozen, or make yours. Figs are featured on many health websites, thanks to the multiple health benefits they bring.Add fig to your healthy diet routine for the following health benefit.

Maintains Healthy Levels of Blood Pressure

Also called high blood pressure, hypertension is a life-threatening condition that may result in strokeor heart diseaseif not treated early. Factors causing high blood pressure include potassium imbalance or taking too much sodium. Figs contain potassium that helpscorrect the imbalance. Nonetheless, they are rich in fiber that helps flush out excess sodium.

Improving Digestion

Digestive problems includediarrhea and constipation. These digestive problems cause discomfort and sometimes pain. However, high fiber intake can help you avoid these challenges. Figs have a high fiber content that improves digestion. Moreover, they contain probiotics that improve gut health.

Increases the Density of the Bones

Calcium and potassiumobtained from figs work together to strengthen human bones and preventosteoporosis. To maintain healthy bones,take a diet containing potassium. The major structural component of your bones is calcium. However, combined with potassium, calcium increases the density of your bones.

Weight Management

Because fig has high fiber content, it may help you manage your weight.  The right fiber intake may alsoprevent cancer and type 2 diabetes. Nonetheless, food containing high fiber content makes you feel full after taking food. This allows control of food intake in the weight management campaign. For dry figs, take them in low quantities daily to avoid too many calories pilling up in the body. Try dry figs if you want to rapidly gain weight.

Enhances Reproduction

Figs were a sacred and aphrodisiac fruit in ancient Greek.  These fruits were a symbol of fertility and love. Ancient Indians mixed figs and milk. Figs contain various minerals, including iron, manganese, zinc, and magnesium, that improve reproduction. Young girls can also use figs for overcoming PMS issues. Figs are rich in fiber and antioxidants that prevent post-menopausal breast.

Improves Your Heart’s Health

Deterioration of your heart’s health can be caused by hormonal imbalance and cancer. Studies show that figs reduce triglycerides, which are fat particles that circulate in the bloodstream, resulting in heart diseases.  Dried figs contain antioxidants that workwith properties that lower high blood pressure to lower free radicals in the body. Free radicals may block the coronary arteries when not controlled for a long time, resulting in coronary heart diseases.

Regulates Blood Sugar

Figs contain sugarthat can help regulateblood sugar levels in the body. Taking a potassium-rich diet lowers the risk of diabetes. Moreover, figs contain chromogenic acid, which maintains healthy levels of blood sugars. Eventually, this regulates glucose levels that are linked to type two diabetes.

Selecting and Storage of Figs

Figs are available in various forms. If f you need fresh variants, the best seasons to get them are autumn and summer. Fresh figs are delicate and perishable. That said, you should take them within two days of purchase. Fresh figs have a sweet fragrance. Unless you want to eat them, do not wash figs after purchasing them. Ripe figs should be kept in a fridge for two days to avoid compromising their quality. For unripe figs, store them at room temperature as you wait for them to ripe. Dried figs can be stored for a long time. When buying dried figs, ensure they are clean, mould-free, and soft-textured. Store the dried fig in a cool, dark place or fridge. Depending on the thickness of the peeling or what you prefer, figs can be consumed either peeled or unpeeled. Chopping figs can be difficult because their inner side is soft and sticky.

The Bottom Line

Figs have impressive nutritional value and health benefits. These tiny fruits help maintain healthy levels of blood sugar in the body. Figs contain fiber that lowers digestion challenges. Additionally, figs are rich in calcium and potassiumthat worktogether to strengthen your bones and preventosteoporosis. Figs containing high fiber contenthave a significant impact on weight management. This is because the fiber can make you remain full, helping you control your food intake. Even so, figs should be consumed in lower quantities because they contain oxalates linked to laxative effects.


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