Drinking lime water or sucking lime juice wedge offers the body many health benefits. You get to promote your immunity, improve skin conditions, quicken your weight loss success rate, reduce your risk of getting cancer, have better control over infections, reduce kidney stone formation, and many other benefits.

Sucking lime wedge is a good way to benefit from the lime juice loaded with vitamins A, B, C & D, minerals, and antioxidants. However, lime is somewhat bitter-sour, and sapping the juice directly can be unbearable and uncomfortable. As such, you can squeeze the juice in a glass of water and drink it to meet your daily water need for at least 8-ounce glasses. Besides, many other associated health benefits of drinking lime water include promoting immunity, reducing cancer and infection risks, aiding weight loss, improving skin conditions, preventing the formation of kidney stones, reducing inflammation, and preventing the damaging effects of free radical oxidation. Read this article for a deeper understanding of these benefits.

i.                    It supplies the body with antioxidants

Lime juice is packed with antioxidants, including flavonoids, polyphenols, and vitamin C. Drinking lime juice helps you supply the body with these antioxidants, which have many health benefits. They majorly help the body fight free radicals, whose accumulation increases the risk of free radical oxidation. Oxidative stress damages cells and increases one’s risk for chronic conditions, including heart disease, diabetes type 2, obesity, and high blood pressure.

ii.                  It may lower the risk of inflammation

You may want to reduce your inflammation risk by drinking lime water daily. The antioxidant component of the water makes it ideal for fighting free radicals that accumulate due to inflammation and also trigger inflammation. Besides, lime water is packed with citric acids, and these organic acids are anti-inflammatory in nature. This further lowers a person’s risk of inflammation.

iii.               It is hydrating

The body needs at least 8-ounce glasses of fluid every day, and people drink tea, water, coffee, etc., to meet this requirement. Unfortunately, tea, coffee, and other sweetened products add unnecessary sugar and calories to the body, while water may sound tasteless, making it hard to meet the daily water requirement. As such, you can opt for lime water as an ideal way of hydrating the body. What’s more, you hydrate the body, but not at the expense of a healthy weight.

iv.               It may aid with weight loss

Drinking lime water also helps improve your weight loss success rate. Lime is loaded with fibers and antioxidants, and some of this find their way into the lime water as you squeeze the juice out. Drinking water with lime juice fibers and antioxidants is not only filling but also helps slow down the digestion of food and its absorption in the bloodstream. The longer you can feel, the lesser need to eat and overindulge in high-carb and fatty foods, improving your weight loss success rate.

v.                  It boosts immunity and reduces the risk of infections

The immune system is the body’s mechanism, and anything affecting immunity directly impairs general health. Thankfully, you can promote your immunity by taking lime water. Lime water has antioxidants from the lime juice that help lower risks of free radical damage, oxidative stress, and inflammation. Since these are the leading causes of immune attack and infections (and chronic diseases, by extension), drinking lime water goes a long way to boost immunity and lower infection risks.

vi.               It is good for heart health

There are many reasons drinking lime water is good for heart health. First, the antioxidant content of lime fruit prevents oxidative stress, free radical accumulation, and inflammation, all of which damage heart cells and increase the risks of their failure. Secondly, lime water has flavonoids from lime juice, and these too help keep the arteries healthy by preventing their clogging. Thirdly, potassium, magnesium, and calcium minerals in lime water help improve heart health by promoting arterial function and lowering blood pressure. Lastly, the fibers and antioxidants in the water lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, further protecting the heart.

vii.             It may help lower risks of foodborne diseases

Foodborne diseases are common, primarily in developing countries. Drinking lime juice may help your stomach fight pathogens that cause such illness. Citrus fruits are acidic and have been found to prevent the proliferation of Helicobacter bacteria. Lime, being a citrus fruit, may have these benefits.

viii.           It may help improve skin conditions

Skin goals are important for most people since we all admire spotless glowing skin. You can drink lime water and rejuvenate your skin, gradually improving its condition. From spots to acne to blameless skin, lime water got you covered. The antioxidants in the lime fruit, primarily flavonoids and vitamin C, promote collagen structuring, which improves skin because collagen is the main component of the skin. In fact, most topical skincare products are fortified with vitamin C and flavonoids, and some of them rejuvenate the skin.

ix.                It may help solve digestive issues

You can solve digestive issues by drinking lime water. In fact, some people found absolute relief for constipation when they used lime water, especially in concentrated forms. Lime water is rich in citric acids, which improve the function and effectiveness of digestive enzymes. Besides, this water helps slow down bowel movements, allowing more time for action, ultimately improving digestion and digestive issues.

x.                  It may help slow blood sugar spikes

Blood sugar and insulin levels spike when one eats foods with high glycemic indices. Lime water has a low glycemic index; hence less likely to initiate sudden rises in blood sugar and insulin levels. Besides, lime’s fibrous and antioxidant content helps its water slow down sugar absorption, further preventing sugar spikes and lowering type 2 diabetes risks.

xi.                It reduces the formation of kidney stones

Kidney stones form when mineral deposits accumulate in the kidney. Foods high in uric and purine like red meat, sardines, dried beans, liver, and mushrooms are healthy but linked to kidney stones. Lime water has citric acids that dilute the deposits, reducing the risk of kidney stone formation.


Lime water is formed by squeezing lime juice into a glass of water. It is a good way of meeting the body’s daily requirement of 8-ounce glasses for fluid intake, and drinking it helps hydrate the body. Besides, drinking lime water has other benefits, including a lower risk of inflammation, free radical accumulation, oxidative stress, kidney stone formation, and infections. Additionally, it boosts immunity, is good for heart health, and may aid in weight loss.

Ksenia Sobchak

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