The Reinvention of Victoria Kennedy: How this Former Opera Singer Became a PR Industry Star

The Reinvention of Victoria Kennedy: How this Former Opera Singer Became a PR Industry Star

The Reinvention of Victoria Kennedy: How this Former Opera Singer Became a PR Industry Star 

From real estate and solar power to entrepreneurship and finance, award-winning firm Victorious PR helms the ship of public relations in many professional sectors. Founder and CEO Victoria Kennedy has worked hard to rocket her PR firm to success in just under one year. The brand is now worth six figures and got there almost overnight. 

“We place clients in the top publications and on the top podcasts and television stations so they can share their message and establish themselves in their field,” Kennedy says. “It’s so exciting to watch our clients find success in the time they’re with us, and beyond.” 

Kennedy has been featured in Rolling Stone, TedX, Entrepreneur, Today, Forbes, Fox News, Inc. Magazine, and ABC News. The 16 expert professionals on the Victorious PR staff have placed their 70 clients in over 2,000 publications, including podcasts, press, television, and social media. 

Victoria Kennedy’s history is inspiring. She has reinvented herself as many times as needed in order to become the success story that she is today. Her project of Victorious PR is just beginning, and she considers it her legacy. She has an innovative mindset that continues to conjure success for herself, her clients, and her team. Her invention and excellence have helped her to overcome challenges in the public relations industry, and she looks forward to bigger and better things ahead. 

Stay tuned to the end to learn what Victoria has to say about achieving success in your own life, and how every day can make a difference. 

Multiple Beginnings 

Kennedy always had big dreams, and over time they evolved. Her motto is one of consistent and total reinvention, which is why her origin story seems to have such clearly defined chapters. Whether her tale is told from the outset of her goal to become a nun, her dream to be an opera singer, or her drive to start her own business, the story still makes sense. She is a woman of multiple beginnings. 

Kennedy wanted to sing from an early age which, to her, meant joining a convent and becoming the next Maria von Trapp. (Sound of Music, anyone?) When she realized that her day-to-day life was not as she had imagined it would be, Kennedy shed her habit and moved on to studying music, becoming a world-class opera singer. 

She sang at famous locales all over the globe. She performed with classical music household names like Andrea Bocelli, and became one herself. But when her Visa expired before the Covid-19 pandemic, she had to come home to Las Vegas. And here, another beginning formed. Kennedy was her own public relations agent during her time as a singer, and she applied her skills to form her newest and most lasting legacy: Victorious PR. 

Challenges of the PR World 

Whether we realize it, public relations is a domain as old as time. From word of mouth and hand-written letters to our current era of Tik Tok and technology, PR continues to evolve. One of the challenges facing PR firms today is staying current, modern, and cutting-edge without losing their excellence and sincerity. Victorious PR must be able to ebb and flow with the ever-evolving industry. 

Magazines and newspapers are less popular as internet blogs and news outlets take over. At the same time, these seemingly obsolete methods of reporting are considered old but gold by many in the industry. Finding the balance between the old and the new for PR placements can be a challenge. 

“That’s the media world,” Kennedy says, “One minute a publication is here, the next minute it’s gone. We know how to stay on our toes and change tack at any moment!” 

The pillars of Victorious PR’s in-house organization stand firmly in the realm of brilliance and transformation. Team members are encouraged to come forward with new ideas and pitching opportunities. There is a high level of communication within the organization’s culture, fostering the ease of success for all employees. 

Over-saturation of the entire media space is another challenge for all PR firms. Important voices can get drowned out by streams of new content every single day. The mode of operation that makes Victorious PR a leader in this industry is its unique approach to publication outreach. Their secret sauce is to go after niche target markets rather than pushing out in all directions with no discretion. Niche markets are less saturated, giving clients a larger spotlight in front of a more focused audience. 

“Our goal is to primarily have our clients’ stories and voices heard by the people who matter. The ones who will make a difference in the success of our clients, right now,” says Kennedy. “Once we secure that platform of trust in the market, we can broaden our range of publications and reach a more diverse audience.” 

Constant Opportunities 

Victorious PR is continuously growing and taking on new clients every week. The firm has won many prestigious awards for its outstanding media outreach and was presented with the Two Comma Club Award in November of this year. This award denotes that a company has collected over $1 million in ClickFunnels. 

Additionally, Apex, an elite entrepreneur group, presented Victorious PR with the Blue Check Business Award. This internal award is given to new businesses in the Apex group who stand out among the other business leaders. 

The PR firm has also been recognized as a Top Marketing and Advertising Agency in Nevada by Clutch, the leading ratings and reviews platform across a range of businesses. Their metrics include unbiased client satisfaction reviews, leadership skills, and quality of work. 

Expertise, a review-based company that spotlights the superstars in every industry, recognized Victorious PR as a top pick in the public relations sector. 

The Mirror Review featured Victorious PR to recognize the spectacular results it achieves for its clients by presenting them as thought leaders in their specialized niches. 

“From the beginning, I wanted to help impactful leaders and businesses be seen and heard so they could have a greater influence on the world,” Kennedy says. “Doing that by helping them get featured in industry-specific media and on podcasts was a no-brainer from the start.” 

There will always be new businesses and new professionals who want to tell the world their story. Kennedy feels that is one of the beautiful things about the public relations industry. It is the connection between what a business does for people, and the people they do it for. 

“2021 has been an incredible year for us,” says Kennedy. “All of us at Victorious PR take our craft very seriously, and I’m so proud of everything our team has done. We look forward to continuing to seek new opportunities to elevate our clients and continue to have an impact in their industries.” 

In addition to its growth in achievements, the firm itself continues to add new team members to its family. Kennedy hopes to continue to expand her firm in a way that creates a “victorious” environment. To her, this means nurturing a curated team of professionals that are not only proficient in their field but energized to give their best every day. Kennedy knows that the key to achieving this is to be a shining example. She is careful to ensure that the people she adds to her team are aligned with her values and the company’s established culture. 

Miss Kennedy’s Secret to Success 

Victoria Kennedy is driven, kind, and focused. She believes in others and values their potential. This mindset is shown to her clients by her actions as she builds trust in her professional relationships. She believes in “walking the walk,” but she also knows that the walk can drastically change paths. 

Kennedy believes that we can reinvent ourselves every single day if we want to. We can change what we do, the way we look, where we live, and what we love to do. That has been her method of success, illustrated by her background of many beginnings. 

Her advice to anyone who wants to share their voice with the world or become a successful professional is to utilize the tool of reinvention. The bravery of knowing when it is time to switch gears can be invaluable, no matter how seasoned the person, idea, or business may be. By consistently taking stock, evaluating your present situation, desires, and pitfalls, you can drastically change the outcomes of your life. 

Realizing that life has many outcomes is key. The end of every day has a multitude of outcomes. It is not the last day of your life that matters, but all of the many days before. Kennedy is thrilled to embrace change. She recommends accepting and letting go of the past – whether positive or negative – to embrace the future. 

“If we constantly live in the now, with a dash of forward-thinking and a heaping teaspoon of confidence, we really can accomplish our dreams,” she says, “So decide who you want to be today! And reevaluate your answer tomorrow.” 

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