The Story Behind BluShark Digital

The Story Behind BluShark Digital

BluShark Digital is a leading digital marketing agency that provides high-quality online marketing solutions for companies struggling to stand out online. BluShark Digital uses cutting-edge techniques to successfully implement search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to help industry professionals grow their businesses, generate leads, and make an impression online. Our agency focuses on high-quality technical optimization, relevant content, authoritative link-building, and local optimization to help businesses stand out from the competition.  

Our services include technical optimization on mobile and desktop, content curation, link building, local SEO, paid ads, and social media marketing. Technical optimization focuses on website design and structure to ensure it is secure, user-friendly, and mobile-friendly. Content curation involves creating unique web pages for client sites and optimizing existing content, offering relevant information for users. Link building is the process of collecting backlinks to endorse a client’s website and help tell Google that the site is trustworthy. 

Along with these key strategies, we focus on local SEO and local rankings, specifically focusing on helping businesses appear in Google’s three-pack. We use these processes to signal to Google that sites are authoritative and trustworthy, so our clients can make a valuable impression online. 

Beyond SEO, we also provide paid advertising solutions and social media marketing. These tools are additional channels that help our clients generate leads and connect to target audiences. Paid advertising can help raise brand recognition, connect businesses to high-quality leads and expand marketing tactics. Furthermore, social media can help businesses promote services, grow industry relationships and drive traffic to their website. Our agency focuses on helping businesses stand out from the competition. 

An In-House Marketing Team to Best-in-Class Digital Agency

Before becoming a digital marketing agency, BluShark Digital was once the in-house marketing team of Price Benowitz, LLP, a law firm serving individuals and families throughout Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Before BluShark Digital, Seth Price, a founding partner of Price Benowitz LLP and accomplished attorney, explored how to connect people to lawyers and the services they needed. Years later, Seth decided to bring this idea to Price Benowitz to expand the firm’s marketing strategies and see how they can better connect to potential clients online.   

Through these efforts, Seth hired David Brenton, a former Client Intake Manager for Price Benowitz and current President of BluShark Digital, to serve as the Chief Marketing Officer. Soon, Seth expanded his team to add more marketing professionals, including some that are still at BluShark Digital today. Understanding the growing power of SEO, the team worked together to build websites and practice area pages for each lawyer at the firm. As a result, Seth and the team generated leads and grew the law firm’s online presence significantly. 

With the help of digital marketing techniques, Price Benowitz was also able to scale the firm, growing a team of two lawyers to 40 in under a decade. After realizing how successful this marketing team was for Price Benowitz, Seth realized there was a growing need to enhance law firms’ SEO and online marketing strategies. Thus, in 2015, Seth and David launched BluShark Digital as a digital agency focused on providing marketing solutions to the legal sector. 

Who We Are Today  

Today, BluShark Digital serves hundreds of industry professionals across the United States and Canada. BluShark Digital has established itself as a leading digital agency focused on helping businesses stand out online through innovative digital marketing strategies across the four fundamentals of SEO. These fundamentals are high-quality technical optimization, sophisticated content, authoritative link-building, and local optimization. The small in-house marketing team of Price Benowitz is now an agency of over 40 employees.  

We are made up of seven core departments and our executive team, including accounts, content, links, development, operations, paid search, business development, and social media. In addition to these departments, BluShark Digital has a team of digital marketing fellows from local colleges and universities that support our company mission and services. 

These departments capture the four foundations of search engine optimization. Through our core values of community, collaboration, trust, and innovation, our agency is able to grow businesses and grow together. We are a family of passionate marketing professionals committed to expanding digital communities and helping build businesses online.  

Swimming in Deep Waters 

Over the past couple of years, BluShark Digital has grown significantly, but not without facing numerous challenges. Like many other businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic forced all our operations to go online, and our agency struggled to adjust to a new normal. Many businesses across industries suffered from the pandemic, resulting in a decline in clients due to budget cuts. We had to adjust operations to accommodate clients and changing budgets. Alternatively, our agency now faces the challenge of what we call “growing pains”. As companies adjusted to online operations and social distancing guidelines were lifted, we saw a spike in clients. Taking on a lot of new clients can be exciting, but overwhelming.  

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our agency had to adjust to working from home and learn how to continue to build our agency community online. We moved community bonding events online, such as Lunch and Learns and Friendship Fridays, to stay connected and support one another through uncertain times. While the pandemic continues to evolve and social distancing restrictions are lifted, our team must take what we have learned through remote work and adapt our practices as we work to bring our operations back to in-person.  

BluShark Digital must also face the ever-changing SEO industry. Google makes between 500 and 600 algorithm updates annually, challenging marketers to learn and optimize their websites as well as stay up to date on new information. 

A common misconception is that once you implement an SEO strategy, you can move on to the next. However, search engine algorithms are constantly changing and it’s crucial that we stay ahead of the curve. This includes monitoring current events and trends that may impact SEO, including rising internet traffic and support for local businesses in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We must learn how these changes can impact our client websites and SEO strategy and respond effectively to changes to make sure that they do not negatively impact our clients.  

Exploring a Sea of Opportunities 

In light of these challenges, BluShark Digital has embraced new opportunities to grow and learn. We started out specializing in the legal industry after realizing law firms benefit from marketing as much as consumer brands. Today, BluShark has expanded to provide our services to a variety of industry professionals. This includes nonprofits, medical practices, dentistry, real estate, cosmetic surgery, and much more. We have recognized the potential of our marketing practices and how we are able to provide the same services to new clients in different industries. As a result, our agency has introduced HomeShark and MedShark to the BluShark business.  

BluShark Digital has also taken the opportunity to connect with the local community. We strive to enhance the work of local businesses and look for opportunities to give back where we can, including volunteering and donating to organizations in the D.C. community. BluShark Digital has provided pro-bono SEO assistance to nonprofits and local businesses. We have raised money, packaged meals, visited animal shelters, and much more. 

Advice to Other Growing Businesses 

Between building BluShark Digital and implementing marketing solutions for clients, our team has learned a lot about what it takes to start a business and manage one. As BluShark Digital has grown, our team has embraced the art of hiring the right people. Hiring the right people means hiring passionate people who are willing to learn and are able to adapt their skills to a variety of tasks. Creating internal systems for our work has allowed us to teach team members new skills crucial to the success of our business. These systems have provided us the foundations to provide high-quality marketing solutions for our clients while also building our agency and community.  

Another key component to BluShark Digital is the importance of fostering a community that values innovation and growth. One way that we have been able to do this has been through encouraging our team members to always bring new ideas to the table. Through weekly agency meetings and weekly check-ins, we ask team members to always ask questions and provide feedback to help strengthen our processes. Not only is it important to invite feedback and communication among team members, but we also aim to provide an environment where people are able to test their new ideas. Testing new ideas has allowed us to think more outside of the box and achieve unique approaches to meet clients’ individual needs and goals.  

Build Your Business with BluShark Digital 

In today’s digital world, SEO strategy and the latest marketing solutions can help businesses grow and connect with their local community online. Over the years, BluShark Digital has grown to meet the needs of local businesses and professionals in a variety of industries. Despite being faced with challenges, our team has sought new opportunities to grow our company, community, and clients.  

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