Technology has made it easier to monitor diet and achieve healthy living. Online apps provide workouts you can use and helps you to time and measure the progress of your exercises. It also helps you calculate your BMI, weight, and height and connectyou to other individuals having the same fitness goals as you.

Following the right diet can be difficult if you don’t know what you should do. Sticking to a nutrition plan is the toughest part of healthy eating. With diet and nutrition apps, you’ll get guidelines of what you’re supposed to do. Even so, not all apps are effective; some are a waste of time.So, what are the best iPhone-android apps for nutrition?

First, differentiate diet apps fromnutrition apps

Although diet apps and nutrition apps perform the same function, they differ in the kind of meal plans, trackers, and tips they provide to their audience. A nutrition appcan track all macronutrients and offer information about all-around health matters. It offers meal plans, weight-loss strategies, vegan lifestyle tips, and specific recipes. On the other hand,the diet app onlyfocuses on what the app owner wants it to do. It’s designed to help you track your eating habits to help you lose weight.

What are the best food nutrition apps?


If you want an app that’ll educate you on nutrition,fooducate is the best. Motivation is an important tool when you’re entering a fitness journey. With this app, you’ll receive encouragement on healthy eating, and it’ll keepa record of the calories you’ve consumed as well as its quality in the body. More so, it’ll give you many tips and information you’ll need concerning food nutrition.

The app will help you focus on general healthy eating and not merely calorie counting. You’ll also get community support which allowsthe members to inspire each other. Downloading it is free, but if you want a better version with no ads, you’ll pay only $3.99.

My fitness pal

If you need an option to help you with food logging, my fitness pal is what you need. With busy schedules having a food journal may be the last thing in your mind. This app makes food logging easy and less time-consuming. All you’ll need is to scan the barcode of your packaged food. For unpackaged foods like apples, you search for the item on the app. In addition, you can make your personal food database, including what you eat often and recording your daily consumption of macronutrients. So you can monitor your progress to determine how close you are to achieve your goals.

It provides a platform for support, encouragement and engages questions. It gives you nutrition insights and tracksyour water drinking habits and exercise programs. The disadvantage is that its accuracy depends on the details the user keys in. It may promote the intake of processed foods because iteasily allows you to track such foods more than healthy recipes.

Carb manager

Any person following keto diet will benefit from a carb manager. It helps you control calories, carbs, glycemic loads, insulin, glucose levels, and ketones, making it easier to stick to the keto diet. Although comprehensive, it’s straightforward and helps track essentialhealth metrics like workouts, weight, and water intake. It suggestsrecipes that fit your health needs, allows you to create grocery lists, and permits you touse photo or voice commands to log your food.

It connects you to many other tracks and apps like apple health and google fit. The cons are that some features are only available if you paid for the premium membership. Also, customizing your preferredmeal plan may be challenging.


Most individuals run to unhealthy fast foods due to lack of proper meal planning. If you have an effective app like platejoy, it’ll be easy to follow healthy food nutrition. This app offers meal plans from trusted nutritionists and professional chefs. It allows you to set up your taste preferences, fitness goals, dietary restrictions, schedule, and what you’re allergic to. It has an optional grocery delivery which you can sign up for to save time you’ll use in shopping. The disadvantage is that not all recipes provided may match yourtaste preference.


The name of this app says it all. It containssummed features of a healthy lifestyle. Its flexibility with any diet allows you to work with effective meals to help you reach your health and fitness goals. You can browse lifesum’sdatabase and choose from the various recipes for your preferred meals. Creating an account is easy, and it can work with other apps and fitness trackers. It hasa food rating system that encourages healthy eating and track your water intake and diet habits. The disadvantage is that there is no free version and not all the time you’ll not find the item you want all the time.

Are nutrition apps expensive?

You can get free nutrition apps, but such versions have limited access to important features like keeping track of basic metrics like water intake, exercise programs, and fruit and vegetable consumption. You may also be denied the capacity to connect to other apps and devices. Some apps need a one-time download cost, while some require you to pay a subscription fee monthly. The pricing depends on the quality of the app and its features. Expect the more customized one with morepersonalized feedback and offers access to exercise programs to be more expensive than others.

Why should you trust our options?

Our choices are well researched, and our focus was on the app’s functionality, user-friendliness, subscription requirements, and its impact on reaching nutrition goals. You can be sure our list contains the best options. We ensured we provided the pros and cons so that you choose what would work best for you.


Still unsure of the best nutrition app?Try any of the few we have highlighted above. First, know your health goals, dietary restrictions, and current weight. The bigger step will be to choose an app that fits your schedule and will allow you to reach your targeted place. Ensure whatever you choose suits your health needs.

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