These are the secret spaces where you can let things get spicy on campus


(London, UK) August 31, 2021: Freedom! You’re finally out of your parent’s home and on your own. Free to keep your own hours, decorate in your own style and have your boyfriend or girlfriend over whenever you want. There’s just one problem. Your roommates never leave. Getting in the mood is a challenge when you never have any privacy. Even if you have your own space and can lock the door, getting it on without announcing what you’re doing to everyone in the dorm is impossible. To take things to the next level you’re going to have to find some creative places to lock lips with your love.

These are the secret spaces where you can let things get spicy on campus

There’s no better place to fall in love than among the romantics and poets of history. Why read about epic love stories in a Jane Austen novel, or merely recite a spicy poem from Lord Byron when you can create magic all your own. Go to your campus’s quietest or largest library and find a hidden corner where you can gaze into each other’s eyes and whisper sweet nothings to each other. Borrow a line of two from Shakespeare and tell her “I would not wish any companion in the world but you.”

The quietest and most private spots on campus are often those that are most overlooked when you’re thinking about finding a little love nest. Administrative buildings, the campus theatre, art gallery, and the conference centre offer tons of room and lots of hidden spots with few students or staff around to interrupt you. Check out each floor and find yourself a spot with a nice view or a comfy area where you can lay down and cuddle with your partner for hours. 

Have a partner who’s always cold? Check out the campus pool! The campus pool always has bleachers with few, if any, spectators. Pick the top row and you’ll have tons of privacy. Best of all, the temperature in the pool is always kept a few degrees warmer than everywhere else on campus. You can take some clothes off and still be nice and warm.

The most romantic spot on campus is best viewed at night. The planetarium is almost always open until late and is usually quiet with the stillness of the universe up above on full display. Studies have shown that doing a novel activity, like finding a star or gazing at the heavens above can help couples fall in love. The mystery of the planets, stars, and the meteors streaking across the sky are sure to give you plenty to talk about, and looking through the telescope is sure to get you super close to each other. No one will disturb you if things go from kisses and gentle touches to a full-blown make-out session.

Finding your perfect private make-out spot on campus might mean that you do a little outdoor exploring. Campuses usually have beautiful, secluded spots meant to allow students to de-stress and get in touch with nature. Explore campus together and you might just stumble upon an enchanting, private garden that no one knows about or a big beautiful tree that offers shade and the softest grass. Pack a blanket in your backpack and you’ll have the perfect romantic spot.

Want a private spot where you can be as loud as you like? Head over to the classic make out spot, the car. Campus parking lots are massive and you’re sure to find tons of privacy. Fold the seats down, buy a few black-out window shades, and voila, feel free to be as loud and frisky as you’d like. Want to use toys, go ahead, there’s no one around to hear the buzzing… or the resulting enjoyment.

Love the thrill of perhaps getting caught while you’re in flagrante delicto? The quietest place on campus might also offer the most thrills. The campus chapel is often tucked far away from the crowds of students and offers peace, quiet, and a sense of calm. If you’re going to try this corner of campus for your make-out session, the name of game is quick access and a quick getaway. Try skirts, crotchless panties, and a lacy bra that can be admired when you undo a couple of top buttons on your blouse. When you hear someone coming, make a quick escape and no one will realize what you were really praying for.

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