Things Men Enjoy About Long Term Loving

Things Men Enjoy About Long Term Loving

Men may joke with their single friends about how they envy their lifestyle of playing the field and having many women in a week. However, this is mostly bravado as men actually need a relationship more than women do, as the true foundations make him happier, more content and essentially a better person all round.

There are many things men enjoy about long term loving and by gaining an insight you can make sure he knows he’s got the best long term lover yet!

Sex on Tap

Men may enjoy the thrill of the chase however many, when single actually grew tired of chatting up girls or being on the pull. It becomes quite exhausting after a while and not knowing where their next bit of fun may come from can leave them sexually frustrated. Having sex on tap allows him to relax, get a regular release and basically be himself.

The Ability to Explore

Long term relationships are brilliant for experimentation. A man wouldn’t ask a woman to use a butt plug on him on the first date however after you grow comfortable together you both veer towards sex toys that please you both. This allows him to live out his fantasies, explore new areas in the bedroom and do whatever his desires allow. (Within reason of course)

The Ability to Please

It’s hard for men in flings to thoroughly please their woman, as every woman is different. It takes time to understand her turn-ons and turn offs as well as getting to know her desires. In a long term relationship a man can discover what really pleases his lover, and nothing beats the sense of satisfaction he gains from this.

Sharing Secrets

Men don’t talk to friends as we do. They will scratch the surface of emotions using humour to cover up any deep and meaningful thoughts. That makes us their best friend. When a man is in a happy honest relationship he will feel comfortable sharing his thoughts, wishes, dreams and desires both in and out of the bedroom.

Simply Satisfying

Surprisingly when asked why men leave women, the most common answer was that they felt they could no longer satisfy their woman. Men need to feel needed and being in a relationship keeps them on their toes. They get a huge ego boost by seeing you smile or seeing you pleased about their performance, and it is these little things that truly make every day worthwhile. He will also keep on top of his looks and appearance if he really wants to keep you, and will know that any relationship requires hard work. Quite simply, you make him want to be a better man.

In summary, why don’t you try to make his day? Tell him how great you felt when he gave you that orgasm, or how lucky you are to have him in your life? Go a little deeper and play one of our suggested sex games, introducing toys to explore areas previously left untouched!

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