Weed is a common term used globally, also known as marijuana or cannabis. It is defined as dried stems, leaves, stems, or flowers of the cannabis plant consumed or smoked to trigger someone psychologically or physically.

If you have not interacted with the word marijuana/weed/cannabis in your social life, then you might have come across it in your healthy life. As per current developments, various health and scientists have researched the plant and associated it with health benefits. In the most current developments, studies indicate that cannabis minimizes the chances of people contracting the Corona virus, which has become the largest threat to the existence of humanity. However, for the general health and wellness of your body and mind, researchers indicate that the use of the cannabis plant could trigger them. However, before you prefer taking any cannabis products, here are some quick facts you should know;

Confirm the potency levels

Cannabis products are offered in a wide potency range to address various desires of the mind and the body. All products with other elements blended with cannabis extracts have a list of ingredients to help the consumer understand the kind of elements they are administering. In addition, in most cannabis-based products, the potency levels are indicated to show the consumer the amount of weed they are consuming. To avoid overdosing, it is advisable to take not more than 2.5 mg of THC. However, the level of cannabis to administer is determined by the body’s reaction. Notably, this increases as the body adopt the presence of cannabis in the body. Customers who are fast timers might be triggered easily with low levels of cannabis edibles compared to long-term users. Most importantly, it is also advisable to scan QR codes if offered to affirm the lab results as one of the measures to prevent overdosing your body, resulting in side effects.

Ingestion effects take longer compared to edibles

According to research, most cannabis products affect the body differently, especially depending on how you will administer or consume it. Due to the digestion of edibles by the body, the effect might not be instant compared to vape or ingestible products. Similarly, the effect on the body lasts longer for people preferring to ingest cannabis into their body (over 24 hours) systems than people who use edibles (at most 12 hours). However, it is recommended that people introduced to cannabis use edibles, unlike injecting it into your body or smoking it. Notably, more edibles are discreet. Some of the cannabis edibles you can prefer taking include the gummies and the capsules since they are discreet and convenient to move around with. Most importantly, avoid using cannabis while planning to drive or operate any equipment. Ensure you have to task ahead of you that might be affected by cannabis since the chances of getting you high are undoubted.

Takes time to feel the effect

Predicting the actual feeling of the cannabis influence can be a bit confusing. Notably, different bodies react differently after using cannabis since the THC levels travel to different body parts. Most people who take cannabis edibles take time to feel “high” in about four hours since digestion has to take place before the cannabis is directed to the bloodstream and distributed to other parts of the body, such as the brain. Injecting yourself with cannabis will make you feel high in less than three minutes since it is directed to the bloodstream and transferred to the brain using the shortest time possible, resulting in instant impact. Most people who prefer edibles tend to take a high amount to trigger quick effectiveness, which does not happen. As a result, whenever the effect occurs, it might result in side effects due to over-intoxication. Some of the signs for side effects include vomiting, feeling nausea, or making your body or mind hyperactive, unlike the normal effects. Cases of over-intoxication of cannabis to trigger excess energy by the body have been recorded in most sports, especially in athletics.

Avoid mixing cannabis with alcohol or other substances

As mentioned earlier, over-intoxication of cannabis might have side effects on your body. Although most people take a measurable amount of cannabis, they want to enhance the consumption experience by using alcohol or other substance to make them feel better. This might lead to over-intoxication since they are also stimulants to the body. This might result in serious diverse effects that might need to be treated or addiction, which needs a health practitioner to manage. The side effects of using marijuana with other stimulants such as alcohol or intoxicating substances include panic, anxiety, and vomiting. Therefore, it is important to use one stimulant at a time; you either stick to cannabis or alcohol.

Avoid taking cannabis under medication

It is important to seek medical consultation if you wish to take cannabis edibles while on medication. Taking cannabis during medication might lower or increase the reaction of the medication, making them not effective as purposed. If you take other products that rely on the liver or similar parts that cannabis relies on, it might interfere with how your body processes the two simultaneously. Although there is no proof of the chances of having side effects, it is important to seek medical consultation with a cannabis specialist before considering administering medication and cannabis at the same time.

CBD has been widely associated with reducing symptoms to multiple chronic illnesses or wellness such as anxiety, but still has negative effects if with common medications or over-intoxicated. It is advisable to take the recommended dosage to either person who intends to trigger the body or for medical purposes. Suppose you are taking for promoting your health and wellness. In that case, it is advisable to purchase cannabis edibles or drugs from a licensed store or dispensaries since the products have been tested for purity and potency levels. In addition, ensure you consider buying products that have QR codes that you can scan and affirm the lab results stated on the labels. Most importantly, ensure it is legalized in the area you live in before using it to avoid charges over breaking the law.

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