Tias Collection A Brand of Stylised Elegance for the Contemporary Buyer

Tias Collection: A Brand of Stylised Elegance for the Contemporary Buyer

Founder’s Story

Tias Collection was launched in Hong Kong in 2017. It is a jewelry company created and inspired by different fashion metropoles. It was founded by Tina, who studied for her BSc and MSc in Business Management in London. She started her career working for Mango, a fashion clothes franchise in Spain, followed by the opportunity to manage a chain of stores of one of the most recognized global jewelry brands – Pandora. Tina then realized how quickly businesses were growing their online presence and E-commerce’s importance. She decided to spend one year in Manhattan working for a Japanese start-up digital online company.

Tina infused these experiences and the lessons learned with her love for jewelry and fashion and used her contacts and creativity to make her dream come true. She created her jewelry brand of styled elegance at affordable prices. Hers is an exclusive brand synonymous with luxury, quality, affordability, and outstanding customer service. 

About the Founder

Tias offers a range of Women´s & Men´s Collections, primarily bracelets designed, sourced, and manufactured in China & Europe. Its price point caters to all adult age groups and different class segments. Distinct leather types, beads, natural stones, custom-made ropes, stainless steel materials, and metals are selected and hand-picked to ensure the highest quality standard and unique designs. These designs are part of collections that capture moods, intentions, and styles. 

The Tias Luxe Collection comprises elegant fashion statement pieces for corporate or special events. The Energy Collection comprises natural healing stone bracelets using tiger eye, blue lapis, lava, onyx, and more that exude healing energy. The Beaded Collection has a mix of flatbeads, pyramid, and round bead bracelets that add a modern look to daily wear. Lastly, the Women’s Serpenti Collection has pieces that symbolize transformation, healing, and continual renewal of life. Each bracelet showcases a unique style, whether it’s a celebration of color or pattern or a tribute to an occasion or person.

Tias offers the option of customized jewelry pieces. Sometimes customers want to change a particular bracelet leather strap color or type (Python/Stingray/Crocodile), add a charm, or add diamonds instead of zirconia stones. Whether it’s a ring, necklace, or bracelet, and whether they want to use stainless steel or 18-carat/24-carat gold and add colored gemstones, Tias will customize a piece exactly how the client wants it. Also, clients often require their design or send a photo of what they want. In such cases, Tias will ensure to create it the exact way. The objective is to create a jewelry item that will exceed customer satisfaction.

Tias sells on its website and multiple online platforms like Zalora and certain high-end multi-brand retailers like Ideal Jewellers (authorized dealers of brands like Cartier, Bvlgari, and Chopard). Its key clients are based in Europe and the US. Tias works as a retailer (online store) and a wholesaler. It is working towards expanding its client base to the Middle East. 

Tias also participates in exhibitions around Asia, from the Global Sources Fair to pop-up stores and Summer Exhibitions.

The brand strongly believes in changing lives while adding glam to people’s styles. It collaborates with a Charity Nursery School that provides free education to children from very poor backgrounds residing in rural western India. This school has over a hundred students and focuses on providing access to quality education through highly effective education interventions. A certain amount from every purchase is donated to the school, whose mission is the holistic development of children to become confident, independent learners and to instill positive human values and intentions in them, just as in Tias Collections. 

Business Challenges

The Covid pandemic has been a testing period for Tias, especially in overcoming logistic issues. The worldwide supply chain continues to be affected by delays and disruptions. Tias is investing in extra warehouse space in the US and Europe to better the situation and avoid further affecting business relations.

With the rising commodity and fuel prices globally, almost all e-commerce businesses have taken a hit, and Tias also feels the pressure. The manufacturing costs have increased, but Tias has maintained costs despite this surge. 

Another challenge Tias has faced is increasing its visibility. There is potential to grow, and Tias can improve its consistency in social media presence to tap into a wider market. To achieve this, the company is more active on Instagram stories and Newsletters and wants to start making TikTok videos, which will also help develop its brand identity. Setting up an online store (which took some time with trial and error) has allowed 24/7 sales worldwide. However, this involves consistent SEO work and active online marketing campaigns. Tias has realized the importance of SEO – it attracts new customers and, over time, has deepened the business’s relationship with these customers because of the trust established. SEO drives traffic, promotes the brand, engages with customers, and directly relates to user experience. Tias has hired a new team of experienced marketing professionals to improve its social media presence.

With a growing online marketplace, Tias has also faced competition. There have been new players in the market and new online jewelry brand launches, but ultimately the more players there are in a field, the better that category will be. Tias has learned that competition can motivate them to be more innovative, creative, and outstanding. 

Opportunities for the Business

There have been challenges, but Tias also sees a world of opportunities moving forward. Growing the brand is a priority, and there is potential to tap into new markets – by using more aggressive marketing campaigns and finding new clientele in other parts of the world. There is also an opportunity to expand the product line, specialize in bracelets, and offer a selection of other families (a client who buys a bracelet many times wants a matching necklace with the same leather color). Despite the challenging situation, Tias focuses on product development and social media audience building. 

Between now and 2025, the jewelry and watches industries are expected to rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic and grow globally at 3 to 4 percent per year. This demand is expected to increase from younger consumers and primarily online. There is an opportunity to grow, not discounting the importance of humanizing digital experiences.

Advice to Other Businesses 

After working in the franchise business for over a decade, Tina has realized that launching her brand from scratch and making it successful is not easy. It differs from the former, where intensive training programs, marketing materials, and brand recognition are already provided. However, creating a brand that was her passion and dream has brought about a different type of fulfillment and satisfaction. 

Launching a new business takes time, effort, focus, positivity, sacrifice, perseverance, and belief in your ideas. Tias has been operating for five years, yet there are daily struggles, and it is constant. Starting a business requires analytical thinking, determined organization, and detailed record-keeping.

If you are selling a particular product or service, it is fundamental to have a unique competitive edge and differentiating factor. Something that distinguishes the product from others so that people have a reason to buy from you – whether it is a unique price point or a particular attribute. Tias has a competitive price point and quality materials, especially the different types of leathers used (bought from Thailand) and natural stones used.

Another fundamental pointer is that, sometimes, it is better to outsource certain services for better expertise. In the case of Tias, hiring a team of marketing professionals has largely helped. Taking the first steps towards outsourcing can be time-consuming, but figuring out how to build your business with help from outside professionals can offer increased efficiencies and economies of scale.

A final important note is that providing good service to customers is crucial to gaining their loyalty and retaining their business. It is harder to gain a new client than maintain an existing one; hence, customer service is key. Keeping your client happy will lead to growth in almost any business. 

Being a business owner means constantly learning and adapting. There will be challenges, but it is important to have fun. Being an entrepreneur is a choice; one can survive, emerge and succeed if persistent effort exists. 

“Never give up! Constant effort is the key to success”- Xavier Davis

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