Time is a measure An Italian fairytale teaching the time

Time is a measure An Italian fairytale teaching the time

Somewhere in Northern Italy, there’s a city called Turin. It’s ours, and teaches everybody who crosses paths with her about culture, resilience, monarchy and history. 

Turin is nothing you’ve ever expected from Italy, but there is something magical about its streets and its legends. It’s from one of this legends that Allemano, as we know it today, was born. 

It was 1856, even before Italy as a state was born, when Giuseppe Allemano founded his business and made it about measuring things, as precisely as possibile. Some people down in the city say that at some point there was a race among steam engines, and the only one that was able to climb up to the hills and finish the race was equipped with Allemano’s measuring tools. 

We don’t know if it’s true, but we like to believe it. 

In a couple of decades everything with an engine of some sort was equipped with our devices: from sports cars to trains, to submarines, to airplanes. If you were a pilot or a professional in these fields, be sure you would’ve known Allemano – it was your faithful companion. And you could trust us. 

There’s an old Italian song about a guy, a girl and their driving around date. It’s called Torpedo Blu: the first car Fiat ever mass-produced. Our tools were on it.

…Vengo a prenderti stasera, sulla mia Torpedo Blu.

But our recent history begins in 2019. Let us tell it to you.

Measuring our Present

As of 2018 we measured everything you could possibly think of: up in the sky, down under in the water, speed, strength, pressure. We even built a laboratory, so that anybody who faced dysfunctional tools or any kind of problem with devices could bring them to us and let us repair them. 

One measure was left for us to conquer: we’ve been measuring everything but Time until 2019, when Gianluca Traversa, our current CEO, was walking through a city event dedicated to vintage vehicles called Automotoretrò, when he stumbled upon an old pressure gauge branded Allemano Felice Torino. That particular tool was installed on board of the 1919 Fiat 501, but we didn’t know better at the time: aghast, we bought that gauge with curiosity and that led to a new idea.

We wanted to rebuild the history Allemano grew in Turin with an ambitious project. And with that, Misuratori del Tempo were born. They are not merely wrist watches: their name is the literal Italian translation to “Time Meters”, for the reason that we truly wanted our past to be as much included as possible. 

Allemano family measured things, and when the last family member died, we continued his legacy keeping what we learned from him, with the pride of being simply the best at what we do. Measuring things

Our first collection, the Collezione 1919, is a tribute to that day Gianluca found the gauge and chose to pursue a dream – three models of watches to tell a story not only about us, but, above all, about people who choose to wear them. 

These people are wearing almost two hundreds of torinese stories, legends, people who invested their life in building the brand, back in the 1900s. 

It’s very important to us to keep spreading out story, and take pride in people who support us by choosing to wear our brand: it’s them who are retelling Allemano history, not us. 

In 2020 we became part of a multisectoral brand consortium, called Exclusive Brands Torino: EBT pleas 24 businesses around the city to gather strength, in order to get the world to know our city and our will to give back to our territory what once it gave to us. A potential. 

Not only Made in Italy, we were Made in Turin. 

Yet to Come 

Do you know what’s fun about having two hundreds years of history to play with? It’s that none of our designs is actually new: all of our designs, from our 1919 Collection to the second born 1973 Collection (a sporty collection dedicated to the underwater world) are inspired by their direct relatives, the measuring tools from where they come from, gauges and all. 

And what’s yet to come? We can’t really tell, but there’s one thing we know for sure – it’s that our next watch, our next Misuratore del Tempo, is already designed and ready for us to be re-discovered and re-purposed as a watch. 

Please don’t give up on History

And if you are willing to learn something from us, let it be this: respect your roots, don’t give up on them just because they’re humble, or small city centers in Italy; our territories and what they helped nourish are worthy of our respect – because they give back just as much. 

Trust your gut feeling: if you fell in love with a business idea, please chase it. It won’t be easy, and you will face hundreds of little steps backs and obstacles. If you are willing to train your resilience, something great may be ahead of you. 

And innovate, bring crazy ideas, young ideas to the table – for us, respecting our past meant keep working in professional fields like we used to do, but also cutting the edge, pioneering unhinged projects. It worked for us: don’t be scared to go all the way in other directions; at the same time, don’t forget where you came from. 

The Misuratori del Tempo, the new face of Allemano, was a dream – and we live in it everyday. 

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