– Tips on how to make the most of our mornings, for better health and wellbeing

Increase your blood circulation

Raise your hand if you wake up to exercise as your first meal before breakfast (I know it is a good number, myself involved). Well, most of my clients prefer morning workouts or stretches for boosted energy to tackle the day. It can make you feel great and stay active the rest of the day, possibly increasing productivity.

Set the alarm at your preferred time

Most individuals swear by the 5-9 system, and many find it favorable. But does it favor you? I always tell my clients to have a regular and sustainable sleep schedule that makes the more productive. Find out your best timings for the alarm and let it run throughout the week, including weekends and non-working days. And please avoid the snooze button, no matter how hard it will be.

– Quotes about why making the most of our mornings is important

  • John Wooden said, ‘Make each day your masterpiece.’’
  • A quote by William C. Hanna says, ‘’The day will be what you make it, so rise like the sun and burn.’’

– Advice on becoming more of a morning person, if you’re not one

I recommend;

Getting enough quality sleep

Always ensure to shut your eyes earlier to give your body enough relaxation time during the night. Apart from time, quality sleep is a great contributor to a calm body that is ready for the day. A few self-care practices can help improve your sleep quality, including magnesium intake before bedtime. You can also take a warm shower or diffuse your room with essential oils that enhance sleep.

Avoid screen exposure moments to bedtime

Our bodies naturally relate blue light to lack of sleep. When they sky; which has blue light, becomes dark, our bodies understand that it is time to rest. However, the new technology has numerous disruptions, increasing blue light availability throughout via phones and TVs. Scrolling is unhealthy because it alters melatonin production, keeping sleep away. It is best to avoid screens at least an hour to bedtime for better sleep.

Have a regular sleep pattern

The body needs a more predictable rhythm of sleep to help enhance your morning behavior. It would help if you sleep and wake up at the same time every day, regardless of the day; weekend or holiday. It helps get the body anticipating for the day’s events upon getting up.

Ieva Kubiliute

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