Tommy Chong is one of CBD trademarks widely known because its quality products are backed up scientifically. Science to the company is given priority and each activity undertaken in the company has been proved before its put to use. As a result, the brand has consistently offered premium products to its customers. They have partnered with leading nutraceuticals manufacturers to maintain full-spectrum and nano CBD products. In all the reviews we have done, we have not encountered any brand which has settled on none CBD which is CBD broken down to small microparticles to enhance absorption effectiveness by the body. Such kind of CBD is quickly released into the bloodstream making effectiveness rapid.

Consequently, the brand obtains its hemp within the USA. Before settling on any farm, it researches its hemp history to ensure it has been using organic farming practices to ensure that it is safe and high-quality. To keep learning more about the Tommy Chong CBD trademark, kindly keep reading our analysis; we have captured important information that could be helpful.

About the company

If you are so much into the entertainment sector, then the name “Tommy Chong” must be familiar to you, just as it is within the CBD arena. Tommy Chong is widely known for his comedy and passion for marijuana. Despite being an actor, musician, and comedian, he is also widely known as a cannabis activist within the USA and globally. Tommy Chong, who was suffering from cancer, decided to seek a solution within the cannabis plant, which he found effective in reducing the radical effects of his cancer. As a result, he wanted to offer this solution to more people, and so he decide to come up with Tommy Chong brand, which offers a considerable line of products to address health and wellness issues to more people.

Although the brand offers information about its founder Tommy Chong, it hasn’t included other team members who support its operation to come up with quality products. Besides, they have mentioned their partnership with one of the leading manufacturers of nutraceuticals who help them attain quality standards.

Consequently, the brand offers a lot of details regarding its practices, any information they think is relevant to its customers, and any other person interested in their trademark. Besides, they have a FAQ page that addresses its customers’ unique demands, which keep recurring. Under this page, they have not only focused on their trademark but the entire CBD brand. They have outlined important information such as shipping and return policy, terms and conditions, company policies, and CBD’s role on human health, among others. In case your needs are not addressed under the information given by the company or its commonly asked page, then we would recommend you reach out to its support team. Their website has provided an email address, phone number, message box, and physical address as Pleasant Grove, UT, to reach their support team.

To enhance the easy buying experience and keep track of its reputation and the reputation of its products, the brand offers products description as well as a customer review page. Before their customers purchase either of their products, the brand has provided ample information to guide them. Some of the important info supplied include products potency levels, amount of THC (below 0.3% limit), the ingredients used, recommended dosage, and the amount it goes at, among other helpful information. On the other hand, the brand has maintained a good reputation by offering a review page on its products. The review page helps it understand where efforts need to be emphasized and where not to. It has helped it understand its areas of weakness and strength within the CBD market. In addition, it has active social media platforms where it engages customers, and customers can share their own opinions. Some of the social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Notably, none of the three has less than 1,000 active followers.

Lastly, before any product gets to the market, they have to go under potency and purity tests. They have given this responsibility to an independent, centralized third-party lab that confirms the levels of CBD. Notably, its tests are accurate, and none of the products we tested went beyond a variance allowed variance of 10%. We confirmed its full-spectrum CBD oil potency levels, which we found to have a variance of 0.2%; it had 501 mg of CBD instead of 500 mg, which was accurate compared to other brands we have been looking at.

Manufacturing Process

Tommy Chong only uses organically grown hemp from the USA and is void of GMO or any other contaminant that might interfere with its purity, such as chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides. Its corporation with Dr. Clerk, a leading manufacturer for over 20 years in none-homogenized, organic ingredients, has made them come up with premium products that threaten the market of its competitors. Since they obtained the partnership, they have been using the brand to maximize its products’ absorption, which results in rapid effectiveness. Despite not mentioning more about Dr. Clerk, they say that their manufacturing facility has approval from GMP and the FDA. Their manufacturing protocols are adhered to at all times.

Although the brand attains product effectiveness by blending various ingredients, it ensures research is done on them. Before settling on any element to be included in its products, it has a research team to ensure it exists organically and has been effective for more than 20 years. For purity purposes, not only other elements are tested before crafting the products but also its primary raw material; the hemp plant. Unlike other brands we have witnessed, they prefer either ethanol or CO2 extraction; Tommy Chong trademark uses nanotechnology to obtain valuable ingredients. The method breaks down the particles of the elements into the finest, which allows easy absorption by the body.

Lastly, before the products get to the market, they are tested for their purity and potency levels despite the raw material being checked before manufacturing. During manufacturing, they ensure they minimize using chemicals to avoid contaminating its products. However, the role of the third party is to ensure all its products have the required amount of THC (below 0.3%) and the labelled potency of CBD. Besides, its also tasked to ensure the products don’t contain any contaminants such as heavy metals, harmful chemicals, pesticides, or any other contaminant. After that, the results are posted under every product and on their labels for customer verification.

Range of products

Although the brand does not offer a comprehensive line of products, it’s considerable, and each of the products is carefully manufactured to obtain effectiveness. Each product has been blended with various beneficial ingredients to ensure the efficacy is fully attained. The products include;

Tommy Chongs Nano CBD Tinctures

Tommy Chongs Nano CBD Tinctures

The product is manufactured using a propriety manufacturing process to enhance optimal absorption. There are three tinctures: AM, PM, and Good Vibes. However, both three are available in 30ml bottles and entail a blend of nano CBD alongside synergistic amino acids, full-spectrum, herbs, and vitamins.

Tommy Chongs CBD Drops

Tommy Chongs CBD Drops

Like tinctures, all the oil drops from the brand are made in full-spectrum to enhance rapid effectiveness. Additionally, they are offered in a 30 ml bottle, crafted in a base of organically harvested hemp plant seed oil and peppermint flavouring, which is natural. Lastly, they are sold from $39.95 to $69.95.

Tommy Chongs Topicals

Tommy Chongs Topicals

Topicals have become famous with CBD due to their ability to keep our skin smooth and moisturized at all times. Tommy Chong currently offers two topical products; Muscle Balm and Muscle Free Gel. Both of them are provided in two potencies, in full-spectrum and either in camphor or menthol. They are sold from $39.95 to $49.95.

Tommy Chong CBD Gummies

Tommy Chong CBD Gummies

The gummies are also available in full-spectrum and are of two types; original and sour. However, the two contain different potencies, for sour, it has 25 mg in each gummy, while for original, it contains 10mg of CBD in every piece. Although all the products are vegan friendly, their gummies are exceptional. Lastly, they are offered in a pack of 30 gummies, each going at $49.95 and $69.95 for Original and Sour, respectively.

Tommy Chong Soft gels

Tommy Chong Soft gels

The demand for soft gels has increased over time due to their convenience for administering and travelling. Tommy Chong offers them in two potencies of the full spectrum; 300mg and 750mg. For full-spectrum capsules with 300mg, each soft gel contains 10mg, and for 750mg, each capsule contains 25mg of CBD. Lastly, they are sold at $59.95 and $75.9 respectively.

What We Like About the Company

The product offers free shipping compared to its competitors, who have a specific limit of amount to purchase their products to qualify for free shipping. Consequently, the company has maintained regenerative farming practices, which has created a significant impact in helping it come up with premium, high-quality products. Besides, all its products are non-GMO and organic; a centralized independent lab has tested them to ensure they are free from harmful chemicals. Lastly, for water-soluble products, they have used nanoemulsion technology.

What we don’t like about the company

Although the company has placed a lot of effort in ensuring they have the best products in the market, a few things need to be addressed to obtain a better position within the CBD competitive market. First, they don’t offer any discounts such as military or for people with disability. Additionally, their customer service team is slow to respond to people’s concerns. To the best of our knowledge, we believe these are just but minor concerns that can be attended to with a lot of ease to make the brand better.


Due to the high competition within the CBD market, we would recommend the company address such minor weaknesses that their customer keep experiencing. Every company is now on its toes to ensure customer satisfaction is a priority in product effectiveness and customer service. However, we recommend Tommy Chongs products to any customer since they are high quality and safe for consumption. We also appreciate its efforts in carrying tests in each production level to ensure safety and quality measures are fully adhered to. Lastly, if they focus on improving their weaknesses, they stand a better chance in the market despite the high competition.

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