Tonic CBD works closely with its team members to ensure they meet its mission of offering high-quality, effective, and sustainable products using regenerative farming. The trademark upholds transparency levels by posting about their commitment to sustainable farming, use of organic methodologies, and transparency levels on each manufacturing process. In support of their transparency levels, all their products labels contain NFC codes that could be scanned and offer affirmation on their third-party lab results. Besides, to ensure they maintain quality, the brand owns its farm where they practice generative farming to their hemp is grown without any use of chemicals or fertilizers. Consequently, before any ingredients are used (manufacturing products), they are tested for purity levels and potency. By using such preventions and measures, the brand has been able to avoid contaminants in its products, hence affecting its customers. To keep getting more information about the Tonic trademark, keep reading our insight since it captures important details.

About the company

Tonic CBD was recently established in 2017 by Brittany Carbon. She used his personal experience (health coach and personal trainer) to come up with a company that would offer sustainable and conscious products.

Before the end of 2017, she had made up her mind and convinced her family to establish a hemp farm in New York, currently known as Tricolla Farms (which became one of the first private farms to be licensed). Before the brand became her full-time career in 2019, she had moved from her home kitchen to a manufacturing facility in 2018. Tonic CBD trademark is one of the most generous companies within CBD; it extends its generosity by partnering with non-profitable organizations to donate certain sales portions to the organization. Besides, Tonic CBD offers adequate information on its website to help people understand more about its operations and the relevance of CBD to the human body.

They have an extensive FAQ page that enables them to address minor concerns to their customers. Under this page, they have addressed general concerns about their trademark and CBD as a whole. Some of the issues addressed include their refund and return policy, as well as shipping policies, among other concerns. In addition, the brand gives adequate product descriptions on each of their product. This helps customers understand more about the product they are to purchase, its role and the ingredients used to manufacture the product. Consequently, the brand states its price and third-party test results obtained from the lab under each product.

The brand offers multiple ways of reaching its support team for customers or interested parties who wish to seek clarification or intend to get more information about its operations. To get in touch with their support team, they have provided a working phone number, email address and message box. However, it is pretty unfortunate since we couldn’t find its physical address on their website.

Lastly, the brand offers an exclusive buying experience. Each product contains adequate information to help its customers understand more about it before deciding to purchase it. We could easily navigate within the company’s website as well as adding and remove products on our cart. After we were satisfied with the products we had added to our cart, we went ahead to confirm the order. We received an email confirming the order was successfully placed, and we would receive our products within 5 to 7 working days. On the fourth day, we received our products which were packed adequately without incurring any shipping costs since the trademarks offer free shipping on orders over $100.

Manufacturing process

Among measures deployed by the brand to ensure it manufactures quality products is by having its hemp farm (Ticolla Farms) based in New York; notably, a short distance from their manufacturing facility. The brand deploys organic farming to its hemp plant, grown in fertile soil and in a conducive environment. They have completely avoided using chemical fertilizers or pesticides to help them bring up their hemp, which enhances the production of natural hemp.

After the hemp plant is manufactured, it’s taken to their manufacturing facility for further processing. Consequently, the brand uses CO2 extraction (which is highly practised) to obtain valuable ingredients from the hemp plant. After the ingredients are extracted, they undergo filtration and distillation to remove any harmful particulates or contaminants that might affect the purity of the product. The company has also employed experienced chemists who have conducted adequate research on their manufacturing practices and validated each one.

For stable and quality products, the brand also used the help of chemists who have figured out the functioning of ingredients in our bodies. Also, they are tasked to conduct research n multiple components, which helps them yield the effectiveness of products. Some of the elements included in their products are lemon balm, ashwagandha, black seed oil, and passionflower.

Finally, before any of their products get to the market, the brand has also brought Bardo Labs (an independent lab), which helps them conduct quality affirmation. The third-party lab also helps them monitor each step right from hemp growing till the product is ready to be released to the market. The first responsibility given to the lab is to test potency and purity as well as any other contaminant that might exist in the products, such as residual solvents, pesticides and heavy metals. It has to ensure that THC levels are not over 0.3% and CBD levels match the one posted on their website and the labels. However, we found some variation when we scanned their NFC codes on their Chill products. There was 69.6 mg of CBD more than the posted 800 mg of CBD, bringing a deviation of 9% (which falls under the acceptable variance of 10%). Besides, other tests we verified were excellently performed since the product had 0.1% THC levels and zero contaminants.

Range of products

 Although the brand doesn’t offer an extensive line of products, it manufactures one of the significant products that perform well in the market. Each of these products is manufactured carefully and designed uniquely to meet suitable unique factions needed by customers. Besides, the products are offered at moderate rates to ensure everyone affords them despite the status. Consequently, they are provided in different flavours, potencies, and quantities to meet unique demands.

Topic CBD Topicals

For those having skin problems, the brand offers them topical products which are administered on the outer part of our body and some orally. To yield effectiveness, Renewal Body + Face oil is processed using a blend of herbal extracts and oil plants. Besides, its ingredients are extracted using the CO2 method and have a full-spectrum feature to maximize effectiveness. Depending on quantity and potency, they are sold at price range of $12 to $70; which are favourable rates than others in the market.

Tonic CBD Vape

Unlike other products offered in different lines by the brand, they only provide one vape product. It is designed in full-spectrum using hemp ingredients obtained using CO2 extraction mode. However, other elements such as alpa-pinene, beta-pinene, and limonene are blended in to enhance effectiveness as well as quality levels. The brand has starter kits with CBD cartridges and pen, or only cartridge refill going at $80.

Tonic CBD tinctures

Unlike their vape product, the tinctures are offered in four major options. All four options are designed to have full-spectrum features and manufactured using ingredients obtained from the CO2 extraction method; available in either 15ml or 30ml portions. Consequently, all the tinctures are available in different bottle concentrations, ranging from 350 mg to 1500 mg. Lastly, they are sold at a price range of $37 to $120.

Tonic CBD edibles

Tonic CBD is among a few CBD companies that have chosen to offer chocolate products to enhance their consumers enjoy taking their daily dosage. Each bar is made in a full spectrum from extracts obtained using the CO2 extraction method. Besides, to address various teste preferences, they are manufactured in different flavours; dark chocolate, sea salt, ghost pepper caramel and lemongrass.

Tonic CBD pet products

Over time, pet owners have been having problems with addressing minor issues such as pet stress and other health conditions. Tonic CBD has joined other CBD companies to offer pet owners solutions that enhance their pets’ general well-being. The brand offers its pet products in two forms; treat in full-spectrum and full spectrum tinctures, each bottle of either the two having 1500 mg of CBD. For Grounded Tonic pet products with 1500 mg of CBD, they are sold at $120. On the other hand, they have Zen Dog containing 80 mg of CBD, going at $20.

What we like about the company

The fascinating thing about the company is its ability to understand that for any product to be pure; then it has to start from having quality hemp. Therefore, the brand practices sustainable farming practices and regenerative farming. Consequently, we were also impressed by the company’s idea to bring a team of experienced chemists to help them ensure the ingredients being used to manufacture their products are safe and effective. Lastly, we were also impressed by the company’s ability to offer ample information about itself and its operations and provide tags containing NFC that could be scanned for quality affirmation.

What we don’t like about the company

Although the brand aims at offering quality products at affordable rates, they still have high prices compared to average prices offered by other companies within CBD. Consequently, not all their products have been tested for contaminants which are quite risky because of the ingredients used in some of their products to bring in multiple flavours. Therefore, we would ask the company to carry some adjustments in the following areas to uphold its brand name.


Although the brand has some weaknesses, they still don’t overwhelm the brand’s strengths. We would recommend their products to anyone using or joining CBD since they care about customers’ safety and prioritize it. However, despite the company being among the recently established CBD brands, it has to work hard to gain fame in the competitive market. First, it should do a market study and identify its weaknesses that would bring them down. Addressing challenges such as high prices will make them retain customers and have more.  

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