Many people are looking for ways to use CBD as a part of their everyday life by using CBD topicals which are highly popularized. Although CBD topicals were earlier confined to patches and body creams, CBD brands are constantly finding new ways to use and benefit from CBD in topical form. CBD bath bombs are a fun and therapeutic way of enjoying CBD benefits. These are balls made with cannabidiol(CBD), fragrance, and essential oils, intended to be dropped into the water bath and fizzing slowly, infusing the water with its scent and color. Let’s discuss why it is important to use a CBD bath bomb. Here are five reasons to use CBD bath bombs.

Relaxation-inducing Properties

Having a nice soak in the tub is almost the best way to relax. According to Shannon & Opila-Lehman, (2015), CBD is known for its relaxing effects. Therefore, adding CBD bath bombs to your self-care routine provides you with a natural way to unwind. Soaking in a CBD-infused water bath allows pores to open up and the CBD to enter the cannabinoid receptors, which assists in easing tired and sore muscles. In addition, when one soaks in a water bath, the entire body is exposed to the CBD, which allows the CBD’s soothing and relaxing effects to be felt all over. When muscles are relaxed and soothed, it promotes feelings of calmness and reduces stress and anxiety.

To Moisturize the Skin

According to a study by Tóth, et al. (2019), CBD bath bombs are popular for relaxing the body and mind and provide various skincare benefits such as treating eczema, psoriasis, fine line, and wrinkles and reducing breakouts. Full-spectrum CBD is rich in terpenes, amino acids, vitamins, and phytocannabinoids that assist with skin damage and lessens the healing process. Also, bath bombs are made with essential oils, known for their moisturizing effects. When combined with CBD, they hydrate the skin, making it feel smooth and supple for longer periods. In addition, CBD bath bombs cooperate with Epsom salt, which is great for detoxification to remove toxins from the body and relax the mind. Soaking in a bathtub allows the pores to open and the cannabinoid receptors to take in these ingredients, improving the skin’s ability to regenerate and eliminating skin problems.

Soothing Body Aches

Many peopleuse CBD topicals to relieve body aches. According to Sunda & Arowolo (2020), CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that make it effective in reducing pain and inflammation. Therefore due to contact with a much wider area of skin, CBD bath bombs are excellent when treating cramps, arthritis, muscle spasms, sore muscles, and bodily tension. Although ointments and creams are effective, they have to be applied manually to each skin area. A hot bath is recommended for people with injury, pain, and anxiety because warm water loosens muscles and increases body temperature, but adding CBD makes the bath more effective due to its anti-inflammatory effects.

Promotes Faster Healing

The body can recover faster from minor injuries and pain by using CBD topicals due to their potential anti-inflammatory properties, especially for healthier skin and pain alleviation. Using a CBD bath bomb infuses your tub water with these nutritious cannabinoids. Baswan, et al. (2020) suggest that CBD has various skin advantages, including acne reduction, relief from dryness and itching, and even preventing wrinkles and other aging effects. The main reason most people use CBD oil is for pain and inflammation. Some people believe that hot water enhances the effectiveness of CBD by opening skin pores, allowing for better absorption. Therefore, by soaking in a CBD bath bomb, you may be quickly and easily relieved rather than manually applying topicals since there is an all-around absorption in the bathtub.

To Manage Stress

When handling everyday stress, a CBD oil bath bomb’s potential influence can be attributed to its two main components, the hot bath and the bomb. Hot baths are powerful in soothing the body. They lead to the expansion of blood vessels, causing an easy flow of blood to all parts of your body.

The enhancement of blood circulation lowers your blood pressure, thus calming the mind and uplifting your moods. Therefore, soaking yourself in a warm bath is considered revitalizing and beneficial. Also, CBD bath bombs make your bath experience more special by lending their expected calming effects to the whole experience. According to a study by Larsen & Shahinas, (2020), the natural properties of CBD bath bombs may potentially supplement stress and other anxiety symptoms, making it easier to relax and decompress, especially after a long day.


Although cannabis has been in the wellness and health sector for some time now, CBD bath bombs are still new in the market. The hype around these products is increasing, with many studies asserting their therapeutic value, as discussed in this article. However, more scientific research is necessary to confirm these assertions and support CBD bath bombs’ intended effects and benefits. Besides the benefits discussed above, consumers claim that CBD bath bombs improve sleep quality, boost mood, and remove toxins from the body. Therefore if you are looking for a great way to destress and relax from the surrounding noise or after a long and busy day, you might consider soaking in a tub of warm water infused with CBD for a more relaxing experience.


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