Top Ten Anal Butt Plugs For Men That Will Blow Your Mind

Top Ten Anal Butt Plugs For Men That Will Blow Your Mind

For men who appreciate erotic exploration and experimentations, anal sex is not only sensation but mind-blowingly satisfying. Male anal sex involves stimulating the prostate gland ‘the most erotic sexual gland in men’. The stimulation you will feel in this session is like licking honey from the source. It’s the definition of sexual nirvana.

While anal sex is extremely beautiful, there is much preparation need before you can reap its benefits. First, the anus is naturally not designed for penetrative sex. You, therefore, need to stretch and train it to expand and accommodate fullness. One of the ways to train your anus for anal sex is through using butt plugs. 

 Here are our top 10 butt plugs that will totally blow your mind.2.5-INCH UNISEX ANAL FINGER STIMULATOR WITH FINGER HOLE


This is where most anal players start. The 2.5- Inch Unisex Anal Finger Stimulator with Finger Hole is a small fingering butt plug specifically designed for beginners. It has a finger loop for ease of control and stimulation. It also has a tapered tip with a 2.5 girth for a smooth insertion. For both beginners and pros alike, this butt plug is ideal for travel because of its size and weight.TOY JOY SEX TOYS BUBBLE BUTT PLAYER STARTER BEGINNERS PURPLE BUTT PLUG

The Joy Sex Toys Bubble Butt Player Starter Beginners Purple Butt Plug is designed to softly slide into your virgin butt without much difficulty. It has an insertable length of 1 to 5 inches and a 1-inch diameter making it perfect for entry-level anal explorers. The shaft is corn- shaped and smooth for easy insertion. This butt plug is made from premium silicone hence, body safe and easy to clean with hot soapy water and toy cleaner.NEXUS GPLAY WATERPROOF SMALL SILICONE VIBRATING PROSTATE MASSAGER


The Nexus Gplay Waterproof Small Silicone Vibrating Prostate Massager is perfect for men looking to experiment with prostate massage for the first time. It is 2.8 inches in length and 1.2 inches in diameter with a round tip for increased prostate stimulation.  The Nexus G-play small is made of premium silicone hence, firm, body safe and easy to clean.  it also comes with an in-built waterproof vibrator to maximise your pleasure. This makes it a perfect solo or couples play bathroom or pool sex toy.  It is recommended that you use a water-based lube with this toy.COCK DOCK CLEAR FULL ACCESS HOLLOW BUTT PLUG TUNNEL STRETCHER


Just like the name suggests, this butt plug is designed to stretch and open up your backdoor.  The Cock Dock Clear Full Access Hollow Butt Plug Tunnel Stretcher is made from a semi-stretchy thermoplastic rubber that will hold in place even in the roughest plays. This allows you or your partner to enjoy the fullness sensation of a plug and the pleasure of sex. The Cock Dock hollow butt plug by Mater Series has a tapered base to lock the plug in place during play. If you are wondering who deep you can go with this plug, It has an insertable length of 1-to 5 inches and a diameter of 2.5 inches.  The plug is designed with ribbed from the inside making penile penetration even more pleasurable.  Beside penetrative sex, you can also use it for enema play or even anal airing, for those who love the sensation of cold air blowing inside their buttholes. FANTASY ROCK HARD ASSGASM COCKRING & VIBRATING PROSTATE STIMULATOR


The Fantasy Rock Hard Assgasm Cockring & Vibrating Prostate Stimulator is a toy you will certainly love. It has a vibrating prostate stimulator to milk your prostate, a ribbed perineum stimulator and a cock ring to provide you with a stronger and longer erection. Whether you are indulging in oral sex, masturbation or penetrative sex, the continued multiple stimulations will blow your mind.  This plug is made from medical grade silicone hence, hypoallergenic and easy to clean. Use a water-based lubricant and store separately from other silicone other toys.5-INCH MEDIUM FLESH ANAL BUTT PLUG FOR ANAL PLAY


If you are looking to enjoy a long-term butt plug, the 5-Inch Medium Flesh Anal Butt Plug for Anal Play will fit the bill. This flesh anal butt plug by Doc Johnson is corn-shaped with a well-designed neck to hold in place. It is a popular choice especially for people looking to train and stretch the anal cavity to accommodate extra fullness and stimulation.  3.7-INCH MEGA BLACK EXPANDING SILICONE BUTT PLUG WITH SUCTION-CUP BASE

3.7-INCH MEGA BLACK EXPANDING SILICONE BUTT PLUG WITH SUCTION-CUP BASEThe 3.7 – Inch Mega Black Expanding Silicone Butt Plug With Suction Cup Base is crafted to give you a stretching and stimulations you have never experienced before. It is designed to open up inside your ass giving you a wonderful fullness and exceptionally orgasmic sensations. It is inserted when closed at 1.3 in diameter and 1.6 inches in width. When opened, the butt plug assumes a 3.3 inches width giving you an anal stretching of a lifetime. It is made from semi-firm silicone and has a suction cup to allow hands-free pleasure.BLACK SILICONE TAPERED WATERPROOF ANAL BUTT PLUG WITH FLEXIBLE RIBBED TAIL


Unleash the animal in you with the Black Silicone Tapered Waterproof Anal Butt Plug With Flexible Ribbed Tail.  This butt plug has a tapered tip with a smooth shaft that increases in girth towards the base. It has a well-designed next to allow the sphincter muscles to comfortably hold it in. The tail gives you control of insertion and removal. This black-tailed anal butt plug is most popular for BDSM animal play sessions and fetishes.BLACK DUAL-PURPOSE WIDE-TUNNEL HOLLOW BUTT PLUG


Try the Black Dual- Purpose Wide Tunnel Hollow Butt Plug and enjoy the double pleasure of anal fullness and penetrative stimulation. The hollow opening at the centre allows for diverse anal play including enema, dildos, vibrators and more. It has a base ring to prevent excessive penetration, which is very important for beginner anal players. It is made of silicone and can be easily washed with hot soapy water or toy cleaner.4.5-INCH BLACK CURVED PROSTATE STIMULATING MASTURBATOR FOR MEN

The 4.5-Inch Black Curved Prostate Stimulating Masturbator for Men is a must-have for every man to enjoy prostate milking. This butt plug is flexible to contour your anal cavity with ease. The curved intensify your prostate stimulation giving your orgasms never fathomed. It has an insertable length of 1 to 5 inches; you choose how far you want to go! It is easy to clean and sterilise using a toy cleaner and hot soapy water. 

Now you know the most popular butt plugs in our collection and why. Don’t be left behind, savour anal stimulation with high-quality anal butt plugs for men here at Peaches and Screams. Choose from a wide variety of materials including silicone, metal, glass, rubber, PVC and more. Buy your favourite butt plug here and we will be honoured to discretely deliver to your doorstep. Free Shipping on all orders above £50

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